Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Chickens Gonna Chickenshit

People who live in Texas shouldn't confuse this for the state flag.

One good rant deserves another.

Mine is in response to the chickenshit screed in The Federalist by one Jesse Kelly, suggesting that there can - and should be - a relatively amicable and peaceful divorce, "before things get serious", among the several states.

This is his suggested partition:

My short reply is a phrase that starts with "Shove that", and concludes with "sideways, with a rusty chainsaw." I'll let everyone at home fill in the words I left out.

Now we can move on to the more detailed response. 
Let's get the ad hominems out of the way, just for sport, then move on to the sheer logical stupidity of the basic proposition.
Jesse's bio after the piece describes him as a "Marine combat veteran."
So one must wonder where he learned to surrender so gutlessly, with the effortless grace of the French Army in 1940, or neglected the Marine Corps holy writ in the Book of Armaments, the verses summed up by the phrase "Retreat, Hell!"
But being charitable, perhaps Mr. Kelly was actually in the air wing, or a REMF pogue.
Or simply has a yellow stripe along his spine a foot wide.
Or his parents never married.
One can only speculate.

His bio also describes him as a "former congressional candidate in Arizona", who "currently resides in the Houston area with his wife and two sons." So, paraphrasing the incomparable Mr. Laughton in Witness For The Prosecution, "Were you a carpetbagger then in Arizona, or are you one now in Texas, or are you simply a chronic and habitual carpetbagger?"

Houston, AFAIK, is one of the parts most of Texas apologizes to everyone else for (despite some residents thereabouts being absolutely splendid Americans), second only to Austin itself in that respect. And as Mr. All-Hat-and-No-Cattle Kelly apparently is not a native Texan, and likely not even a native of Arizona either, one can only assume that his attitude is exactly the sort of surrender-first/run-for-the-hills mentality one expects from exactly the sort of non-native carpetbagging nest-foulers that despoiled my home state of California, before fleeing to sunnier climes, to besoil them in similar fashion. Having ruined where they were, they can't help decamping at the slightest disappointment to greener pastures.
I defer to the words of my soulmates, Mr. Paine and Mr. Adams, in best summing up the sort of...person (I couldn't quite find it in me to say "man"...sorry, just can't strain the language that far) who so readily accommodates things by raising the white flag and taking to his heels, both rhetorically and, given the choice, in actuality:

"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country;" - Thos. Paine
"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”  - Samuel Adams
These are hardly the bona fides to present in support of such a thesis, but exactly the sort one would be expected to have, to come to such a conclusion.

So much for the character of the plaintiff, Your Honor. Now we proceed to the facts of the matter.

Shock of shocks, Mr. Transplant Not-A-Texan makes sure to draw himself and his current domicile into the center of his Federalist Fantasyland.

New Mexico and Colorado might take some wee issue with those pretend-boundaries. So will Atlanta, Miami, St. Louis, New Orleans, Austin, and most of Phoenix. Wilmington, Charlotte, and Nashville will be rather grumpy too. Will Kelly just draw them into little tribal reservations, or just flee again, to an ever shrinking world, and relinquish more and more of Federalist Fantasyland to the burgeoning blue hordes?

After you've cut and run once, how many more lines will you draw before you find the gumption to step up and do something besides beat feet?

And what about half of California, Eastern Oregon and Washington state, all of Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, Kentucky, West Virginia, most of Illinois that isn't Chicongo, half of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, the vast middle of Penntucky, upstate New York, New Hampshire, etc.? How will they feel about Kelly cheerfully relegating them to being a permanent minority bitch for the fucktard Leftist minions to whom he'd cast them? Which is why this sounds like nothing more complicated than "Let's you and him fight."

This is a guy who sounds like he'd have been happy to be on the RMS Titanic, but only if left in charge of throwing people out of the lifeboats.

