Saturday, March 6, 2021

Dear Political Would-Be Re-enactors: This is 2021. Not 1861. Not 1775.


Look, I'm busy a lot more lately. So some days, I write less, because it's mainly been said. There's a lot to do. But some people are stuck in 2019. Or 1775. Or 1861. I know, because I keep seeing the same dumb ideas crop up.

And, sorry, but they're just dumb ideas. Bag of hammers dumb. Voting your way out of this dumb. Dumb And Dumber dumb. (Clever readers will note a trend here.)

Kenny over at Knuckledraggin' linked to this post. He's not dumb. And the guy who wrote the OP (which, per his comments, you should know was written by T.L. Davis) gets 50% of things 100% right. That's half right. The government currently is completely illegitimate. It was put in power by a wholly fraudulent election. It's spot-on, right up until he drives over the cliff, and into "secession"*.

"Half credit. 50%: F+  See me after class"

Secede where? From whom?

You live in a purple state, in a purple country, and in which no legitimate election can ever be expected from now on. Times 50 states.

You want to oppose the illegitimate government, product of a wholly fraudulent election? 

Bravo. So do I, and so do millions more.

But this isn't 1861, and you have no safe space to retreat to where your values hold sway, nor where you are and will be in the majority, nor will such ever be left alone by the other side. They never have, they never will, and they don't care about the inevitable consequence of that course of action.

Ask Georgians how that plan worked out for them in January.

Secession is a myth, based on a delusion. The idea is laughably ridiculous, doubly so given how it worked out the last time it was attempted.

This isn't going to be won at ballot boxes, protests, strongly-worded letters, nor brilliant legal opinions.

No one you're talking to in those forums cares.

Write that on your hand, lest ye forget.

This is going to be a cage match to the death, and it isn't over until there's only one side left standing. And that's true whether you fight, or surrender. All giving up changes is how fast you get on the boxcars.

And if you choose to fight, it's going to be fought house to house, floor to floor, and in some families, room to room. In every town and city in every state. Some will be easier than others, but no place is 100% anything. For now.

When that penny drops, and the range goes hot in both directions, you'll be at the starting line.

The finish line is  a long, long way off, even at that point.

But at least people will be in the right event.


Secession? Put down the bong.

Don't believe me, though. Put down your crowbar, and lever Texas right the fuck into being a republic. (They're probably the only state where you've got a better-than-average chance. Oh, and "average" is "snowball's chance in hell", FTR.)

So, tell us what you're going to do with Austin? Most of Houston? Large enclaves around every university in the state, even A and M. And all those deep blue counties at the border from El Paso to Brownsville? Make them Palestine and West Berlin? Give them back to Mexico? Kick the can down the road, like the GOPe did for 100 years, so your kids and grandkids can fight the same fight, but this time on your front lawn? Or will you recognize the problem, and start cleaning house, house to house, exactly as I suggested? (All that, while you're suddenly facing the other 49 states, deciding if they're with you or against you, and fighting FedGov in peer warfare?? And maybe Mexico too?? Sh'yeah. When monkeys fly outta my butt.)

Welcome to the party.

And that's in a state where you have a shot. Everywhere else, it's worse, because there ain't no 100% states, nor counties.

So, like I said, no secession. Just existential civil war. You either get the whole hog, or nothing.

Like we told you. And told you.

That said, how's your PT coming along?

How many people are in your tribe, and heart-attack serious?

What about your Area Studies, Near and Far? Who's on Santa's "Naughty" List?

If you're not doing any of that, I guess liberty is just too hard for you, or you figure Sumdood is going to be sure and step up to fight on your behalf in this war, just like in every other one.

Fat chance. TANSTAAFL.

Live or die, @$$hole? True for the other side, true for ours.

