Saturday, March 27, 2021

Vaxx PSA

Anecdotally, I am on the outer border, agewise, of concern for getting Kung Flu.

I am one of the oldest nurses working in my ER (multiple doctors are older than I am), but by no means a senior citizen. But I've worked in sealed iso rooms for a year with dozens to hundreds of severely sick COVID+ patients, and bagged and tagged more than I'd care to number.

Which, praise a merciful Deity, tapered off rather precipitously just about exactly 3 weeks after the last of the jackassical New Year's Eve parties among the Gilligans hereabouts, amidst peak COVID locally: from Halloween to New Year's. Coinciding almost perfectly with incubation, maturity, and death/recovery observed all year long from this. We've probably only seen a handful of cases since February started. Remember that when someplace re-opens: it's what happens 3 weeks after that, that matters. I'm crossing my fingers no one's home turf anywhere finds that out the hard way from here on out, but some people have to grab the hot stove with both hands before the cluebat drops right between their eyebrows.

Throughout that time, gloves, some seriously deficient splatter gowns, and an N95, plus handwashing, have been my only protection.

On forays to the local bazaars, a snotcatcher mask, hand sanitizer - and washing my hands before any contact with my face, food, etc. - and appropriate distancing has been it.

I've gone through three waves of this without so much as a sniffle, in the state with the highest population, highest number of cases (though in the middle third of cases per 100K), and greatest number of deaths from Kung Flu. All of those are purely functions of population, since the #2 state in those categories is also the #2 state in terms of population: Texas, (despite lacking anything like the Chinatowns present in SF, LA, NYFC, Bahstun, Hongcouver, etc., to jumpstart the initial outbreaks).

Take that FWIW.

I haven't exhaustively researched the vaxx types available, but based purely on reported problems, I'm not getting the Pfizer vaxx, ever. Too much bad juju, IMHO, despite a fairly low incidence of problems after 90M or so recipients. Unless you're one of those who's dead from a "poor outcome". Moderna has been less problematic, but still doesn't fill me with warm fuzzies. I'm considering the J and J version, not least of which because just one shot.

However, you might want to note the following link, and think carefully on your choices:

Voxday: Unlikely to end well

TL;DR: An experimental injection similar to the vaxxes available now produced diminished symptomology to COVID. But also hypersensitivity, leading to a possible hyper-immune response, for future exposures to SARS-Covid mutations and other variants.

I have said all along that unless you're at high risk, due to occupational exposure or other variables, that if you're under 40, you probably ought to think about skipping the vaxx for Kung Flu, for now. 10-20 years down the road, when the current iterations have been refined and improved, let alone made safe in the same protocols we formerly followed outside a pandemic emergency, definitely re-think your earlier choices. If you're older than that, realities are a bit different.

I'm not a fan of mandatory vaccination with experimental vaccines, which are altogether different than things like polio or mumps vaccines. But the minions of Covidiocy with their booger hooks on the levers of power may not take "I'm good; BFYTW" for an answer indefinitely.

For that reason, exactly as I observed on Big Country's blog comments, I mention the following:

The state of Wyoming (one of several such, btw) has a site where you can access a pdf and print out a certified official Kung Flu blank vaxx card. Or, come to it, any number of them.

Right here.

Bright lights on their keyboards might notice that a diligent search of Gulag Images will produce no end of pictures, of startling clarity, of filled out cards, all with official stamps, stickers, lot numbers, and whatnot, for the Pfizer, Moderna, and J and J vaccines.

Just saying.

By midsummer, the current vaccines will be available to anyone who wants one.

How many don't want one, as an exercise of freedom, seems to be pissing off the same people that did all the wrong things on purpose last year, because commies gonna commie. That doesn't undo the fact that this is a real pandemic, that really killed between 1-3% of those in the 10% of the country that contracted it. If it spreads to the other 90%, you can expect 9X more dead bodies. That's gravity, working, exactly as you were warned, in a worst case.

TANSTAAFL. You pays your nickel, and you takes your chances.

PAY ATTENTION (especially the low comprehension readers who drop in occasionally):

What you do is your choice, and no one here is telling anyone to get the shots, or not to get them, nor fake a vaxx card. Just to think before you jump. Those are your own choices, which should be made by you, in your own best interest, after careful consideration of all possible outcomes. On your own head be it. Klar?

We're merely informing you of what's possible, should you decide to undertake certain paths.