He's also utterly clueless about how Texas and Florida are purpling up nicely under the same onslaught of illegal immigrant hordes that have flipped CA from (R) to (D) in my lifetime. How will he feel when some jackass jasper in Omaha decides next year to give his Texas homestead back to Mexico, lock, stock, and barrel, and leave him on the wrong side of that divide?

Good luck with that plan when the last chopper leaves the roof, you myopic fucktard.

Sorry, chopper's full. Try the next country, halfwit!
Then he tries to drag in history, in an utterly historically ignorant attempt to tell lie us that "borders move all the time".

Tell me how the map of Britain looks now, vs. in 1600.
Oops. Exactly the same.
How about Spain?
Same story.
You know what changes?

Empires that crater into the ground.
And former colonies whose borders were drawn by fuckwits half a world away with no respect for ethnic, linguistic, and sociological polities. (Look that word up, Kelly, it's in the dictionary. A Dictionary is a book that defines words. A book is a bundle of pages full of words. If I have to keep breaking this down for you beyond that, you're not tall enough for the Internet.)

That is why there's a Czech Republic, and Slovakia, where Czechoslovakia used to be.
It's why the Balkans are the definition of balkanization. (Another word for those epically ignorant of geo-political history to become conversant in, especially if they're going to take a hand at nation-building as if the earth were their sandbox.) It's why Iraq was, is, and always will be a basket case. It's why Africa is every bit as tribal now as it was in 1000 A.D., or 10,000 B.C.

What also makes a difference, is knowing enough history to know that countries that coalesced into nation-states (look that phrase up too, genius) earlier, like Spain, France, and England, were forces to be reckoned with, whereas later ones which didn't pull themselves together until much later (Germany, Austro-Hungaria, Italy, etc.) have a spottier record at pretty much everything, except losing world wars.

You want to see how this country stacks up, in reality, rather than Kelly's Federalist Fantasyland?


Doubleplusungood bummer for Kelly and his sophomoric twaddle:
He's probably in the top map, not the bottom one. Some decent hunks of his current state certainly are.
(Embrace the Suck, buddy. Guess you and the family get to live in Bantu Land, huh?)

I guess all of the bottom against all of the top strikes you as a "hopeless battle", huh Snowflake?

(BTW, that's mainly counties; in reality at the voting precinct level, the areas on the top map are even smaller than that represented there. Hugely so, in many cases.)

And about that whining about "losing the cultural war"?
"If you believe in God and limited government, here are the entities that now proclaim their hatred of you in full view of the public: The Democratic Party, media, Hollywood, the public education system, and now even corporate America. The GOP may have the House, Senate, and presidency, but we have completely lost the culture war."
Allow me, Mr. Kelly, to summarize your position into a picture worth a thousand words:

By the way, if you're going to drag God into this, ponder the significance of Malachi 2:16, and maybe huddle up with a pastor or a decent Bible commentary when you hit the part that says
"For I hate divorce,” says the Lord, the God of Israel..."

Get back to us on that. I'll wait. Then let's see who it is hating God in full view of the public.

Meantime, give a holler when you actually win a seat as one of the 545 Deciders. Or write a TV show. Or write a bestseller. Or make a mainstream movie. Or teach a college or high school course. Or run a corporation. Or do something, anything, in the Cultural War for which you and 98% of the so-called Right have been MIA for 60-100 years, besides notice the spackle in your diaper is uncomfortable, and start to cry about it on the Internet.

Which means, to be frank, that you have a lot more in common with these @$$holes

than you do with these guys:

But hey, you can't be all bad, and I don't want anyone to think there's no redeeming value in you as a person, or even the piece you wrote. After all, you once upon a time made it through MCRD, just like me; and I didn't see any typos in your piece. So you're already two points ahead of 95% of the internet, right there.