*(FTR: Anyone trying to weasel-word "secession" into "divorce" is a stone moron. "Amicable divorce" is the same type of oxymoron as "jumbo shrimp", "military intelligence", and "government help". Anyone using divorce seriously as an option in the context of the burgeoning unpleasantness is an oxymoron who's lost their "oxy" status. Just saying. -A.)

UPDATE: T.L. Davis has decided to double down on this idea in a new post.
Do, please, go to his blogsite and RTWT.
We shall attend to it in due course.


Charlie said...

You nailed it with this bit....

This is going to be a cage match to the death, and it isn't over until there's only one side left standing. And that's true whether you fight, or surrender. All giving up changes is how fast you get on the boxcars.

People just don't understand the situation. My experience is 50/50, half WON'T accept reality and half just can't.

For me....
About half way to where I need to be on PT
I have no tribe.
Area studies were done a while back, continually updated.

Normal American said...

Peaceful and amiable national divorces have happened. But, as our host indicated, one is unlikely to happen here:

Knightsofnee said...

What side will the government armed workers take?

Who butters their bread?

T.L. Davis said...

Hey, dipshit, (since you will give me no more credit than that on your post), how do you think we get to the cagematch you seem to fantasize over? It is by recognizing whether state by state, county by county, city by city, block by block we can't work with our neighbors, people who hate us and would shoot us in the face? It is by finding ways to secede from whatever, my block from yours.

What you don't offer your readers, is the path to your cagematch. I do. It is by one neighbor saying that I will not live in a state that does such. I will not live in a county that does such. The neighbor responds, well that is exactly what I want. You self-segregate and defend your small patch from those around you.

And, when FedGov comes for everything you own including your life, you seem to be willing to hand it over with both hands.

If you had bothered to understand that what you were reading was thought prep for the normies, you might have grasped the purpose of the post.

Instead, you went off patting yourself on the back, because you are the only one that sees the future clearly. We all do, brother, you just don't seem to know how it goes down with more on your side than not.

T.L. Davis

Greg said...

Agreed 100%. I've been living my entire adult life within the "State of Jefferson" campaign. And now, a few counties have a "Join Greater Idaho" referendum for the May ballot in Oregon. While I appreciate the sentiments, the ideas are beyond absurd, and are not going anywhere, ever.
The demoncrats have a supermajority in Oregon, and are about to pass some insane gun regulations, and Kommie Kate will sign it immediately. Watch for the attempts to make a few more Lavoy Fincum examples in some out of the way backwaters like Burns again.
No, as you are well aware, the only solution for Oregon is going to be very, very ugly. And that's as much as I can say on an open forum like this.
As for PT, I'm unfortunately dealing with "limitations of age", and though I try to be gracious about it, it is a real pissoff. But I'm getting my squats and deadlifts back to where I was a couple years ago when moving and laziness had me getting away from it.
I'll always appreciate that line from the Outlaw Josey Wales: "When the odds are against you and it looks like you're going down, the only thing left to do is get mean, real mad dog mean!"

Aesop said...

Dear T.L. Davis,

Color me unsurprised as all hell that you were behind the OP.

It was frankly so stupid an idea I was sparing whoever the embarrassment of naming them, which is why I didn't bother to "give you full credit", but as you're being your usual pleasant self, thanks for clearing up what I couldn't otherwise have bothered to dig up.

If you and anyone you were addressing thinks there's someplace else they can go or break off from the rest of country (Hint: That's what secession is. You could look it up.) than right where they are, you're delusional.
If you think you can secede just "your little patch", it's probably not solvable even with medication.

But if you think there's no neighbors anywhere you can find to work with, you should probably save time and just kill yourself. That worked out so well for Lavoy Finicum.

But more likely, you're just colorblind, and can't tell the difference between purple, red, and blue.

What I don't offer my readers is a path the the cagematch, because that would be pointless. The cagematch is coming to you, wherever you are. No one needs to go looking for it.

