Sunday, August 8, 2021

Sunday Music: Never Gonna Give You Up


No, you're not being Rick-rolled; I'm serious.

When you look like the test tube love child from the DNA of Howdy Doody, Richie Cunningham, and Anthony Michael Hall, and you still crank out a pop hit on your debut album that rockets to Number 1 in 25 countries by 1988, you've accomplished something noteworthy. The Vevo video above has a billion YouTube views (not too shabby for a guy who peaked 30 years before Taylor Swift arrived), and that's not counting the rick-rolled gazillions, which phenomenon pre-dates when this version was originally uploaded.

Rick (Don't call me Jon) Astley was such a good sport about the whole thing that he pitched in to rick-roll the entire world on live TV in person for the 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.


Swede said...

I remember this back then. I liked that he had a strong voice (compared to most pop singers), and sang in full voice.

Charlie said...

Love the 'Jane's Getting Serious' video. Have watched it almost everyday since it was posted.
Adriano Celentano

John said...

For about a year, Pugsley would Rick-roll me at every opportunity. Alarm clock goes off? Never going to give you uuuupp . . .

The Overgrown Hobbit said...

Okay, I saw the original back in the day on MTV... How did I not notice the videographer was having the protagonist sing his plaint to the black bartender? Huh.(No shade on Mr. Astley. But... huh.)

Great tune. Great male voice.

This is a fun version: Don't hurt the camels!