Like all choices, liberty requires one be appropriately informed beforehand.

That is all.


Reltney McFee said...

I, myself, am an OAMF, as we used to say, back in the day. I am, indeed, a seasoned citizen.

I have passed, thus far, on receiving the vaccine.

OTOH, TDW-Mark II sought a vaccination. After deliberation, we decided she would receive the J & J modified adenovirus vaccine.

No unicorn horn, no third eye, no flaming nimbus, no Shiva style additional arms.


But plus one on the 24+ hours of fatigue, fever/chills, myalgias. Not so fun for her, but not so awful as to cause her to recommend against it.

As you observed, folks need to do their own research, weigh their own options, and make their own best decisions.

Then, "Good luck, Jim. This tape will self destruct in 5 seconds..."

Michael said...

Makes you wonder what type and weight of paper they use on this Card?

Asking for a friend who has yet to see one.

Landroll said...

Thanks for the option. I am old enough to remember 'thalidomite' babies, brought to you through the efforts of drug manufacturers and the FDA. Fortunately for my nephews and nieces my sister did not imbibe.
How about the new Ebola efforts? Are we prepping for another run at pandemic?

RandyGC said...

60+ and kidney disease (along with idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, so who knows how that unknown cause will play out). Based on my primary MDs advice (who is not one to push, more of here's what's what and here's what I recommend) I went ahead and got the shots.

It was the Pfizer, no choice or anyway to express a preference that I could find around here.

2nd one today, so far so good.

If I drop off the net forever, that might be a clue.

Jim Horn said...

The "Right here" card shows as an 8/17/20 version. Mine is the 09/03/20 version. Same text and form but the spacing and line breaks differ. Close enough most wouldn't note the difference, but that's the type of thing that gave away Dan Rather's bogus letter about George Bush. YMMV...

Night driver said...

Have looked carefully, and found that J&J/J and A-Z/Oxford were the only NON-mRNA options out there and my doc asked why I was considering the least effective (A-Z/Oxford) so I had to do a rethink.
In researching a tad more, the J&J/J may be the only one there that uses OLD Tech, since the contents include inactivated Viral parts.

So I'm now searching for Johnson & Johnson/Jensen sites here in CLE.

One shot is better than 2 to me, and old tech is WAY better as far as my 70 year old ass is concerned.
Yep. I'm geeking but I got reasons (HX Pneumonia, 70 yrs old, COPD (early), controlled HTN etc. Generally speaking a 1 or 3 car train wreck, as opposed to the whole City of New Orleans off a bridge)

Elderberry, C, and Zinc plus Vit D3, have worked REAL well so far (yeah mask and wash the skin off my hands as well) and hands off face. THAT is the HARDEST thing to remember! And that is coming from a reputed adult (age doth not make adulthood, BTW)

Keep the faith. I BELIEVE we are coming through the final turn toward the Home Stretch (Ohio numbers are tapering....or at least not blowing up, so...)

Night Driver.

Terrapod said...

Like yourself, have not had a sniffle in 3 years (since retirement) but being in the lower range of the old goat category (68) decided to go and get the Janssen (J&J) shot last Friday. Arm still aches at injection site 3 days on and joints on that arm are a bit sensitive, plus a mild (very mild) headache seems to persist. Other than that, nothing major.

Seeing as I spent 40 years going through 57 countries for work, I always figured I was pretty well immune to anything out there (7 of those years were going in and out of the PRC to places where they had never seen a roundeye).

I too decided to wait until a "traditional" type vax became available. Now we shall see if it does anything beneficial or detrimental.

Charlie said...

Wife and I are both skipping as long as possible.

When it becomes required to buy gas or food, and no longer possible to lie/forge/ignore the mandate, I will get it and do all the shopping.

As useless as the masks are, it has not been a real issue for me. I have been wearing a real mask at work for quite a few years now. Hardest part for me has been participating when knowing the effectiveness of said mask.

Hand washing has also been ingrained from work for quite a while now.

Both wife and I have been social distancing since well before it was cool.

Our twit governor dewhine is still angry the legislature has curtailed his powers a bit. But even with his best efforts the numbers are dropping.

The Freeholder said...

I'm in the 10th most populous state, NC. Not quite a senior citizen, and barely make it into the Phase IV shot list on BMI. Several health issues, but other than being fat none of them are germane to the Wuflu. I haven't even went to the level of protection that you have when out and about. I will wear a mask if asked, and I have upped the hand washing/sanitizing thing. I try not to touch my face unless I know my hands are clean. So far, not a problem, unless I'm one of the folks who gets it and show no symptoms.

