Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Civic Service 101

h/t Kenny

(JACKASSVILLE, FLA.) – A Jacksonville city inspector walked into a Cedar Hills Estate business to issue a warning citation over the display of military flags and employees said she insulted a customer who turned out to be a military veteran. 
Surveillance video captured city inspector Melinda Power getting in the face of the customer at Jaguar Power Sports on Blanding Boulevard. 
Employees told News4Jax on Monday that she was so disruptive and disrespectful to the veteran, they asked her to leave.

1) Flying flags is a First Amendment freedom of speech issue, as the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution, and four layers of federal court decisions all the way to SCOTUS would inform the fuckwits in Jacksonville, and any other bunch of civic asstards capable of hiring competent legal counsel to advise them on the limits of their authority. The code section(s) cited is therefore moot, null, and void, lacking any legal authority whatsoever.

2) The Jacksonville's mayor's response has been commendable, directing city inspectors to knock that shit right off, and suspending Melinda "Power-trippin'" Power, the officious jackhole responsible for the original kerfluffle. AFAIK, they still haven't outright fired the sonofabitch, nor has she been rightfully beaten within an inch of her life as she so richly deserves, so they're still lagging somewhat in fulfilling their oaths of office, but at least they've made a proper start.

3) The store owner and patrons were still wrong, for not beating the living fuck out of her on the spot with every handy blunt instrument, and depositing her bloody and newly-toothless carcass to the curbside, as they should have done on the spot. Anything short of homicide would be simple self-defense and "definitely needed an ass-beating" in any trial where I sat on the jury, and had it moved to actual homicide, I would not return any conviction for any offense higher than "littering" for deposit of the lifeless body to the curbside, with a fine of not greater than $15.

4) Said inspector should not merely be fired, she should be hounded from the state, at the head of a rabid mob with clubs, torches, and pitchforks, and chased from that point to the nearest US border, or out to sea, and there pursued until she reach the 12-mile coastal limit deliniating international waters. Death at any point due to exhaustion, drowning, mob action, or shark attack would properly be noted on the death certificate as "natural causes", with disposal of the body to nearest swampland populated by convenient numbers of feral hogs and gators, or the handy attachment of a sufficient number of cinder blocks to expedite feeding the local crustacean population. Nature loves a balance.

5) Upon doing such service, the city fathers should have awarded a commendation for public service to the store, the customers, and any bystanders involved.

If they fire her for cause, and ban her from any other civic employment for life, they might be on the right track.

She still needs the ass-beating she's got coming, and should get one every day until she apologizes through a bloody, toothless smash-mouth, even after she's been fired.

But at least my blood pressure is up enough to face the day.


J J said...

Every day the progressive socialists get bolder about being in the face of people they don't like. Their hatred and vitriol toward those who don't agree to the agenda is increasing. One day soon one or more of them is going to cross the line where normal people will no longer put up with their crap. I don't believe they will like the results.

I agree with you, this woman (and anyone publicly supporting her) should become gator food.

Jim Scrummy said...

Stupid is as stupid is. Oh, and her supervisor was in the store at the same time Ms. "I really need my ass kicked" was doing her little tirade? She needs to be hounded at her home, I'm sure someone will dox her soon. Of course Jaguar Power Sports will see an increase in sales...particularly from Vets and Active Duty (J-ville still has plenty of military bases close by).

Baldrick said...

This says she "apologized", so it's "resolved". Bullshit. She needs to be fired immediately.

Time these smug socialist assholes start learning consequences.

BFR said...

An apology is not the standard, and never has been.

The standard is to a. admit without excuse, b. repent of the action (end it with no intent to repeat), and c. humbly ask for forgiveness.

The standard requires humility.

That is why it is never done, and the reason that "apologies" are all the vogue.

Sherm said...

Elsewhere I read that she actually made up the code section she cited. Not only was null and void but a lie from the get go. I believe there are federal laws against using your authority to break the law.

StBernardnot said...

Well now, let me tell you about the county treasurer in Hancock County, Iowa. 2 signs on the wall, bill-of-sale required to license a vehicle. No exceptions! Well, me being me, knowing that it is not required by law, went to the state treasurer, then the state ombudsman. I was told to send a letter asking by what authority she "demands" this. A month went by, no answer. Sent a letter to the county supervisors asking what they're going to do about it. 3 months now, no answer. Guess us peons that pay for this crap can be ignored. I got my plates. This is simply adding to the requirements to license a vehicle. Beyond what the state requires. This is called "misrepresentation". Trying & for the most part, succeeding in adding to the law. Bet they won't do it to me again, though!;)

Anonymous said...

We have a saying around here.
"Shoot, Shovel, Shut up"

I think Leftism is a mental disease, and the symptoms seem to be getting worse in some. We might have to start shooting the rabid dogs soon.

DAN III said...

Just another POS .gov tyrant. Should have simply kicked her statist ass.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to respond, but I'm confused. According to you, Gov't CAN write laws creating federal police powers (one of those powers NOT called out in the Constitution,) but they can NOT write restrictive laws on free speech as in First amendment, infringement of say, assault weapons, 2nd amendment, or, say, forcing that all nurses must work for no compensation, thereby as it were, performing involuntary servitude in violation of the 14th amendment. But, they can violate the 10th amendment limiting powers not delegated them(Police Powers) to calling forth the militia for federal law enforcement (Whiskey rebellion..) The gov't can pass any law as they see fit, according to what I understand you said. As long as they think that it is necessary and proper, in the best interests, beneficial for the greater good. .....Really? Aesop I'm on your side, But I'm really confused on this issue.

Aesop said...

I'm not surprised you're confused.
You seem to be pulling that all out of your back end.
You'll understand if I'm not into ass-to-mouth porn.

When you can draw a line from anything I said to anything you said, rather than heaping up your carefully-constructed straw man, give a yell.

While you're working on that, ponder the phrase in the US Constitution at the end of Art. I, Sec. 8, and tell me what you think it means:
The Congress shall have Power...
To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for
carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other
Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of
the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.

A cursory look pretty well gives the Congress carte blanche to write any laws "necessary and proper" and not in conflict with the Constitution itself, or the Amendments thereof.

Police powers being the very essence of the same, given that the executive branch itself is charged with the enforcement of the very laws passed by the legislative branch.
Or did you imagine that, e.g. laying taxes and collecting tariffs was to be enforced only by harsh language?

You're perhaps aware that Revenue Cutters began enforcing laws on the seas back to 1790, which isn't surprising for a nation come to fruition by dint of smugglers and tax dodgers in the first place.

So before you attempt to misplace words in my mouth, re-visit the organizing by-laws and work a few things out for yourself.