Saturday, March 6, 2021

Finding Talent


Attn: S1 shop

Former SEAL and author Jock Willink has a podcast. Which should be a regular visit for you.

This one is useful to anyone wondering what you should be looking for from anyone you're considering adding to any little band of Ungentlemen.

It should go without saying that you don't want someone employed by a three-letter agency, and that you do require more than a pulse, a weapon, and some tatty old LBE.

What next?

Watch the video. Take notes. Repeat until it's ingrained in your psyche. Then DO IT. These are the traits you're looking for in the best people. (That assumes that you want the best people. I do.)

Or, ignore what works at the pointiest pointy end of the biggest, baddest spears, half-ass this, and suture self.

Your ball, kids.


Night driver said...

Sam Culper at Forward Observer has done a lot on that subject, as well as what one needs to be aware of in their home area, and the nuts and bolts on Area Evaluation, etc.

It's GOOD STUFF, Maynard

CPB said...

I have one to add, well it's more a group thing were known for in Army SF, silent professionals, some others should try it. I mean for FuC* sakes TEAM guys have the hair and shade things down pat... ROFLMAO