Tuesday, August 31, 2021

How Far? ALL. THE. WAY.

 h/t WRSA

Half-hearted and half-assed never won anything.

Best Essay I've Read All Year. RTWT


John Wilder said...


Jay said...

That’s 101st patch.

It’s the 82nd tradition to respond “All the way” to the greeting of “Airborne” in passing. All others just oblige “Airborne” as retort.

Anyway, “All the way”. 82nd Airborne Rigger in my younger days.

Aesop said...

While the 82d is all that is left of Airborne recently, 'twas not ever thus.
Particularly on June 5th, 1944.
The photo is appropriate.

Allen said...

I miss the days of unit rivalry. There was nothing better than jumping into Ft. Campbell the home of the Puking Buzzards. What the hell do you need to learn at Air Assault school, how to stand up on the ground and run when the helicopter lands? OK, did it take many times for you guys to learn that?