Thursday, April 12, 2018

When Is It Time To Shoot The Bastards?

"Waaaaaaiiiit for it...."

From Comments to yesterday's piece:

Well Mr. Aesop, that's quite the rebuttal.

Been reading your blog for a bit and usually I enjoy and generally agree with your posts/positions. Definitely supported your posts regarding the nurse in Utah that was assaulted by jackboots a while back. And even when we disagree, you typically provide some data backing your position.

You as always are a talented and creative wordsmith and this post is no exception. But I am surprised at the vitriol spewing forth in this post? As entertaining as the post is, you usually provide some pretty solid support/evidence for your position. Unfortunately in this case I am not seeing it.

You begin by impugning the character and state heritage of the writer of the post in the Federalist. Again, it's entertaining at times, but attacking the writer and not the issue/position is very much a prog rules for radicals approach.

I would agree with your position regarding the map ( although it's very similar to the one from Schlichter's book ) , but numerous folks who posted comments on his article presented alternate maps for discussion. In reality, should this occur, I seriously doubt things would break along current state lines. I would also argue your point about "real" country borders not changing. The rumblings in Scotland and Catalonia may or may not cause border shifts in Britain and Spain, but the possibility now exists and is closer to reality than ever before.

The Clinton Archipelago & Trumpland maps are cool representations of the last presidential election, but they are also geographical presentations of the election results and not of the actual voter head counts or bodies. The fact is, Clinton won the popular vote, so thank God for the founder's electoral college solution. The concerning issue being that the numbers are moving quickly past the 50% mark and are not in our favor.

Where you and I are in total agreement is the fact that the prog leaders running this country into the ground absolutely know that they can't let us leave, because we're the productive ones. So as you state, it would lead to an actual "hot Civil War 2". Which for those paying attention is why they are coming hard for our weapons (reference Venezuela for a present day example of a disarmed starving serfdom).

So my question for you is what is your solution?

I am not going to list all the challenges facing this country, you are painfully aware of them. The problem is that the trend is not moving in the right direction and the "powers-that-be" and their lemming minion hordes are growing in size and power.

The Federalist writer, probably likes hot/cold running water, electricity and grocery stores stocked with food. I would agree that those are things that make life more enjoyable. Now look at Venezuela, Syria, Yugoslavia, anywhere else where there's been a civil war. It's not a pleasant picture.

So while I agree with you that it's a very long shot that FUSA would ever peaceably split-up, the concept does have merit.

Look Aesop, I am truly not trying to f*ck with you. I am on your side and I was hoping for some answers buried inside of your rant. I mean you are behind enemy lines in Calistan, do you even have an AR? (don't answer that!) You state towards the end of your post that you love this country and you're not giving it up without spilling blood.

Fair enough and patriotic. But to paraphrase Claire Wolfe - "when is it time to start shooting"?

1) I clearly identified the ad hominem as blatantly such.
When someone is that much of a sonofabitch, it's merited, even if outside the bounds of logical disputation.
As a devotee of Messrs. Sykes and Fairbairn, one should remember that every move in every class on H2H they taught to SOE operatives was concluded with the witheringly correct coup de grace: "And then kick them in the balls!"

2) Let's be clear: I impugned the lack of character and state heritage of the carpetbagging ignoramus in question.
Anyone can be wrong. But to be deliberately stupid, and lie, while carpetbagging, usually requires a former FLOTUS with Parkinsons, and delusions of grandeur.

3) There isn't going to be any "amicable divorce". The phrase is an oxymoron equal to "military intelligence", "government help", and "jumbo shrimp".

4) The actual voter counts and bodies are meaningless. So is the popular vote. That's why we aren't a democracy. Democracy is merely mob rule, with a patent of legitimacy.

5) The numbers can move to 90% against us, but short of 270 electoral votes, it's meaningless. You wanna worry, worry about what happens when Califrutopia's Liberal Paradise suffers financial collapse, and the other 47 contiguous states get all their toothless, banjo-playing communist kinfolk back, en masse.
They aren't Californians now, and they won't be when they move back home, but you'll be dealing with the demographic catastrophe wherever you are when they purple up twenty more states, followed by the inevitable illegal alien hordes.

6) The lemmings are growing in size. They're growing their presumed political power. What they fail to realize is that it's the illusion of power, like a double yellow line on the road, or a red light at an intersection. Those only work as long as everyone follows them. One drunk driver and it all goes to hell in screeching brakes and carnage.
And the Democommunists have been driving drunk for 60 years and more. They're about to get pulled over. One way or another.

7) The solution, exactly as Chairman Mao suggested, will proceed from the barrel of a gun.
Scroll down and read the linked article at Sam Culper's FOMag.
Things are not going to "come along quietly", for a host of reasons.
For reference, the NRA is twice the size of just our current military. The number of gun owners is ten times the size of the largest army we ever fielded, which won world wars against three nations on three continents in 4 1/2 years.
And all those pretty toys and shiny bases depend for every waking moment on the sufferance and goodwill of the people who surround them 24/7/365, for everything from gasoline to power for the lights to food for the chow hall.
At the end of the day, their chance against a contrary populace would be that of the convict against the noose; they would die kicking at air, wishing they'd made other life choices were they to turn on the nation's populace, and no small number would shoot the leaders who tried. You can get away with a Bonus Army/Manzanar/Kent State/Waco incident about once every quarter century; after that, the folks will shoot you coming out of the latrine, proactively, and you're done.
The .mil knows this in their marrow. The Progtards are going to find out that if push comes to shove, they'll be the ones on the menu.

