Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Welcome To The Gulag

h/t Old NFO

Get your pdf copy here, while you can.

Might come in handy in case someone wants to take you internment camping.

Here's your new polling location:


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Secured Aesop. Thank you.

Patrice said...

You - or someone via WRSA - must have shared this before, as I tried to read it but only made it through a couple of dozen pages before feeling overwhelmed. So much for we few, we paranoid-of-boxcars-in-the-night few, eh? Thanks for sharing it (again).

Stealth Spaniel said...

What is it with Communists and their GD internment camps? Did they not get enough Scouting trips or what? Thanks for the info.

Nick Flandrey said...

@aesop, OT for this post but I didn't want it to end up too far back in the thread.

It may be that there is something more than just delta to the kids getting sick from wuflu. I'll just paste what I related elsewhere--

Dropped off [some stuff for sale, with a guy]. Had a chat. His [spouse] is a Dr in Houston. [Spouse] is seeing a LOT of hospitalized kids with covid and RSV. Most of them in fact, according to [the spouse.] I mentioned that I’ve been paying attention and hadn’t heard anything about it, and he said “well, they’re not talking about it.”

My wife said the increase in RSV was all over the moms’ groups on the FB, at least locally, but no mention of a connection to wuflu or increased hospitalization.

Some searching got me this.

[from npr at ]

Early versions of COVID-19 largely spared children but the delta variant proved to be much less discriminating, and has led to more child hospitalizations. Now, health care workers on the front lines say there is another frightening prospect looming: a surge in children diagnosed with a combination of COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus.Pediatric hospitals in Texas — and around the country — are reporting unseasonably early outbreaks of RSV, a respiratory virus that mostly manifests as a mild illness with cold-like symptoms in adults but that can cause pneumonia and bronchiolitis in very young children. The CDC reports it can be life-threatening in infants and young adults.

At Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston on Thursday, 25 of 45 hospitalized pediatric patients were diagnosed with RSV as well as COVID-19. “A hospitalization rate much higher than for either virus alone,” according to officials.

At the moment there is little data available on the impact of contracting both viruses and whether the two together can make a person sicker.

Note that it doesn’t actually say how many of the covid kids have RSV.


CDC issued a HAN linked


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is issuing this health advisory to notify clinicians and caregivers about increased interseasonal respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) activity across parts of the Southern United States. Due to this increased activity, CDC encourages broader testing for RSV among patients presenting with acute respiratory illness who test negative for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. RSV can be associated with severe disease in young children and older adults. This health advisory also serves as a reminder to healthcare personnel, childcare providers, and staff of long-term care facilities to avoid reporting to work while acutely ill – even if they test negative for SARS-CoV-2.

And there are links to some regional and national tracking graphs on that page.

-again, and third hand, the guy I was chatting with shared that his [spouse], an [specialist], was seeing most kids that were admitted with covid also had RSV. From previous conversations with him, his [spouse] would be very familiar with the hospital quoted in the NPR article.

I have to wonder if there isn't a link or synergy, or that the RSV is the 'comorbidity' that is making the young kids susceptible to the wuflu. CDC notes that because it is early, and because they already have a diagnosis of covid, hospitals may not be testing for RSV, so the numbers may be under reported.

Something to keep an eye out for in any case.


Aesop said...

Kids get RSV. It happens, but it's fortunately not that regular an event.

A sudden uptick now would lead me to suspect that kids with COVID are more susceptible to RSV, or just not as able to fight it off. Just spitballing.
And we may find out that the frankenvirus variants are favoring other DNA-encoded problems besides what we saw in the first year.

My only thought is thank goodness I don't work where I used to, which was the peds ER for the whole county, and 33% of all our cases any given night. We saw a lot of RSV. But rarely all at once, widespread.

And BTW, "co-morbidities" don't kill people with COVID, or anything else. They just ensure your body has less reserve capacity (energy, oxygen, cardiac reserve, etc.) to deal with new shit, like the Kung Flu pneumonia. RSV and bilateral diffuse pneumonia from COVID, in a kid, would be a horribly critical presentation.

It might finally induce the COVIDiots who think this is all just made-up to STFU though. Might also be just the excuse to end public schools, and defund 25% of the Communist Party.

John Buoy said...

IIRC a guy by the name of Solzhenitsyn had a suggestion about what to do when they came by to take you off to the funny farm.

Anonymous said...

Just like the original Russian plans!

Tucanae Services said...


At this juncture its hard to tell who the COVIDiots are. The anti-Jabbers, many are off the deep end. The Jabbers, Fauci on down, have so F'd any rational public health message it really makes one wonder.

Aesop said...


It comes down to trust for the dotGov and Big Pharma.
I have none, nor any reason to muster same, based purely on their historical performance.

Ergo, no shot for me, this side of Hell selling snow cones.

I may be homeless next year, but I'll live or die with my DNA intact, and not spend the rest of my natural life wondering with every additional ache or pain, if it's a late-developing side effect of the Jab.

Here I stand, I can do no other.

And apparently having my horse's ass governor try and make the decision for me wasn't enough, now the Pretender-In-Chief wants to dictate Jab requirements to all health professionals in the entire country.

Me, out of a job, with no profession, nothing left to lose, and enough armaments on hand to topple a central American banana republic?

Interesting times indeed.

Reziac said...

Canine coronavirus is only of concern in dogs because it acts as a gateway virus for canine parvovirus. This may be exactly what's going on with RSV and delta-covid.,

Canine coronavirus at worst causes a week of the hershey squirts (and more often has no symptoms the average person would notice). Almost all unvaccinated dogs catch it at around 6 weeks old, then are immune for life. However, while it's active it knocks down the immune system, making the puppy much more susceptible to whatever else comes along.

Canine parvovirus kills 50% of adult dogs and 90% of puppies that catch it.

The initial parvo vaccines were not very good, but were significantly helped by concurrent vaccination against canine coronavirus. Once we had good parvo vaccine, and we realised that parvo vaccine must be given younger than other vaccines, and after corona joined the "routine puppy shots" -- the fact that this unholy symbiosis was once a major problem pretty much fell off everyone's radar.

Anyway, I expect this is what's going on -- delta-covid is suppressing the kids' immune response, giving RSV a chance to leap into the fray when otherwise it would probably have been fought off without the kids developing serious symptoms.