Friday, April 20, 2018

That's What I'm Talking About

h/t WRSA

This is just the sort of thing to do. Funny, painful, and untraceable.

Full points and extra credit to the folks who started the viral campaign to distribute fake Starbuck's burnt coffee to The Diversity, for slavery reparations, inviting the homeless into their stores, etc.

When jackwagons sued to force Christian bakers to make wedding cakes for lesbians, and Antifa decided to go from verbal protest to outright gratuitous destruction for its own sake, they called down the flaming lava from the heavens, and now it's landing full weight on the Lefty supporters at Starbuck's.

How do you Commie bitchez like it when the PC pitbull is sicced on you?

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of hipster assclowns, given all the crap on the Lunatic Left to which they've donated.

You raise a pack of baboons, turn them loose on the neighbors, and they come back and tear up your house, and all I'm going to do is laugh.

This sort of own-goal self immolation and chaos is exactly the kind of thing that needs to happen a few thousand more times. When the Leftards find out that playing with matches gets you burned, after a good long cry, and some skin grafts, they'll have two deformed paddle hands left to stop doing that shit to other people.

And if they don't learn the lesson, it's equally funny watching them running around on fire, screaming their little lungs out for the few moments of life they have remaining.

Here's to you Mr. Fake Starbucks Coupons For Black People; you're a Real American Hero.

By the way: Cinco De Mayo is coming up.
It would be a shame to deny illegal aliens free coffee too.
Get busy.
If you were to include coupons for free illegal alien workers in the local Home Depot sale fliers at the front door, and offer them 50% off new iPhones, that's on you too.

Send a wire to the main office, and tell them I said "Ow!"


Tannhauser said...

The photo is indeed priceless,a red pill moment for the working dude!

loren said...

Saw the same photo on my FB feed. Caption was;
'The making of a Trump supporter"

Phil said...

The idea came from 8Chan. I saw the thread. Brilliant.

Badger said...

75% OFF all camping gear at Dick's Sporting Goods for "undocumented immigrants." Because nothing says "Quality Tent City" like a NorthFace logo.

Anonymous said...

You may have missed the barcode message on the coupon as modified on 4chan, namely:

This is a robbery.
Remain calm. Take all
the money in the
register, put it in a
paper bag and hand
it to me. Otherwise, I
will get violent.

Not saying I approve, but it illustrates why presenting yourself as a target to the weaponized autism of the alt-right is a very bad idea.

Anonymous said...

I am very proud to say I created the one that says

Witness the birth of a Trump voter

Steve in Ky.

The Gray Man said...

I approve.

charpaddy said...

Wow...such really great it!! So tired of our side turning the other cheek. While the other side salts the earth.