But you're nowhere close to being ready to suggest these kind of "solutions", especially with all the tears and snot running down your chin.
There's another Marine combat veteran who'd like a word with you:

So maybe start by running down the white flag, and re-thinking your basic premise. Then learn some basic world and national history, and then think with your head instead of your feet. Then come back at this thing sounding more like a "Marine combat veteran" and a by-God Texan, and less like some hipster in skinny jeans with a pink Mohawk and a nose ring at the Starbuck's across from UT-Austin, or on Melrose Boulevard in West Hollywood.

This country ain't perfect. Far from it. And with that, it's still only about a metric fuckton better than the second-best country to live in on the planet, as anyone who's seen any amount of the rest of the world can attest.

Don't believe me.
Do what Bill Whittle suggested in Rafts. Go down to Key West, and tell me something:
Well, ask yourself what it would take to give up your home, your country, your family and all your friends. Ask yourself how desperate you would have to be to sneak out in the night, and strap your family – your grandmother and infant son – to a collection of inner tubes lashed together and set out in the dark surf across 90 miles of shark-infested water in the dead of night, hoping against hope to make landfall. We can all agree, I think, that that kind of desperation could only be driven by a fairly passionate first-person opinion of such things. Surely this goes beyond what you or I would do to win a map argument at Starbucks. 
So. Go up on deck, get out the telescope, and answer one simple question for me and for yourself: 
Which way are the rafts headed?

Go down to the Rio Grande and tell me which way people are crossing. Go to any international airport and see whether Americans are fleeing, or foreigners are arriving by the shitload. (Yes, a lot of that is exactly the problem, but bear well in mind that it's also true that there are a lot of real Americans out there who just didn't happen to be born here. Here are three:
And those are the easy ones, without even looking very hard.)

And if you got your little jellyfish-spined wet dream, what makes you think the people in Soyland wouldn't push right into your borders and take over more, and more, and more, and more of your cake , like they do, so that in two, five, ten, or twenty years, you'd be right back where you are now, with less resources, friends, and likelihood of ultimate success? That never occurred to you, did it?? Brilliant, right there. Effing wizard.

The Founders deliberately made it hard to even try what you think could be accomplished "peacefully, bloodlessly", by making it as difficult as possible. It was just their way of making concessions to the fact that all government could go bad, and that all human beings will try to do stupid stuff, short of requiring a sign be placed on the yet-unbuilt Capitol:

But just because that actual sign isn't there, doesn't mean people like you shouldn't act like it was posted there anyways.

Because the biggest problem I have with your suggestion, besides the sheer stupidity of it, and the actual hot Civil War 2.0 with the included rivers of blood and stacks of corpses which would ensue in 0.2 seconds if you even attempted, let alone achieved, what you say you want to do, is this:

It's worse than merely sophomoric fuckwittery:
it's utterly and simply un-American.

Like the kind of un-American that should have had you standing tall and sweating under lights in front of a congressional Star Chamber interrogation on national TV.

Or better yet, as in fiction, had your passport torn up in front of your face, and had you condemned for life to live on a ship perpetually at sea, and never able to call anyplace your homeland, until you died.

We're talking Benedict Arnold levels of un-American.

Because when it gets right down to it, I love this country very deeply. Obviously, one helluva lot more than you ever have. So much so, that even with the fucktards bent on destroying it, and working their asses off their every waking moment to turn it into the kind of Turd-World Shithole it would inevitably become, like every other dictatorship and communist attempt in recorded history, I'm not willing to give up one single square foot of ground in these fifty states to those sonsofbitches without shedding blood, and I'll be damned if more of it isn't theirs than mine.

(You want to cut Puerto Rico and Guam loose on some future July 4th, we can talk; but I want to keep the Virgin Islands right where they are - after a good cleaning. Everything else on the flag stays right where it is. Period.)

Too many people fought, bled, and died to put every one of those stars on that flag.
Every one of them a better man than you, manifestly.

If keeping them there strikes you as too hard, trot your weak ass down to the nearest international airport terminal, and buy yourself a one-way ticket on Crybaby Airlines for Some Fucking Where Else.

