Thursday, March 25, 2021

An Inconvenient Truth


Srsly, if he makes it to Christmas without a visit from Scalia's Pillow, it's a certifiable miracle.


Opie Odd said...

I respectfully disagree. Even if they need to keep him in the freezer between appearances and bring in Jeff Dunham to move his lips, he's with us for four years.

Opie Odd

P.S. You know Joe looks a lot like Walter.

Nick Flandrey said...

I was sure he wouldn't make it to March, now I'm gaslighting that I predicted he wouldn't make it through March........

But yeah, he was a shambolic mess during the "press conference".


GMay said...

No way he remains cogent enough to string together a coherent sentence in three years, let alone stay on topic.

In two years that meatsack is gonna be mumble-drooling so bad that even idiots like Max Boot will no longer be able to give him tongue baths on Twitter.

Nick Flandrey said...

OT, but heads up---

"Twenty-seven people in Oregon and Washington are being monitored for EBOLA amid fears they were exposed to the virus before returning to the US from West Africa

Four people returned to Oregon from Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo in early March
Another 23 people returned to Washington from West Africa and are now under surveillance
As far as authorities have revealed, none of the 27 have any symptoms
CDC has ordered all travelers returning from Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo be monitored for Ebola for 21 days
Health officials say the risk any of the four has contracted the virus is low
Guinea and the DRC have reported 18 and 12 Ebola cases respectively"

--showing no signs YET, and THIS TIME...

I hope everyone is in the restocking phase, or done with that. We might get to see what a real lockdown looks like.


a posse ad esse said...

Off topic but...

Aesop said...

My sincere thanks for the heads up, but regardless of what happens this time, I'm content to let everyone go to hell their own way. Anything else wastes my time, and annoys the pigs.

The smart people don't need any additional warning, and the stupid 90% won't listen. As usual.

Let God sort 'em out, and you take care of you.

Charlie said...

Another heads up, Ohio governor dewhine, in his push to stop passage of a bill removing his and the totally incompetent ohio dept of health's power to make law, said there were 40 possible cases of ebola here as well.

No mention of it anywhere until his veto was outvoted.

Landroll said...

Well certainly since gov't officials aid, 'No problema', reflecting back to 2019 and 2020, you know we are definitely okay. Since the as you call them, 'The Gilligans" did so well with a 2 ~3% mortality rate sickness, we will be fine. Snort. As Remus said, 'Stay away from crowds."