Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Much Honest. No Doubtings.


The word for that? Freedumb.

So, you've got the Top 10 slots on your local accountability list all filled in, right? 

And the Next 10?

Rest assured they do.


Charlie said...

Top 10? lol

Only took me about a half hour to get a bit over 40.

Of course, I live in a heavily left leaning area.

John said...

That's how you know that you've hit the tender spot - when they bring out the censorship.

Narrative control is a must.

Dinochrome One said...

Your title sounds like Gal-West Aqueous,...... I live in the reddest county in Missouri, only one Biden sign and one "Ridin' with Biden" tee-shirt. (I hope you're not letting him drive!) Gotta dig deep to find anybody claiming to be a Dem.

Unknown said...

This will stop when it is stopped --- just as slavery in America once was.

Charlie said...

Added another one today. The lists almost write themselves.