Monday, April 9, 2018


Progressivism is a mental disease.

They marginalized actual conservatives, because the squishes we elected who've backstabbed us repeatedly were mistaken for the actual animals.

That got them a Trump candidacy.

They ridiculed that, and convinced themselves, in their blue enclaves, that he had no chance in hell, because none of the people they knew, from the water cooler to the tofu bar to the late night talk show were voting for him, ergo no one else must be either.

That got them a Trump presidency.

Then they tried to BMW (Bitch, Moan, and Whine) their way to a soft coup, because holding their breath and stomping their feet tantrums have worked in their single-parent families and on the spineless weak-minded enablers they've elected since the 1960s.

That didn't work this time, because we finally voted someone into office who's immune to childish tantrums, and can, in fact, out-tantrum them, in detail, and in the main.
(To bitch about a guy who tweets 24/7, including from the bathroom, while you're out in the street wetting your pants and flinging your Pampers-spackle is world-class chutzpah, and pathological levels of Irony Overload Disorder.)

Then they got out-shouted by people who're tired of their infantile games, and could smell their blood and panic.

So, going to full-panic spaz mode, they decided to up their game, by inflicting violence when they controlled the venue and the size of the baboon pack.

And found out the hard way that alt-Right Homie don't play that.

Now thoroughly confused, they tried More. Harder. Faster. And got pwned.

They tried a mass shooting in Vegas, except everything about the guy, and the incident, screams government op gone pear-shaped, and they left so many bloody cleat marks in their own junk they had to abandon the attempt within hours, and put a lid on all further discussion or information.

Bummer for the five dozen folks who didn't get to go home, but to make an omelet, you've got to break a few eggs, right Uncle Joe?

Is there anybody left with an IQ above 90 that doesn't get that all of us are merely a means to their dictatorial wet-dream ends...??

Now, they've regrouped, and latching onto yet another in a distinguished line of progressivism-sponsored Gun Free Victim Disarmament Zone mass shootings, where every one of 67 links in the Chain Of Fail is one owned by putting government in charge of anyone's safety, and getting the predictable performance, they finally think they've got something they can win.

They've trotted out their Central Casting Useful Idiots, this time, with the cachet of infantile infallibility, the tactics of the Children's Crusade, and the level of common sense that brought you eating Tide Pods and snorting condoms as A Thing, hosted by kids who can't get a date, nor pass their SATs, despite twelve years of social promotion telling them that everything they do from dirty diapers to public speaking is sheer magnificence, without realizing that they're the butt of the joke, 24/7/365.

Putting this ploy into the mouths of 70-IQ teenagers is pretty much a gigantic reveal that you have no bench, and your first-stringers have lost their collective shit, and even your own side is laughing at you.

It's also how you get your asses handed to you in about one move, forever.

And now, in utter desperation, the Usual Suspects Communists have dropped all pretense and outright admitted that their idea of "Reasonable Gun Laws" is
Repealing the Second Amendment.
And repeated again, by a senile washed-up nonagenarian rhetorical equivalent of a suicide truck bomber.

So now, having failed spectacularly with the ballot box, the soap box, and the jury box, and having multiple attempts at slow-mo impeachment explode like a Three Stooges stogie in their faces, they have latched on to the one issue likely to get them exactly the progressive genocide they can't win, and shouldn't play, by sending the militarized police they've demonized non-stop for fifty years, and their footie-pajama-clad beta soy-boy hordes of Antifa LARPers head to head with the most patient, principled, combat-trained (going back a century) and most heavily-armed segment of society, in a bid for cosmic dominance usually reserved for Middle Eastern despots with porn-star moustaches, and would-be empires with

pretensions of grandeur so obtuse that the only thing that finally breaks through to them is the dawning of the White Hot Fusion-Powered Light Of Knowledge.

And they really don't get that over on the other side of the fence, there are hordes of people who'd rather be left alone, along with a growing number who not only recognize that the only way this ends is with one side or the other wiping their opponents out to the last child, but who are, in their heart of hearts, salivating a little bit for the chance for that final reckoning, because they know it'll be

Some problems are best solved quickly and simply. Prog-tards, call your office.

the only way to finally get them the peace and quiet to sit in an easy chair of a Sunday afternoon, and enjoy a ball game on the tube, or a nap in a hammock, even at the price of buying someone else a dirt nap via high-velocity wake-up call.

FFS, the State of South Carolina is in the act of passing a law that mandates secession from the United States the instant feds start confiscating legally-owned firearms, and they only have the Constitution and Bill of Rights on their side. And when they bring up secession in the land of Fort Sumter, they're not f**king around; they're heart attack-serious about it. They have some history and experience with the concept.

Leftards, you are cheerfully playing hopscotch in a minefield, and as a French general opined long around the time of Dien Bien Phu, you are "about to get shat upon, from a great height."

Back. The. F**k. Off.

Go home, and lie down, until you sober up.
Or else first, go home and settle your affairs.

Kitty is about to teach you a life lesson, and it's going to be the last thing that goes through your minds, other than copper-jacketed lead.


MMinWA said...

I hope you have as much fun writing those as I do reading them.

loren said...

Yeah, I'll second that.
BTW From my personal learning curve, don't pick up squirrels by their tails either.

G Russell said...

Good and funny. Truth humor.

Jim Scrummy said...

"Kitty is about to teach you a life lesson, and it's going to be the last thing that goes through your minds, other than copper-jacketed lead." I love my kitty kats, but don't wee-wee them off (especially my female), because they can be vicious... Good stuff as always, good summation of current events. Everyone use this time to get physically in shape, and train as if your life depends on it, because it does. That's my daily mantra.

Anonymous said...

thanks, enjoyable read as is all your blog, til I think about coming sportiness ...

at which point my hair stands up

what did the Latinii say ... si vis pacem para bellum

Anonymous said...

South Carolina, a whole bunch of them still hate them Yankees. it's about slaves, as they are burning the farms and destroying rice fields. they know what happens, they have lived it before.

June J said...

My most recent experience with a cat is that one moment you are allowed to scratch behinds his ears peacefully, the next moment he's taking a bite out of your hand and/or removing flesh with his claws.

Excellent post. Your delivery of salient points is always enjoyable.

Unknown said...

This stinks. I only want to work, play and teach my children, garden, hunt, reload, go to church and love my wife.

These idiots are going to make us kill them, and dig holes to put them in.

Anonymous said...


You have one of the most unique and thought provoking turns of phrase I've read in a long time.

I hope with the recent vacating of several blog owners that heretofore have been bastions of liberty, self determination, self protection and general all round BFUTW that you will gain readership and commenters. I also know that hosting one of these kinds of blogs is both a blessing and a curse.

Just know that there are people out here that appreciate your work and dedication to the cause.


TheAlaskan said...

"Moldylocks Moldylocks, what do you see?"

"I see a big fist coming at me!"


"Moldylocks Moldylocks, what do you see?"

"I see a big fist coming at me!"



Adam said...

I agree with every part of this except for the "back the hell off" part.

Enough backing off. It's time to bring it. It's time to throw down. If they back off then it doesn't get resolved.