If you want a country, strap a stout 2x4 to your back, take your balls out of their jar, and get busy fighting for it.

Otherwise, fuck off smartly, and STFU.
You're just a dose of crabs on the body politic, and your pathetic mewling is about as welcome as a crying baby at the movies.

Consider this target serviced.


Shingas the Terrible said...

Bonus points for spelling pogue the correct, old school way. I had the same reaction when that lawyer Conor Lamb ran as a Marine, while taking his money and his marching orders from the fucking Democrats.

StBernardnot said...

Damn! I'm still laughing! You're sooo gentle with him! ROFLMAO!
Semper Fi!

loren said...

That fucker put me on the wrong side of the line so yeah, don't like it. I do like the Clinton archipelago map. Now for a couple of tsunamis.
Aesop, I assume you have your mountain cabin by now?

Anonymous said...

Read the article. LOL. If anyone thinks that the Progtards will quietly leave the Remnant alone ... catch a clue. The infection resides in urban shitholes and in whackademic colleges across the land. The Venn Diagram for these parasites is - BTRW - coterminous with Pislamic enclaves.

The Left long ago gained control of the C4 nodes in the USA .... legal-judiciary, government bureaucracy, mediatainment, and education-programming. They function just like HIV; they degrade host vitality until it falls to opportunistic agents masquerading as 'diversity' or 'social justice'

I admit to simple-mindedness, but the only real option appears to be radical debridement, since the 'debris' will continue the septic process. Since this is unlikely, I expect a really bad autoimmune response, where viable and valuable 'host tissue' is destroyed, along with the infectious agents. I hope and pray I'm wrong. I think I'm correct


Badger said...

Gosh, how inadequate I feel. I only told him he had no clue WTF he was talking about.

Anonymous said...

I was even worse and just asked why all of his area had to be so hot and humid. I HATE humidity, and I LOVE cold and snow. Had some niggling vague thoughts in the back of my head that this seems pretty un-American and "Hell no not an inch", but I'm fighting a flu and have a fever, so my brain isn't 100%.

Stuck in Fresno said...

Aesop, since you mentioned you were also in the over run state of Kali. Have you begun building up you cache of spare parts before California Assembly Bill 2382 is signed? I figure you are on top of this, but a lot of my neighbors aren't aware of it and I'm trying to get them to build up 'spares' kits.

The Gray Man said...

As far as dividing lines go, that's about the worst I've seen. Montana and Idaho are on the blue side? Lol

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well done with precision hits! If CA hadn't disabled comments at WRSA, I was going to bring up my heathen Kentucky/Ohio/Tennessee relatives that would not go along with his self absorbed map, but I would've been nowhere near as brilliant. So, I will add another +1. And furthermore, Richard Pan is an asshole who is simply forcing Californians to travel to Reno/Vegas a lot more, and he should be gone. -Stealth Spaniel

Anonymous said...

Awesome !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Huh. Seems like with a lot of the Marines I know, the lid was put on too tight to remove. Seems most don't come back to thinking until 3x their duty time.

Wonder who're the apex parasites in those cultural drivers he mentioned?

Tucanae Services said...

The funny bit is that nearly every CW epistle I read makes the assumption of the partitions being smaller than the whole. If we are that stage it would not be inconceivable to end up bigger. How?

I would suggest that having reach this stage, Canada would be in even worse shape. They have twice faced a partition charge when the USA was not even thinking about it. Quite possible that in the later stages of the CW as things wind down the Western providences see it to their advantage to become part of the New US. Especially if whatever coalition reaches all the way to the Canadian border.

Patrice said...

So many LOLs... "If I have to keep breaking this down for you beyond that, you're not tall enough for the Internet."

15Fixer said...

Most excellently well done, Sir!!

J J said...

It was funny the first time I read it, then the second time I imagined it all in the voice of R. Lee Emery. The only think I can think of better would be if the author had one of his former gunny sargeants call him up and read the whole thing to him.

