Monday, April 23, 2018

She's Gone

Effective today, after a run of 50+ years, the iconic Redhead, above, wanted by pirate mobs on the far shore since 1968, if not since 1568, is being refurbished right out of existence at the original Magic Kingdom. Because they can.

The latest victim of f**king with Disneyland to quell the unquenchable mobs of PC asstardianism will be removed, and then replaced by some Melissa McCarthy-looking redheaded pirate chick, toting a musket and giving lip, if the prior change at Disneyworld, and the other assorted DisneySpinoff lands is any guideline. The more malignant militant dyke warriors are clamoring for putting in Anne Bonny and Mary Read in full-revisionist lesbian glory, but even LGBTAtoZEIEIO-friendly Disney Corp. isn't quite ready to go that far. Yet.

Apparently, the thought of showing a fairly lighthearted version of "human trafficking" >gasp! clutch pearls!< was a cultural Rubicon beyond which the PC Minions of Fucktardia could not proceed without a case of the vapors, though they have, as yet, expressed no problems with those same animatronic pirates shelling an innocent town, waterboarding the mayor, shooting at his wife, ransacking and looting the inhabitants, and then burning the whole town down in a drunken arsonist's gleeful orgy. Pretty much like every Saturday night currently in Detroit, or Chicongo. (Hey, let's make THAT ride, and call it Pirates of the Democratic Cities! What, too spot-on? Sue me.)

Bidding for women, the one basically non-violent activity amongst the whole ride, was just too much, apparently.

No word on how the PC 'tards are dealing with that whole arranged-marriage thing in one third of the current world, especially amongst the beloved hordes currenty invading Europe, and a lot less gently than their Disney counterparts, but thank heavens visitors to New Orleans Square at the Anaheim branch of Mauschwitz are now safe from such real-world realities. It's for the children. And maybe they can put bride auctions in at Aladdin's Oasis instead.

I visited the park yesterday, knowing this end was coming, and accidentally blundering yet again into the bi-annual delight that is Dapper Day without realizing it had come again, and enjoying the spectacle of men wearing coats, ties, and hats, and ladies in dresses and heels, just because they can. I documented the original Bride Auction tableau on video multiple times yesterday, with a view to a future YouTubing of the prior version for as long as I can before the Google Taliban deems it offensive, and it was time well-spent.

This was the last ride that Walt Disney himself supervised and approved, but clearly the idiots in charge of the corporation won't rest until they beat all traces of his vision from the multi-billion$$ Fortune 100 corporation he left behind, and finally strangle the golden-egg-laying goose he bequeathed to subsequent generations once and for all. Perhaps they can even find a way to power the park by harnessing him spinning in his grave, and make the whole cultural fornication process green, as well as PC.


Anonymous said...

Disney = (((Michael Eisner)))

in other news, the White cosmic inhabitants of Toronto just got another dose of their beloved vibrant diversity.

Badger said...

Sad to hear; grew up there when that WAS Disneyland (the only one); the big stuff like Matterhorn bobsled etc., was a (very precious) E-ticket from the book. Grad nights with g/f, at least 1/yr to see what was new. Well, as I said to (going)Kommiefornia in '69, GFY. But the PC tats are on the wall for all to read. Sorry for your loss.

Brenda said...

I also grew up in southern California before it was Kommiefornia. We went to Disneyland once or twice a year. Pirates of the Caribbean was my favorite ride. So very sad that they have ruined it. The whole Disney conglomerate is evil. I have nothing to do with them any more. Very sad.