Sunday, August 8, 2021

All Hail Governor Horseass!


Historians rightfully ridicule Roman excess in having a Caesar who made his horse a senator, and yet we have Califrutopia, which has gone even farther, in making a horse's ass its governor.

Apparently, Jackass-In-Chief Gabbin' Nuisance has confused himself with Caesar, in decreeing, ex deus, as if he possessed that power, that as of September 30th, all health care workers must be fully vaccinated for Kung Flu.

Good luck with that, Fucktard. You want a personal war, that's where it's going to start.

And worst case: I can be a practicing RN in an ER in Las Vegas or Phoenix in about 4 hours drive, and still fight this tooth and nail the other four days a week, without a hiccup.

And that's just on the legal side.

I've consulted the State's Constitution, and when last I looked, the governor's powers don't seem to include making medical decrees aimed at an entire class of employees, to mandate injection with an aborted fetus vaccine so experimental it's not even approved for use on animals, as if he were some sort of demi-god, let alone set aside all other personal Constitutional rights at the stroke of a pen or on a bong-fueled flight of whimsy. Not in this state, nor any state.

He's in for a wee bit of trouble over this level of shitheadedness, and it only remains to be seen whether it's from a pack of enraged Norma Raes, or a small army of Dorners, but either way, grab some popcorn. Because what you really want in a state with a decades-long nursing shortage, is to make a significant percentage unemployable, and/or flee the state in perpetuity. That's going to leave a mark.

This is the beginning of things, not the end, and his odds don't look too good for a man facing recall in a few months.

Maybe he just wants to go out in blaze of glory. Or a puff of red mist. I honestly can't tell. But he's definitely confused himself with some sort of deity, and that sort of sociopathy never ends well for any politician.

You don't want a blood feud? This is how you GET a blood feud...


SecessionIsTheAnswer said...

Roger that Aesop!

Sociopaths & politicians - not like you to repeat yourself? I am glad to see folks are finally waking up to the non-vaxx jab nonsense. It will be interesting to see how the vaxx mandate works out for Gabbin.

But you’re clearly welcome in Vegas, we can definitely use your talents here, medically and otherwise. I do want to point out that our guv is basically a Gabbin minion, so it’s not all roses here either. Fortunately Vegas pays the bills - tax bills, so the guv & his minions know that shutting down the strip ain’t in his best interest - ya think?

Guess Whom said...

Any way of sending money to you, when this hits the lawsuit phase?

John said...

Uh-oh. Acceleration incoming.

Marshall N said...

What is the REAL reason for the jab???????
The level of effort and lies to get ALL the hoopals vaxed says something else is at play.

Beth said...

You can arm yourself with this:

FDA must ensure that recipients of the vaccine under an EUA are informed, to the extent practicable given the applicable circumstances, that FDA has authorized the emergency use of the vaccine, of the known and potential benefits and risks, the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown, that they have the option to accept or refuse the vaccine, and of any available alternatives to the product.

the FDA’s own legislation states clearly EUA vaccinations cannot be coerced or mandatory, and the fact that they are not approved must be advertised clearly and unequivocally.
The only thing one might argue on is the definition of coercion.
But in the case of a job (or something deemed essential) there’s no wiggle room there.


How does he plan to enforce it? He cannot do squat without the full support and cooperation of his badge-wearing, gun-toting Orcs and Orcettes. And, I understand the SFO County Deputies are threatening a mass resignation if the vax-mandate is imposed. Stay tuned.

Aesop said...

At this point, I'm not asking for lawsuit contributions, though I appreciate the thought.

And I'm not likely to run out of ammunition either, if it comes to that.

Ken said...

Even after all this, I suspect Pelosi the Lich Queen still thinks she can maneuver Idiot Nephew into the Vice Presidency somehow, after Droolin' Joe gets his "Look at the flowers, Joe -- look at the flowers" moment. That struck me as being (again, somehow -- I don't drink enough box wine to make it make sense) the plan ever since they put a radioactive piece of work like Harris on as Zhou Baiden's running mate.

Guess Whom said...

Keep us updated, when it becomes an actual,legal matter. That way I can steal what you find works

Mark Jones said...

Marshall N asked, "What is the REAL reason for the jab?"

I think it's a test. How many people will bow to peer pressure and social pressure to get this unproven, untested "vaccine" just because they're being told to do so. And how many will knuckle under when their ability to travel, to engage in commerce (as either business owner or customer), or to live their lives unmolested is threatened.

And, of course, many simply won't do it no matter what. And...who are they?

Because if this unconstitutional, unlawful mandate is successfully imposed, it won't stop at Covid jabs. They'll simply add any other criteria they choose to your "passport" (i.e., your government permission slip to live your life).

Stealth Spaniel said...

Today-Monday-I drove past Kaiser in Roseville. Full contingent of nurses, with families- including children and grandparents-on Douglas with signs protesting the enforced jab. "From Hero to Fired" said many of the signs. So, as mom used to say; nurses are useful as long as we do as we are told, don't cost too much, and are available 24/7. THAT phrase was used at contract time-in the '60s. Sadly not much has changed. I am hoping that all the nurses, techs, etc. WALK! I'm voting for Elder for governor.

Aesop said...

Thanks for the heads-up, SS.
The day after I'm let go, I'm going to max out CA's unemployment, and they'll be paying me to picket my hospital unceasingly with the exact same sign, in scrubs, around the clock, and grant full media interviews, including things they'd rather not talk about, specifically relating to COVID shenanigans.

Before I'm done, the CEO will wish he was never born.

Fuck me?
No, FUCK YOU! will be in full effect.

The Overgrown Hobbit said...

Good on you Mr. Aesop. I am making similar plans.

One qibble: Is Newsome really the front-runner for gubanatorial horse's ass?

Top 5, sure.

lpdbw said...

By all means, reserve some cash to donate to Aesop's legal challenge if/when he needs it.

But if you have even more than that to contribute, consider helping to fund the lawsuit against my former employer, who fired me (and 177 other people) for not taking the jab. It could end up setting a precedent for other plaintiffs down the road.

Even if you don't contribute, you can track this as it goes up the appeals process

Aesop said...


I'm watching your case with interest.
The Progtards only think cases are settled law if they go their way, imagining that no one is ever overturned on appeal.

Au contraire...

lpdbw said...

I'm much obliged to your tolerance of my begging on your blog.

I'm sorry it looks like you will be in the same position I am.

My unemployment was denied because of "misconduct", violating an official policy. I'm appealing it.