Unknown said...

Well said! My veteran husband loved it. LOL

SecessionIsTheAnswer said...

Well Mr. Aesop, that's quite the rebuttal.

Been reading your blog for a bit and usually I enjoy and generally agree with your posts/positions. Definitely supported your posts regarding the nurse in Utah that was assaulted by jackboots a while back. And even when we disagree, you typically provide some data backing your position.

You as always are a talented and creative wordsmith and this post is no exception. But I am surprised at the vitriol spewing forth in this post? As entertaining as the post is, you usually provide some pretty solid support/evidence for your position. Unfortunately in this case I am not seeing it.

You begin by impugning the character and state heritage of the writer of the post in the Federalist. Again, it's entertaining at times, but attacking the writer and not the issue/position is very much a prog rules for radicals approach.

I would agree with your position regarding the map ( although it's very similar to the one from Schlichter's book ) , but numerous folks who posted comments on his article presented alternate maps for discussion. In reality, should this occur, I seriously doubt things would break along current state lines. I would also argue your point about "real" country borders not changing. The rumblings in Scotland and Catalonia may or may not cause border shifts in Britain and Spain, but the possibility now exists and is closer to reality than ever before.

The Clinton Archipelago & Trumpland maps are cool representations of the last presidential election, but they are also geographical presentations of the election results and not of the actual voter head counts or bodies. The fact is, Clinton won the popular vote, so thank God for the founder's electoral college solution. The concerning issue being that the numbers are moving quickly past the 50% mark and are not in our favor.

Where you and I are in total agreement is the fact that the prog leaders running this country into the ground absolutely know that they can't let us leave, because we're the productive ones. So as you state, it would lead to an actual "hot Civil War 2". Which for those paying attention is why they are coming hard for our weapons (reference Venezuela for a present day example of a disarmed starving serfdom).

So my question for you is what is your solution?

I am not going to list all the challenges facing this country, you are painfully aware of them. The problem is that the trend is not moving in the right direction and the "powers-that-be" and their lemming minion hordes are growing in size and power.

The Federalist writer, probably likes hot/cold running water, electricity and grocery stores stocked with food. I would agree that those are things that make life more enjoyable. Now look at Venezuela, Syria, Yugoslavia, anywhere else where there's been a civil war. It's not a pleasant picture.

So while I agree with you that it's a very long shot that FUSA would ever peaceably split-up, the concept does have merit.

Look Aesop, I am truly not trying to f*ck with you. I am on your side and I was hoping for some answers buried inside of your rant. I mean you are behind enemy lines in Calistan, do you even have an AR? (don't answer that!) You state towards the end of your post that you love this country and you're not giving it up without spilling blood.

Fair enough and patriotic. But to paraphrase Claire Wolfe - "when is it time to start shooting"?

Aesop said...

1) I clearly identified the ad hominem as blatantly such.
When someone is that much of a sonofabitch, it's merited, even if outside the bounds of logical disputation.
2) Let's be clear: I impugned the lack of character and state heritage of the carpetbagging ignoramus in question.
Anyone can be wrong. But to be deliberately stupid, and lie, while carpetbagging, usually requires a former FLOTUS with Parkinsons, and delusions of grandeur.
3) There isn't going to be any "amicable divorce". The phrase is an oxymoron equal to "military intelligence", "government help", and "jumbo shrimp".
4) The actual voter counts and bodies are meaningless. So is the popular vote. That's why we aren't a democracy. Democracy is merely mob rule, with a patent of legitimacy.
5) The numbers can move to 90% against us, but short of 270 electoral votes, it's meaningless. You wanna worry, worry about what happens when Califrutopia's Liberal Paradise suffers financial collapse, and the other 47 contiguous states get all their toothless, banjo-playing communist kinfolk back, en masse.
They aren't Californians now, and they won't be when they move back home, but you'll be dealing with the demographic catastrophe wherever you are when they purple up twenty more states, followed by the inevitable illegal alien hordes.