And when fedgov comes for anything, let alone "for everything, including my life", I am anything but "willing to hand it over with both hands". Thanks for playing, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

So while you're busy wising up the Normies with delusions of self-segregating, as if that would ever work, all I've been recommending to the Normies is, y'know, actual preparation that would do them some earthly good. PT. Proficiency with weapons. Fieldcraft. Tradecraft. And all the boring work that goes along with forming underground movements, insurgencies, and shadow governments, prepartory to opposing the fraudlulent banana republic, and getting back the liberties long lost.

If you had bothered to notice that (I've only been at this a dozen years or so, so my predilections aren't exactly hidden under a bushel basket), you probably could have found something brighter to open with than "dipshit", and characterized my intent better than suggesting I'd ever surrender to tyranny.

Instead, you took the bone you've had up your ass since time out of mind, and swung by to take a gratuitous swipe from your wealth of butthurt, never imagining I'd just plop it on the comments page for all to see, and replying to it in detail. You're 0 for 2 this week, T.L.

I have more important things to attend to presently, but in the morning, I'll be sure and go back and give the stupid concept of secession full attribution, along with the with links I originally provided.

And thanks, once again, for living up to every impression I've ever formed about you, and identifying what meadow muffins of thought to walk around in the future. Rest assured I shall not trouble about you again with anything like the time I've wasted on your last brain droppings, given how it chaps your ass so.

Let us know how that secession plan works out this time around.

And sincere best wishes in all your future endeavors.

Michael said...

Well T.L. Davis at least Aesop who fully moderates all comments on this blog posted your message. I'd give him respect for that.

Some things are best unsaid in an open internet blog. Kyle of Kenosha discovered that his social media comments were used in court against him. If it were not for a successful GoFundMe campaign for a good lawyer team he'd be an EXCELLENT example of what happens when you defend yourself from the Socialist-Democrats Street Armies who BTW are STILL burning up Portland and....

T.L. Davis So far as an avid history buff I cannot find a single example of a successful secession from Tyranny. Maybe you could point one or more out for me?

Greg and other less warfighter types Even the older less physically capable folks can do something for Irish Democracy and make themselves as governable as Cats.

Even refusing to buy from companies like Coke that is PROUD they have "Be Less White" forced classes for their employees can suffer the wallet pain of my NOT buying Coke products again. And so on. Not quite the "Sharp End of the Stick" fighting but a few million less folks buying coke products will get their attention. BTW Research ALL the Coke Products so you can harm their wallets better.

Other thoughts can come to mind with a little thought.

Wyomarine said...

Aesop and I have argued many a time, we're both on the same page, and yet we see things very differently. However this time, he's absolutely correct.
Whether you want a New Jerusalem in Montana or just good ole Jawja, it ain't gonna happen. I don't care how big you think your militia group is, it won't matter one iota when they drop a couple missiles on your roof.
The last 3 census they have GPS'd every single one of our homes, anyone want to take a wild ass guess why? They do not need to engage us in the streets, or out in your sniper hide. They will now treat you just like they did a Taliban wedding party, sssssBOOM! And they know exactly down to the finest gnats ass where and what you do. Between your cell phone and auto computer, they own you.
Mt. Carmel was just a training mission, albeit a very bad example, but they learned too.

SecessionIsTheAnswer said...

Well this thread alone is the reason we may not win.

Aesop & TL - two leading patriots & proponents of liberty & freedom that we all follow & support. And here you both are fighting with each other over bs on the margins.

WTF - no WTF!!

While I like electricity & hot/cold clean water - which is why secession appeals to me, whether that happens or we go Yugoslavia on steroids, I have no clue. But what I do know is we need folks like you aligned and on the same team, not d*cking around with each other on what in reality is semantics. I know you both want the same thing and me and at least 80 mill+ are ready to stand beside you.

For God’s sake, shake hands and move forward. Focus on the enemy & the solution!

Aesop said...


I suspect T.L. and I agree about a lot more than he thinks (hell, without knowing it was him, I already pointed out he got the first half of his message 100% correct), but I still like to think it's a free country, even if that's just in our minds.

