Monday, April 23, 2018

Move Back To Wakanda

McThag brings the math spankdown.
Since you bring up reparations, OK, let's have them.
You and your kind owe 360,222 lives to us white people.
Using the national average of $37,050,000.00 for a wrongful death settlement times the number of lives sacrificed we get $13,346,225,100,000.00.

Yes, Mr Shabazz, that's more than thirteen trillion US dollars.  Got that on you?

I will even be FAIR about it and not even apply 153 years of compound interest to the equation.

But unlike McThag, I will relent on such blistering common sense, for but one option:

Anyone applying for reparations should be given absolutely free, courtesy of the US taxpayers, one business-class one-way ticket to the African sh*thole country of their choice (that would be, with no exceptions, all of them), and the transport of up to 1000 pounds of their personal goods and chattels by common ocean carrier - with the ironclad proviso that the receiver must surrender their US passport and renounce in perpetuity their US citizenship, with a mandatory 20-year time period before they would be allowed to return and re-enter the US as legal immigrants on a green card, should they subsequently change their minds, and apply to come here as foreign immigrants. (And if we happen to close our doors to all such at some point until further notice, oh well.)

The IQ of both continents would improve markedly.


Anonymous said...

Actually Botswana might be the exception that proves the rule. Previously run by the Brits they have an educated class and last I looked their GDP was growing each year.
The Third Group guys I was with said "You haven't BEEN to Africa, you've only been to Botswana. "
Boat Guy

Mike_C said...

With respect to McThag (and everyone else), you can pull out all the numbers you want, use logic and reason to try and work it out, but when you consider that you're dealing with people who believe that you were created 6000 years ago on the island of Patmos by a Black Scientist called Big-Head Yakub, and that you snow niggas stole the advanced technology of the Black Scientists using your only innate talent, namely "trickonometry", and that you're going to get your just desserts real soon now (according to the prophecy the spawn of Big-Head Yakub will rule for 6000 years), you gotta realize that your chances of actually being able to communicate are very low. Unfortunately, with some people the only numbers that will be understood are simple ones, such as "308".

Incidentally and apropos of nothing, I don't disapprove of science fiction, nor of fantasy. However, I object to STUPID SF and STUPID fantasy.

George True said...

I have two great-grandfathers who fought in the Union army during the Civil War. Both were in for the duration of the war. Both survived. Both were disabled for the rest of their lives, one from disease and the other from war wounds, and both of their lives were shortened as a result.

So the thirteen trillion dollar price tag doesn't begin to cover it. Because for every Union soldier killed in battle, there were several more who carried the lingering effects of wounds and disease with them for the rest of their lives.

Whenever I hear anyone mention reparations, I say to them something like this: "Half a million White men made the ultimate sacrifice so that Blacks in this country could be free. Two of my own great-grandfathers were among them. Those brave, selfless White men destroyed the government that allowed slavery. Blacks in this country today could not even begin to repay the debt that is owed to us for that. But you know what? We would be happy with a simple heartfelt Thank You."

It tends to get real quiet real fast.

Anonymous said...

"If I'm gonna have to pay for it, I want my slave."
-Bumper sticker

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a very hot afternoon in Texas, pipefitter I was working with told me it was way too hot, that he was sweating worse then a N!gg-r taking a math test.

Anonymous said...

We Brits only finished paying for the costs of ending slavery in 2014.

It cost us 1567 souls and TWO HUNDRED YEARS OF DEBT.

So since I personally helped pay for the ending of slavery, I feel justified in exhorting black reparationists to kiss my old white arse.

Baldrick said...

Since I'm a direct descendant from families in Massachusetts who voted to outlaw slavery even before England did, and also the direct descendant of James Melvin, who lost 3 brothers in the Civil War fighting the South (with Samuel Melvin dying at Andersonville... his diary is a heartrending read), ANY black person asking me for reparation for THEIR ancestors being in slavery is more than welcome to kiss my ENTIRE ass.

Anonymous said...

Please, folks - let's get these numbers right.

While historians estimate 670,000 lives were lost due to combat and the wounded after-the-fact, a key component to the death count is regularly left out. Shortly after I returned home from an Army tour, my father (an M.D.) handed me a book - "You'll get a lot out of this." A medical history book. A key piece of American history I have not seen intact anywhere else, although bits of it in other books.

Take the 670,000 figure of deaths during the period early 1861 - mid 1865. History does not stop there, neither did the body count. Between Appomattox in April 1865 and the autumn of 1870 more than one million Americans died. On each side. This was due to a short but horrific economic depression brought on by the Union collapsing the economy of the South, and the South not producing enough food for itself, let alone food for the North. Additionally, the North had difficulty going from a war footing to a full stop and back to business as usual. So more than triple the combat deaths due primarily to malnutrition.

Therefore, the correct number of deaths caused by Northern aggression and directly attributed to "freeing the slaves" by the pseudo-historians is far closer to 3 million than 2/3 of one million.

Yet they want more. And it is still our fault. Right.

Aesop said...

When you're the losing side, in a war you started, your losses are your own fault. Before/during/after. They don't enter into the equation.
That's why McThag was only counting Union casualties in the first place.

And if you wanted to re-fight that war, you've come to the wrong shop.

Anonymous said...

Just one question. What about the Southerners who lost every GD thing, but never owned a slave? Their homes, their livelihoods, their family members-gone because "we got to save them black people." Where do they go for repatriation?
-Stealth Spaniel

Aesop said...

The war wasn't begun over ending slavery, it was begun over preserving slavery.
Tough luck there.

Last I looked, the folks who paid but never owned slaves (which was most of the South) repatriated back to their homes, to lower the stars and bars, and rehoist the stars and stripes.

And maybe re-think being joiners in a rebellion without counting the cost.

The first rule of warfare is not to lose.

It's going to be similar in the future when people who think they're going to win because they "have the food", but not the tanks, are going to find out that those who've beaten their swords into plowshares will plow for those who didn't, PDQ.

Now, flashback, and tell me how things would look today, nationally, if everyone had agreed to not only free the slaves, but to simultaneously ship every last one of them back to Africa, for free, starting the month after Appomattox, which was Lincoln's original and express intention before some vengeful @$$hole shot him in the head. (Then, as now, actors and their half-witted schemes are usually the problem, and almost never the solution.)

There are still plantations in America, and just as originally, they're still run 100% by Democrats. It's just that now they're in cities like Washington D.C., Newark, Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Louis, New Orleans, and Chicongo. (And 100 more.) Where they raise votes in return for welfare bux, courtesy of you and everyone who works for a living.

How's that plan workin' out fer ya? And who's the slave now?

When someone successfully challenges the XVIth Amendment as an outright violation of the XIIIth Amendment, we'll start to get our country back, and end slavery in this country for good.