Aesop said...

6) The lemmings are growing in size. They're growing their presumed political power. What they fail to realize is that it's the illusion of power, like a double yellow line on the road, or a red light at an intersection. Those only work as long as everyone follows them. One drunk driver and it all goes to hell in screeching brakes and carnage.
And the Democommunists have been driving drunk for 60 years and more. They're about to get pulled over.
7) The solution, exactly as Chairman Mao suggested, will proceed from the barrel of a gun.
For reference, the NRA is twice the size of just our current military. The number of gun owners is ten times the size of the largest army we ever fielded, which won world wars against three nations on three continents in 4 1/2 years.
And all those pretty toys and shiny bases depend for every waking moment on the sufferance and goodwill of the people who surround them 24/7/365, for everything from gasoline to power for the lights to food for the chow hall.
At the end of the day, their chance against a contrary populace would be that of the convict against the noose; they would die kicking at air, wishing they'd made other life choices were they to turn on the nation's populace, and no small number would shoot the leaders who tried. You can get away with a Bonus Army/Manzanar/Kent State/Waco incident about once every quarter century; after that, the folks will shoot you coming out of the latrine, proactively, and you're done.
The .mil knows this in their marrow. The Progtards are going to find out that if push comes to shove, they'll be the ones on the menu.
8)Everyone likes hot/cold running water, electricity and grocery stores stocked with food. Wanting and having are two entirely different things.
What can't continue, won't.
The Welfare State is about out of time, money, altitude, and airspeed. Let alone the good wishes of the populace.
the cockroach class will survive as a remnant, and the rest, as in all times, will find that those who can, do, and thrive, and the useless teat-suckers get slaughtered with the rest of the pigs.
9)If you have to ask "when?", it isn't time.
The point is not to worry about "when". It's to understand that it's going to be "when", and not "if", and to be ready, on the day.
The folks interested in retreating behind another imaginary line may not be interested in another civil war, when it comes, but a civil war will certainly be interested in them.

One is reminded of nothing so apropos as poor Wilmer Mclean. Like the OP's protagonist, he was a former military man who owned a house in the Virginia countryside in 1861. It was near Manassas, and during the first Battle of Bull Run, was P.T. Beauregard's HQ, and struck by cannon fire. After Second Manassas took place in the front yard, Mclean had had quite enough of Civil War, and moved himself and his pregnant wife to a quieter place. Near the courthouse, at Appomattox. Where the final surrender of Lee to Grant was literally signed in his living room.

Mr. Kelly had better hope his real estate agent has a better sense of location, location, location.

Phil said...

I had a shit eating grin on my face all the way through that.
Dude, that was epic.
Spot the fuck on too.
Thanks for the trivia at the end, I did not know that little bit of history.

Aesop said...

Happy to oblige, Phil.

You shoulda watched Ken Burns' The Civil War on PBS back in the day.
About the only damned thing worth watching there in forty years.

Mclean was the only guy in history to have a Civil War start on his front porch, and end in his living room.

Unknown said...

Calling it a "Civil War" does not make it one. A civil war is two or more factions fighting for control of a particular geographical area or government. Lincoln's War to Prevent Southern Independence was exactly the same type of conflict as the American Revolution, an independence movement to break free from the "tyranny of the majority" in the US House of Representatives, as from George III and the British Parliament.

I was always a fan of R. Lee Ermy, but always remember his final scene in Full Metal Jacket.

Much of the conflicts in recent years stems from artificial borders being drawn in the Middle East (WW I), Eastern Europe (WW II), and Africa (Colonization for exploitation). Our American artificial borders are "city-states" formed by the attraction to the largess and welfare provided by natural abundance on the one hand, and the unnatural fake abundance created by Bretton Woods and abandoning the gold standard. I'm not sure that any kind of peaceful coalescence between inhabitants of the city-states and fly-over country folks is possible, or that any form of secession would provide a decent outcome; but once the awfullest, bloodiest conflict this planet has ever witnessed begins, thinking people will wonder, maybe we should have tried just seceding.

