Thursday, August 19, 2021

Dealing With Kleine Nazis 101

h/t Phil


A close runner-up:

There's a lot of people in Ireland still walking with a limp, and no enthusiasm for ever phoning in tips on the PIRA.

Don't believe me. Just ask Moldylocks.


John Wilder said...

Moldylocks getting clocked always brings a smile to my face.

Unknown said...

I love the Calvin and Hobbes comic lol.

Pat H. said...

Charlottesville was and remains run by Antifa/BLM. I was there to provide First Responder care for our people, treated one man who'd been hit by a BLM type weilding a Maglite, largest head contusion I'd ever seen. The local EMS took him in to a hospital and upon CT scan was found to have a skull fracture.

Because of who runs that town, the BLM perp had his charge of attempted murder dismissed and those that intervened to stop the assault were charged and convicted and are in prison.