8) Everyone likes hot/cold running water, electricity and grocery stores stocked with food. Wanting and having are two entirely different things.
What can't continue, won't.
The Welfare State is about out of time, money, altitude, and airspeed. Let alone the good wishes of the populace.
The cockroach class will survive as a remnant, and the rest, as in all times, will find that those who can, do, and thrive, and the useless teat-suckers get slaughtered with the rest of the pigs.

9) If you have to ask "when?", it isn't time.
The point is not to worry about "when". It's to understand that it's going to be "when", and not "if", and to be ready, on the day.
The folks interested in retreating behind another imaginary line may not be interested in another civil war, when it comes, but a civil war will certainly be interested in them.

One is reminded of nothing so apropos as poor Wilmer McLean. Like the OP's protagonist, he was a former military man, who in Wilmer's case owned a house in the Virginia countryside in 1861.
It was near Manassas, and during the first Battle of Bull Run, was P.T. Beauregard's HQ, and struck by cannon fire. After Second Manassas took place in the front yard, Mclean had had quite enough of Civil War, and moved himself and his pregnant wife to a quieter place. Near the courthouse, at Appomattox. Where the final surrender of Lee to Grant was literally signed in his living room.

Mr. Kelly had better hope his real estate agent has a better sense of location, location, location.


AB.Prosper said...

Not my usual hangout here but as a fellow behind the same lines, I thought I might chime in.

To point #3 , well the US probably won't allow it but its possible to try. The USSR managed it as did Czechoslovakia. Its worth a try as Churchill aid its better to jaw jaw than war war

#5 California has major issues but there are a great many things that can be done and may well be done to spackle over the problems.

Even our spendthrift government can course correct in a pinch .

Kansas and the rest of the Rust Belt and Western States (not Texas) will fall apart long before that

#8 the welfare state is mostly money given directly to old people and medical care with the rest being military spending

Its not food stamps or the like.

Just making social security effect all income would stabilize that program and probably Medicaid too

And as for the other trillion we are wasting , getting that is easy. either add a 10-15% VAT tax or just increase the tax rates to the maximum under the Laffer curve (its called Hauser's Law and its roughly 20% GDP) and with the taxes will be stable enough for a sovereign currency

The US is not "under-taxed" in any sense but it has ways to get much more revenue than it doe Its a political problem that can be solved , well solved in a sense if you are a big spender

Taxes will go up eventually as a soon as the Democrats get enough power.

To point #9 I agree completely

A caveat though

While hoping for a collapse is understandable since its removes the pressure for rebellion and the moral onus of decision Its a fools errand really, the economic collapse may never come hard enough to trigger the end and while you'll get ruin you get no change either

Venezuela here is doable as is a Leftist Despotism

The Reds won't care and what remains of the Right will be like the Boers , beleaguered and doomed waiting for "that day"

In the end the Right better have enough people with similar ideas and a working ideology and who are organized and willing to fight and die or as soon as the Left stops LARPING they'll get eaten for lunch

The other guy has proven to be good at organized violence in the past and in two recent occasions (Las Vegas and the attack against Representative Scalisi) adequate at guerrilla warfare too

And worse, there isn't much "location" where you can hide, We are all maybe an hours everywhere from a big city and cars are plentiful

Odds are you and I can't run and we can't hide from all them

Like the old sign says Join or Die said...

Keep it up. The daily reads are a boost to morale. "Jumbo Shrimp", I gotta remember that one.

Dan said...

Civil War II.....the initial phase is well under way. And the shooting portion while not inevitable is highly probable and likely coming sooner than most think. This may be one of the reasons why the morons in Mordor on the Potomac are poking the red bear in Syria.
A convenient war could short circuit or at least postpone the coming unpleasantries. And despite all the noise Russia is a third rate military power in conventional terms.
The problem is they are still a first tier nuclear power and if embarrassed badly enough just might decide to open the genies bottle and take things to a new level.

Regardless everyone had better be prepping for serious changes because SOMETHING UGLY is headed down the pike and most of us are dead center in the cross hairs.

Aesop said...

Agreed, Dan.

And hey, WooHoo!
Quote Of The Week status on WRSA:

"I'd like to thank the Academy for this award..."

Anonymous said...

Point #9... A lot of people think we will go from a general condition of peace, to one of war, and want to know when that happens (as in, "which day?"). Clearly, when everybody else is shooting, then it is OK for you to shoot too.

I don't think it works that way. A better model is to be prepared for individual acts of thuggery. It doesn't matter if everybody else is shooting, what matters is if you, personally, are under attack. If you are, you have a choice: submit and surrender to the tender mercies of the attacker (whether he be free-lance thug, or a cop along with the criminal "Justice System"), or to fight, kill and maybe die, at least taking as many bastards with you as you can.

The best end to a useful life is a useful death; and there is none better than a death met in the act of killing tyrants.