Aesop, you obviously have a grasp of history that could maybe use a bit of fine-tuning but it's a shame you only used it for a rant. If you could take a deep breath and in the comments with two or three sentences tell slow guys like me what is YOUR plan, or even what is your POINT other than the other guy is a sorry motherfucker. LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW, I AM impressed! A truly spectacular rant. I can only add a Jelly Doughnut, FMJ.
Joe X

Aesop said...

@Joe Fondren
1) Scroll up a couple of replies, or down two posts.

2) Secession is for morons. Like the OP. For openers, it requires two willing partners, and in this case, you'd have a total of zero. That's going to be a bitch, by itself.

3) More than willing partners, it requires both sides to feel they got what they deserved. Another cast-iron bitch.
The nanny-staters think they deserve everything. "That which is yours is mine, and that which is mine is also mine.."
Us leave-us-the-f**k-alone types know we deserve that much, but will never get even so little as even that.

3a) Just to make conflict a lead-pipe cinch, the asinine map attempted by Witless Wonderboy would ensure fulsome and prodigious amounts of blood-letting on both sides of his Federalist Fantasyland line, early, and in earnest. In fact, it would both guarantee it, and be the overwhelming and proximate cause of it happening virtually instantly. As Sam Eliot observed, that's "a special kind of stupid."

4) You can try to re-define the Civil War as a banana too, but it wasn't one.
10½ states (out of 34) wanted to leave. In a divorce, you can leave, but you don't get to take ½ the house with you when you do, nor stay in your half after you "go". If the Confederacy could have sawn themselves off and drifted out to sea, maybe it might have worked. (Except for having to give back Louisiana and Arkansas as part of the Louisiana purchase, just for openers. Which would have removed Texas from the equation, and probably have made it an independent republic once again.) But trying to have two people who hate each other live in the same house(nation) works and ends about as well in actuality as in did in the mediocre flick The War Of the Roses. If everybody in 10½ southern states had simply packed up all their goods (including slaves) and decamped elsewhere, they would have been met with streamers and wreaths of roses at the docks of departure. But wanting to stay and simultaneously go never works, and it didn't. Just because they wanted what they could never have, doesn't magically transform it into a struggle against tyranny. (If you can point to the section wherein the Constitution describes the "Unless I don't like it, in which case I'll take my ball and go home" Clause, at which point I'll cheerfully concede the point.) But if that fantasy gets people to sleep soundly at night, far be it for me to disturb their nocturnal imaginations.

5) My "plan", is to prepare for the day when jaw, jaw, jaw, becomes war, war, war.
The other side doesn't appear bright enough to take "F**k off with that nonsense!" for a final answer. And now seems bent upon trying to achieve with threats of violence what they couldn't coerce by bluster or arrogated moral superiority, contrary to the supreme laws of the land and the will of the people, both of which seem to them more like Pirate's Code "guidelines" rather than actual things to be considered or followed.
What I'm afraid of is that I won't be as entirely ready as I should be or would like to be on the day. But who ever is?

warpig said...

You diminish yourself with this type of childish nonsense. What happened to the Aesop that reported on the Ebola threat?

A national divorce would be a painful and difficult solution, but a solution that merits serious consideration. There are already movements on the right and left pursuing this. It is the opposite of the Civil War 2.0 you cite. Further, would the rivers of blood you predict will flow if a national divorce is pursued, be greater or lessor than the rivers of blood that will be the consequence of your preferred approach, "war, war, war"?

Aesop said...

A national divorce is farcical, fanciful, and impossible.
Neither side would countenance it, for the reasons already laid out repeatedly.
It won't work, and is in no one's interest, now nor later.

