Saturday, August 7, 2021

COVID Vaxx Not Mandated For CDC

 h/t Phil

Laws For Thee, But Not For Me

And why would they mandate that?

The shot doesn't work to prevent COVID transmission;

The vaccinated are just as contagious as the unvaccinated;

Vaccine passports based on the jab are pointless, worthless, and stupid;

And even getting the shot doesn't eliminate the need for masks in public venues.

But they're still thinking of going for a third dose of the pointless vaxx!!

Don't believe me. Listen to the head of the CDC >spit!< tell you herself:


Oh, wait, you can't do that because the CNN interview on YouTube was already pulled, in less than 24 hours after it escaped into the wild. Bravo, Comrade Partyline! Motherland Is Proud!

Too bad it was uploaded to Rumble already.

Watch it here.

Stick a fork in the cover stories. They're done.

As for the population Control Freaks (for all values of that phrase):

Oak stake through the heart, or bayonet through the liver.

Dealer's choice. Either one robustly recommended.


Matt Bracken said...

Everyone should become deeply immersed in THE NUREMBERG CODE.

George True said...

The level and variety of pure and unadulterated bullshit coming out of CDC these days is astounding. Just yesterday, they released the results of a new 'study's claiming that the unjabbed are the ones spreading the so-called Delta variant.

First, there is no Delta variant. There is no test that any hospital or clinic is running that identifies any variant of Covid. Mind you, hospitals are equipped to run a genome sequencing test that is capable of identifying a variant, but they are not doing so. Cases of Covid or cases admitted with Covid-like symptoms are simply being called the Delta variant. PCR tests do not have the ability to identify ANY variant of Covid, including original Covid. So this hype about Delta is the first big lie that is being promulgated right now.

Next, the CDC is claiming that the unjabbex are the ones who are catching and spreading Delta. In fact, the opposite is true. The vast majority of new Covid cases today are among people of the jab. Just today, the state of Israel announced that 85-90% of all Covid cases, and 95% of the most serious cases of Covid are people who have received both injections of the Covid vaccination. So that exposes the latest lie from CDC.

Finally, it seems that CDC is purposely avoiding even the mere mentioning of ADE, or Antibody Dependent Enhancement. Because ADE is the answer to WHY we are seeing this spike of new Covid cases when the pandemic was supposedly over. This was predicted by among others, Luv Montagnier, the world famous epidemiologist who was awarded the Nobel prize in medicine for isolating the HIV virus.

So most of these new Covid cases are vaccinated people whose immune systems are over-reacting to being exposed to a coronavirus in the wild, and this has been caused by the vaccine itself. This was predicted by Montagnier and others, but of course they were ignored by CDC.

So three big lies being perpetrated by CDC: 1) There is this new 'Delta' variant. 2) It is being spread by the unvaccinated. 3) A lie by omission that ADE caused by the vaccinatiin is not the cause of the latest spike in cases.

And if we want to go there, the fourth big lie, about which they have been lying from the very beginning, is that there are no known effective drugs for treating Covid (ie - HCL and Ivermectin), so thus everyone must get the jab, it is the only way out of this.

Sean said...

I've a feeling that before the current sporkiness is over, we'll be referring to that part of the Nuremberg code that deals with ethnic cleansing.

John said...

Chairman of Pfizer cancelled a trip to Isreal - "not fully vaxxed."

docfromjerusalem said...

to George True
My colleague reports to me, in the name of Prof. Yonatan HaLevi, formerly Head of Shaarei Tsedek Hospital in Jerusalem, that 60 per cent of the current "hospitalized" were immunized. And the serious cases are the ones that did not get immunizations.

Nick Flandrey said...

"immunizations" -- something that makes you immune.

Clearly not the case with ANY of the current "vaccines".

Also, is anyone specifically mentioning WHICH jabs the vaccinated, but still hospitalized with wuflu, had? Is it all the jabs or just one of them? the two shot tech, or JJj?

There is a lot of imprecision and conflation in almost all of the discussion and reporting on chinkypox, starting way back in the day, and with the fact that not all the infections were from identical viruses and not all people are the same....


George True said...

The Israeli hospitalization figures I cited were a direct quote from Dr Kobi Haviv, director of Jerusalem hospital.

T said...


I know 3 doctors and 2 NPs that are using Ivermectin as part of their COVID patients treatment. They aren't screaming it from the rooftops, however.