Not planning on any shot for the time being.

Unknown said...

I am hoping to get Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Limited availability around here at this point, but I am going to try. I don't want to risk being laid up for days with this thing, and hopefully my being immune will limit the risk of infection for those around me.


Knightsofnee said...

carolina TURTLE said...

Nat guard offered me Moderna... so for multiple reasons i said "sure" (optional at this point) just over a week ago at this point. for me, a little soreness at the injection site, a slightly cruddy feeling for @3 days... so far so good! And then agonoweay


amfpoaw fnseq;cxi afmw oawefm

HEEEELLLLLPPPP amofwemk aoesnd

just kidding! I'm not dead yet! I FEEL HAPPY! (i think i'll go for a walk now!)

libertyman said...

I think you have expressed the approach to the vaccine perfectly. Bravo. I will wait, and see how the J&J one does.

Unknown said...

I also have a friend in need of knowing what weight of paper the card is made from.

kurt9 said...

I've been reading Karl Dennonger's blog of late, having discovered it only about 3 weeks ago. This is his summary of the covid-19 business so far:

FredLewers said...

Papers citizen. Now.
Where are your medical papers and party ID card citizen?

David Smith said...

Incorrect. FDA did not approve thalidomide. The majority of t-babies were abroad. The UK primarily IIRC.

Badger said...

Let your friend know that, theory, it's likely to measure .012" in thickness. This is just on the edge of medium to heavy card stock (as those categories go). 80-lb thickness in case that's the way he's searching for it.

It is white. It needs to be done on a laser that can do duplex printing or he would need to do it the old fashioned way, which is just figure out how to reinsert the card stock. Often at larger vax centers (e.g., a local hospital firing up their operation in a local gym) they will have pre-printed labels for the vax givers with their name, which vaccine ("Covid 19 Vaccine-Pfizer), the LOT # & Date Given which gets done with a Mark-1 ballpoint, as does the reverse entry for scheduling of the 2nd shot if applicable.

It is not long and then folded & flipped over, it is not 2 pages. Single card with a front & back. As to the duplexing, turning the card in your hand vertically will result in the back upside down. Turning L-R as you would a page in a book will get the back side correctly. Just for your friend's orientation. Bonne chance and, as has been said, even the Maquis played by "the rules."
Your mileage may vary. Not a paid spokesperson. Void where prohibited.

kb512 said...

re: Micheal / paper type

my guess would be 100lb matte or a business card stock; usually not a gloss finish since it doesn't take writing very well.

John said...

I'll pass for now . . . it's nice having such a large sample size to see if it's safe.

Nick Flandrey said...

I was planning to wait some more, but caved to the wife. The main thing was getting the flu from my middle school kid. Despite the 'protocols' at school, she still brought something home and gave it to me and other smaller child. That could have been the 'rona just as easily. And while I'm not as decrepit as I sometimes feel, at 55, with childhood asthma, and several bouts of diagnosed pneumonia in the last few years, 3 in one particularly bad year, a history of lung issues has me nervous.

Got the J&J&j Sat morning, and am writing this Sun night. Wife got the moderna a couple of weeks ago. I figured to get the less esoteric shot, and get one different from hers, so as to have a better chance that one of us could still raise the kids if there were real and serious issues down the road. Kinda like not letting all of the command staff take the same plane flight...or giving the pilot and co-pilot different meals.

Some minimal aching at injection site. Some minor joint aches. General feeling that I'd rather be in bed, but not bad enough to actually go to bed. General feeling of being 'half a bubble off' was strong yesterday afternoon, but less so today. Minor occasional feeling of nausea.

Symptoms may be entirely unrelated as I'm missing my normal meloxicam for back issues several days now, it's been cool and damp out, and it's tree pollen season. All those are also reasons for me to be uncomfortable.

Texas goes wide open tomorrow. Any adult can get whichever shot they prefer, just a question of how long you want to wait for an appointment.

I'd have preferred to wait it out, but the wife is getting cabin fever and thinks having the vaccine will let her cure that. And my mother is coming to visit in a month. So, happy wife, happy life, and all that. If I have a bad outcome, she'll have to live with that, not me.


Unknown said...

does this print to the proper size?


