Monday, April 23, 2018

People Who Live In Glass Houses, etc.

h/t Kenny

(BANKSTER BUTTINSKIS, MONEYGRUBBERVILLE) The American people lent $45 billion to Bank of America during the bailout. That bailout came with a hefty $100 billion guarantee against losses on toxic assets.
That money came from American taxpayers. It came from gun owners and non-gun owners.
But Bank of America has warned that it will refuse to lend money to manufacturers of “assault-style guns”. It had previously announced it was edging away from the coal business to fight global warming.

Be a real bitch if some folks started to shove slices of frozen cheese the same size as credit cards into BofA's ATM card slots, or caulk those suckers over, and epoxy or hard acrylic the keypads. Or just paint over the screens with black paint.

Be tough to figure out who did it at 3AM if they wore V for Vendetta or Obama masks too, huh?

Even harder if they sprayed over the ATMs' cameras too.

I bet someone with enterprise could hit 10 or 20 a night, and never get caught.

But I bet after 1000 or 10,000 or 100,000 ATM out of service calls, they'd see their way right the f*** out of the whole political arena, and go back to just being a bank, or shareholders would probably find a board who could figure out what business they were in.

Of course, that would be both naughty and illegal, so of course you wouldn't want to do that.
Especially if anyone was looking. Because you'd get caught.

Just saying...

"Dear B of A: In a sluggish economy, never, EVER fuck with another man's livelihood. Now if you're smart, like I think you are, you're not gonna make me come back here."

It'd also be a real bitch if Congress were pressured by constituents - in an election year with primaries just weeks away, mind you - to remove FDIC deposit guarantees from any bank infringing on citizens' Constitutional rights, since government oversees those banks like a proctologist's tailpipe scope.

And if BofA has spare time for this kind of silly horseshit, it's clearly also time for the Treasury Dept. to call in the notes on those 2008 bailout loans. Tomorrow. In full.

And also, cancel any government business with those banks, and bar any future transactions with them by any government entity.

They could even forbid all direct deposits to them from any government payees, as a matter of government policy. And there's not a damned thing BofA could do about that, except go under.

In case anyone would rather call their Congressweasel, rather than stock up on frozen cheese, caulk, and epoxy.

But if you're a belt-and-suspenders kind of guy, ROWYBS.


Anonymous said...

I don't think property destruction is necessary, simply cancel your credit card, close your bank account(s), refinance your loans AND TELL THEM EXACTLY WHY. Free market at work, stop doing business with companies that don't want your business, and someone else will pick up the slack. The one thing companies HATE is reduction in profits (or even turning profits into losses).

And the best part is that it can all be done very publicly, no fear of getting caught/arrested at all. Until Congress decides to mandate that you CAN'T cancel your credit card/close your bank account/refinance your loan. Yeah, I'd like to see THAT happen.....

They won't be too big to fail when they're not that big anymore.

Mark D

J J said...

Mark D,
Did you miss the part where BOA received billions from the government due to more debts than cash= no profits?
It’s naive to believe that fedgov has any interest in letting the big banks (and the money that flows into the politicians pockets) go under.
What exactly has the Republican controlled House, Senate and White House accomplished that gives you any reason to believe they care about you and I? A little tax cut perhaps? While simultaneously increasing the national debt and spending?

All of those banks should have be allowed to fail. Not allowing your “free market” approach with its built in consequences of bad business decisions to work means it is no longer an option. The time to tell the bankers “No!” Was then. Fedgov failed the American people, including the republicans who went along with the bailouts in order to retain their fat bank accounts.

Yes, destruction of private property is wrong. So is destruction of the country and it’s freedoms.

Anonymous said...

No argument on any of that, but I don't think this is the way to bring about the required change.

Assuming we're not at the point of a shooting-type Civil War yet (and I don't think we are).

These types of tactics only alienate people from our cause (remember Occupy Wall St? They became such a pain to people who were just trying to get to work or go out to lunch that they folded up because EVERYONE hated them). You're not going to turn someone on the fence to a pro-RKBA by mucking up the ATM they need to deposit their paycheck (and maybe messing up THEIR ATM card in the process).

Get a couple dozen PEACEFUL protesters in from of the bank, holding signs stating they'll no longer do business with BOA (perhaps featuring cut up BOA Visa cards stapled to their signs) will do a lot more than Antifa-style tactics.

Or do it your way, Joe Plumber just wants to deposit his paycheck so he can pay his bills, he has to drive around looking for a functioning ATM (or worse HIS ATM card gets mangled, so now he needs to take the time to get a new one). Maybe he didn't really care one way or the other about RKBA, but he sure as Hell has an opinion on the people who support it NOW.

