Friday, August 20, 2021

Arbeit Macht Frei

 h/t WRSA

No doubt for their own "safety and protection", in their ceaseless efforts to improve the lot of the proletariat there,  the OzCom government will ensure that the first people rounded up will be all those pesky "unprotected" folks who won't get the Vaxx, and protesting same, rather than go get all the people who are vaxxed, and still spreading COVID - and the ADE variants thereof - like Johnny Appleseed with a backpack leaf blower and a sack full of LSD. The odds they'll get to actual infectious people are probably slim.

And when 500 beds is far too small, they'll need someplace bigger. Of course. Like night following day will the logic and calculus play out.

This, in a country with fewer cases of COVID in 18 months than the state of Hawaii (which unlike Oz has yet seen no need to build multiple quarantine facilities), and with nearly as many deaths in Oz from the vaccine as from the disease itself. (You could look it up.)

So why, now, start building "quarantine" lock-ups?

Having been helpfully disarmed, by law, by their own government a few years ago, what could possibly go wrong with the socialists running OZ when they start rounding up their fellow citizens and putting them into camps???

One can but hope the disarmed gespodin of Down Under show their usual 'strine respect for officialdom, and refer to the planned camp as Ozwitz.

And that they further demonstrate their political reliability by burning it to the ground, and hanging their leaders from the gates. Or at least, those body parts they can find.

At any rate, they made their bed, and now they'll assuredly lie in it.

Hopefully not via bulldozer-dug trenches, but there's where the smart money would bet.

Nap time at Ozwitz. Soon.


Anonymous said...

They are also require patents to hand over unvaxed children or be fined 5k per kid. They plan on doin the 24000 children in a sports stadium in sydney. Oh and parents are no allowed to accompany their children, instead they have to give them into the 'living' care of poluce and military forces and the new youth police auxillary.

I wonder if the youth auxillary have spiffy uniforms and jack boots.

I'm sure the state will return the 24000 kids to their parents safe and unharmed and not interrigated about mom and dads beliefs.

If you dend your kids your a bad parent.


BigCountryExpat said...

"Ozwitz"... nice turn of a phrase

Steady Steve said...

A few selective political assassinations when the issue of gun confiscation came up and they wouldn't be in this situation today.
I read that 2 of the kids in Oz died from the notavax.

idahohunter said...

A lot of world history has been made and altered by just such an action.

LSWCHP said...

What you just wrote here and reality have nothing to do with each other. Don't believe all the hysterical nonsense you read on the intertubes.

LSWCHP said...

The Australian gummint are building quarantine centres for people arriving in the country because until now inbound quarantine has been done in hotels. This has been an abject failure, with part time third world security guards screwing the inmates and passing on the disease and such nonsense.

In this particular case, a dedicated quarantine facility with specialist medical staff and proper equipment would be an improvement over the half-arsed failed system we currently have.

Aesop said...


Fair enough, but it sounds from your description like the real story is even better than the fake one.

But I still cannot help but wonder at the person that told your PTB that this would sound good, no matter how they gussied it up, or how noble the rationale.

John Wilder said...



LSWCHP said...

The real story is indeed far...better.

Think third world immigrants hired as rentacops on minimum wage, tasked with enforcing quarantine with no training or PPE. Bribery and corruption was rampant, and the rentacops, being on minimum wage, all had other jobs as Uber drivers and food delivery people. So they'd go to the quarantine facility, which was a hotel with shared air-conditioning etc, get infected and then go to their other jobs handling food and driving people around.

This fustercluck was (and largely still is) government quarantine policy for international arrivals, hence why the bug is now running wild again across large swathes of the country.

It all sounds insane, but that's the actual story. I don't have the imagination to make up that sort of shit.

Dinochrome One said...

This kind of thing follows directly after the disarming of their subjects in the marxists' playbook. That C.S. Lewis quote is one of my favorites. Another favorite is "They laughed at honor, and were then shocked that their ranks were filled with traitors."