Eric Wilner said...

We're holding off for now; not a huge deal, given that we're in a fairly isolated spot to begin with. It'd be nice to go back into stores and such, and socialize with the neighbors, but...
My wife has medical issues that put her at high risk if she's infected with the Pestilence, but they also put her at high risk for complications from the meta-vaccines (as far as we can tell; useful information is in short supply behind all the "don't worry your pretty little head about it" propaganda).
As for me, I'm waiting to see how the J&J product goes, assuming any meaningful information gets through. I think there's actually a choice offered around here, what with this county being run by the sort of toothless banjo-players who think ordinary people are capable of making their own choices.

Robin Datta said...

"Natural" infections involve the whole virus and antibodies to various parts of it. If it comes with a slightly altered firearm, it is still recognized as an intruder.

With antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) the situation is different, in some instances lethally so.

Nick Flandrey said...

Quick update on my experience with J&J&j..

SECOND day post shot had more unpleasant side effects. General fatigue, headache so slight as to be a non-issue, but after a nap, severe dizziness for less than half an hour. Couldn't walk in a straight line dizzy. That passed and I just felt like I'd rather be in bed than up, but not so bad I couldn't stumble thru stuff around the house.

Some aching in the upper arm injection site (with none the first day) and some joint pain in upper extremities, that I don't ever have. Hard to count the knee joints when they ache from so many other things, but they were sore.

Mild nausea off and on thru the day.

Morning of the third day I felt like going back to bed, so I did. When I got up around noon I felt fine. Did some light housework chores, and felt tired and run down in the evening.

Woke up today feeling fine.

Shot late morning Sat. Felt goofy and "off" Sat afternoon and evening.
Sun, general tiredness, felt 'half a bubble off'.
Mon, fatigue, mind fog, bout of dizziness.
Tues AM, some fatigue, fine after a nap, then tired easily.
Wed AM feel fine.

Based on my experience, I would get the shot when you have a couple of down days. I specifically did not feel like I'd be safe on a ladder, or good with making critical judgements. I avoided driving as much as possible. I would not like to have had to operate machinery or a weapon.

Two neg tests say I didn't have it with symptoms, haven't had an antibody test so not positive. Did have normal flu recently, but should have been fully recovered before the shot.

of course, YMMV.


Buckwheat said...

total deaths for 2020 were down vs the previous years. There is no pandemic.

Aesop said...

I posted your uninformed gainsaying not to embarrass you, but to illustrate a few points:

1)Total deaths do not have to rise to have a pandemic. You could look it up.
2)"Pandemic" is a word, with a specific meaning, and clearly, one of which you are completely ignorant. This virus clearly meets that criteria.
3) Deaths from all other causes in 2020 are drastically down, yet deaths from the virus have nearly made up for that shortfall.

8th grade science and math weren't that hard. You should have risked it, and taken those classes.

I blog partly in hopes that some people who don't know what they don't know will learn a thing or two from what I write. But you're proof that no one is perfect. Because while I can tell you the truth, I can't understand it for you. You have to meet it halfway.

Truth doesn't care whether you believe it or not. But I have to think that somewhere, every time you run face first into a painted train tunnel, like Wile E. Coyote, from ignoring it, the universe laughs at you.

Suck less.

Michael said...

Aesop if you were so inclined to take the "Jab" for work reasons.

What brand of "Jab" would you take?

Personally the single dose J&J seems most like traditional "Vaccines" but I am woefully lacking in solid facts as THEY CHANGE DAILY from the CDC and Drug-FDA Companies.

Yes I conflated FDA and Drug Companies together as they seem to be one and the same lately.

South Korea is leading the way into No Health Passport NO NORMAL LIFE as in No Employment, No Shopping and such. Happily there are demonstrations in Seoul about this as we speak so maybe a slight slowdown there BUT the Sock Puppet EO's and such....

Michael said...

Aesop to my first comment about what "Jab" would you accept I should have been more clear. You have a preference to J&J single shot "Vaccine" from your posting.

Can I ask why? I respect your opinion here and am seeking information as the public information has been so screwed up and politized (YES I Repeated myself here) out here.

That yesterday between the "News" that the two most popular "Vaccines" has an estimated "Protection" time frame of 6 MONTHS, my first thought was REALLY? That's a Vaccine?

Please advise, I know why too many of my peers in the medical field who are quietly staying away but it's getting harder each day if you want to stay employed.