Mark D

Aesop said...

The bank's business is banking.
Not social coercion.

If a given bank wants to step into the political minefield, then they need both their feet blown off, both to punish them, and pour encourager les autres.

As for the poor schlub who can't find his own bank's ATM functional getting turned off, we bombed one helluva lot of guys just punching a clock and working in ball bearing factories in the early 1940s, and burned their towns down on them for good measure, and everybody in the RAF and 8th Air Force slept soundly at night afterwards.
Serves them right for banking with fucktards.

If the Left wants to make politics at every possible point of contact a continuation of warfare by other means, then I say we should give them the total warfare they thirst for.

They won't get what they like, and they won't like what they get.
And when they find themselves persona non grata every time they announce a shakedown, the capitalistic survivors will become Switzerland and Sweden, and this sort of happy horseshit won't get the Leftards a damned bit of traction, and instead get them shown the door, every time they show up, and in haste.

Everyone will learn to respond like Wells Fargo did: "Politics is government's business. We're in business to serve our customers, not coerce their behavior."

Dragooning the banks into being soldiers for the Left made them fair game, in all senses.
The Marquis of Queensbury is dead.
And whatever happens to banks who choose sides, instead of staying the hell out of the fight, they've got coming to them.

By the way, somebody's depositing those Soros-bux in banks.
So is the DNC.

Any entities dealing with either group should be targeted for the same sort of treatment, and told why.

Like the net, either you're actually neutral, in every sense, or you're a fair target.
The banks are free to get out of the fight, or get out of business, but the free ride where they get to tag us and then act innocent or expect to get treated like an innocent bystander is over.

This is no different from putting a weapons position on the roof of a church or hospital. Pick a side, take a soldier's chance in war.

If that inconveniences Joe Sixpack, or costs people at banks their jobs when their corporate behemoths fall over dead, is simply tough shit.

Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's off to the banks today with my frozen cheese.
I made sure to put it all in my YETI cooler.

Just kidding. Someone else told me they were going to do that.

Anonymous said...

Bank of America also is lender of choice for loans and credit cards to illegals. should change their name to Bank of the Globalist. Glad i ditched them 25 years ago.

Mike_C said...

> the capitalistic survivors will become Switzerland and Sweden
Sweden? You mean the survivors will enjoy the replacement of the high-IQ, high-social-trust native population with low-IQ, clan-based/low-social-trust imported savages? That they will experience an over 1400% increase in rapes, and have to put up with tribal no-go zones, where police and ambulances dare not go, ruled by adherents of the worst of the hot-desert monotheisms? And that they face persecution and prosecution for the thought crime of noticing the same?

Cederq said...

I won't even take a check from someone who has a B of A or Wells Fargo account and I have been that way for over 25 years. Both of those banks are criminal enterprises and not customer service oriented.

Aesop said...

Yes Mike, and then they'll disappear, like a fart in a hurricane.

Lack of self-preservation instinct has an inevitable consequence, over time.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think BOA is doing this BECAUSE they believe it will increase business? That they expect to gain more customers than they lose? And that it's up to US to prove them wrong?

The history of business is FULL of blunders, Edsel, New Coke, remaking Ghostbusters. Ivory Tower executives who've never owned a gun and never knew anyone who DID have decided they can drum up business by pandering to what they see as the majority.

Maybe I'm nuts (besides having been tested and shown otherwise), but I don't think this is a political decision so much as a misguided business decision, and just like the examples above the correct response is to stay away in droves and make the decision-makers say "Perhaps we were hasty". Which would also have the effect of showing everyone else in the country, especially the other inhabitants of those Ivory Towers, that there are a LOT more of us than there are of them, so they do NOT want to take things to the next level.

Accepting government money to keep from going bankrupt was a business decision. Getting out of coal (at a time when the POTUS expressed an interest in putting coal out of business) was also a business decision, likewise getting out of the gun market (which, if the verbal flatulence coming from the Left had any possibility of accomplishing what they plan would be a GOOD decision, you don't lend money to companies that the government plans to put out of business if YOU want to stay in business).

I'm willing to be shown that I'm mistaken.

Mark D

Anonymous said...

Isn't what they are doing called restraint of trade?
What would happen if a gun company sued them on that basis?
Sounds like Operation Chokepoint on the non-gov level.
As to me and mine, we have never used a "big bank".
Prefer regional banks, at most. Had the same one for 30+ years.
They don't give us any cr@p and we don't give them any.

ghostsniper said...

Shoot the screen with an air rifle with power, from beyond camera distance.