The "movements" pursuing this on any side are the same sort of loons who populate the Flat Earth Society. Inability to recognize reality is not a forte at the bargaining table.
It is, in fact, the poster child of childish magical thinking.
They are Elizabeth Swan, shouting "Parlay!" to Captain Barbossa, and Neville Chamberlain, confidently waving overhead Hitler's sincere assurance of "Peace in our time!"

And war, war, war, isn't my preferred approach, as anyone who'd read anything I posted would know, it's entirely a matter of simple physics, when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

On one side, you have jackholes who think they should be allowed to run everyone's life, who won't take "No!" for an answer, instead preferring to push the pendulum of history as far to the left as they can, perpetually, and then top themselves.

On the other side, people who're willing to fight to be left alone, and better armed than literally 1,000 D-Day invasion forces.

That can only, ever, end in oceans of blood.

Perhaps you vaguely recall some inkling of the exploits of Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, and momentarily, Maduro?

Ask countless peoples throughout history how parlaying with dictators plays out for their catspaws. And shout loudly when you do, because the Afterlife is a long, long ways off, and the ears in the trenches full of mounded up hordes of the slaughtered have all long since rotted away.

SecessionIsTheAnswer said...

Hey Aesop:

Appreciate your follow-up comments. For the most part I agree with your positions on the issues discussed.

It just seems that in the past year or so the madness levels accepted as normal have accelerated dramatically.

The Las Vegas shooting & subsequent investigation (and I use the term loosely) if not for all the deaths and injuries would be Barney Fife comical. Now we have the FL HS shooting with multiple failures of Fed/State & local government agencies and yet the solutions are from whining teenagers. They are being recognized as the beacons of hope for the nation? It makes me want to cry.

The public indoctrination school system has been very successful in creating generations of clueless citizen-serfs with no concept of liberty or of history. Which is why I am not as optimistic as you regarding "when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object".

I am afraid given the increase in numbers on the prog-side of the equation, that they will maintain their Alinsky/Fabian approach. They will chip away little by little until like the "frog in boiling water" it's to late for us.

I worry about the country my progeny will inherit, it doesn't look good no matter how I game it in my head. But I appreciate that you keep rattling the chains.

Vaya con dios,

Anonymous said...

Partition of India & Pakistan in 1947 did not work out so well, millions died, so I'm siding with Aesop

Skip said...

The Silent Majority have a nice comfortable life, so far.
The spark that wakes us up, will be when that is threatened for real.
That spark is there, just not visible yet.
The chicoms and or russkis are just hoping the spark flares up.

Excellent post Sir.

Historian said...

There are a number of serious issues with secession.

1) as Aesop points out, neither side of the political divide wants it; both Left and Right believe that they are going to win. The Left believes it will win by default, mistaking the forbearance of the Right for weakness and thinking that their progessive gradualist putsch will be allowed to continue, while the Right believes it will win by force of arms once matters reach a tipping point. When all sides in a disagreement believe they can win, there is no incentive for negotiation.

2) more seriously, the Left has the edge in urban populations, largely consumers of life's essentials, notably food, water, and electrical power, while the Right has the edge among the productive sub-rubs and rural areas which produce such things. The left cannot afford to lose their control of their population by losing control of the rural areas that support the major cities. The Left will fight to maintain control of those, to the last drop of blood in the last True Beleiver.

Bottom line:
Either the entire presently united States will become a socialist hell-hole a' la Venezuela, followed by a resounding collapse, or it will move back before that collapse towards a more free culture, possibly a limited constitutional republic but with enforcement clauses, or another structure more supportive of individual liberty. However it turns out, Reality will not be denied.

That which cannot be supported WILL NOT BE. One way or another the 'free lunch' many 'Americans' have been counting on is just about finished.

With regard to all who serve the Light,

Backwoods Engineer said...

Read the Deep Winter series. Though it's fiction, exactly what you describe takes place: the US _gains_ territory.

And good job with the fisking, Aesop.