He's welcome to think and try what he likes.

There's been lunatards in this state forever who seriously think they're ever going to split off the state of Jefferson, or Millard Fillmore, or Jimmy Carter, or somesuch malarkey, but they're generally delusional in a harmless sort of way.

If someone anywhere were to actually split a state off and try secession, I'd cheer, but only from a distance, knowing that they'd do about as well the next time as it went the last time, because the democommunists won't leave folks alone. Exactly like they haven't, ever.

If they'd have done that already, there'd be two blue strips along both coasts, and a fat red nation with 20 times the economy in between, and they'd come crawling back right after they went broke. (cf. East Germany).

Instead they're bound and determined to subjugate everyone under the delusion of a collectivist paradise, like every other communist regime in history. The cat's out of the bag on how that works out in practice, so it ain't happening. The cure for that mental malfunction, as Mao said about power in general, comes out of the barrel of a gun.

I'd rather be getting ready for what will happen, and what needs to happen, and not so much for what I wish would happen, and that's where I'm coming from.

As the Buddhist said to the Catholic, "Sorry my karma ran over your dogma."

If T.L. wants to wake up Normies, I wish him the best of luck at that. Heaven knows the bulk of them are still fat, dumb, and happy, even after watching what used to be the U.S. of A. turned into full flaming Chiquitastan before their very eyes in the last six months.

Trying to get them involved in any goatrope of secession, however, is a fool's errand, and I stand by that assessment, no matter who gets butthurt about pointing it out.


Snark said...

All you are missing is a shot of you holding your AK aloft and shouting "WOLVERINES!"

Talk about romantic delusionalism!

No one is going to do anything. There is no "cage match." There are mutterings, cursings, threatenings and other blabber, while we adjust our masks and beg for scraps. It is just the way it is.

The only place this "cage match" will occur is where secessionists have gathered in sufficient numbers to make it too onerous for the state to bestir itself and come after you, or you are sufficiently hidden from view that they don't feel you are worth the effort to chase down.

BTW there have been MULTIPLE successful secessions in the past few years. All of the old USSR comes to mind.

Squire Son said...

The Normies are going to the camps so don’t try to save them. What currency will a state use once it secedes? Another central bank? Do they have their own gold and silver to back it or all out barter system. You can’t get a little pregnant. This shit fest is do deep the only way out is to you know; the thing.

SecessionIsTheAnswer said...

Roger that Aesop. Hope to meet you someday, should liberty prevail.

And to prove that my response to what’s coming will be appropriate, I repost a link to my most favorite post by SilverDeth:

Epic, and sadly the likely outcome.

Michael said...

Snark the break up of the USSR wasn't a secession it was a FALLING APART of an Empire.

Since there are by YOUR Opinion Multiple "Successful Ones" PLEASE TRY AGAIN.

BTW currently the Chinese are in command of our Military since January 20th or did you miss that part?

We are a Satrapy of the Chinese Empire right now. Prove me wrong.

Aesop said...

First off, it'll be an M-1A, not an AK.

Secondly, there's no need to shout anything. The bullet holes will speak volumes, if it comes to that. Whatever the final tally, I'll have nothing to be ashamed about for any value greater than 1. Anything beyond two is Christmas every day. I've seen me shoot, so I'm not too worried there.

Thirdly, if you're waiting for them to come for you, instead of going out and hunting them once the range goes live both ways, you're already planning on going about this the wrong way.

Fourthly, please explain to the class what number of secessionists are a number so great that Leviathan will leave you be. Show your work. I'd really like to hear the answer to that, if you can conjure one up from somewhere besides your fourth point of contact.

"BTW there have been MULTIPLE successful secessions in the past few years. All of the old USSR comes to mind."

Maybe now tell the class how that's worked out in Lithuania, Georgia, Chechenya, and the Ukraine, for openers.
Then tell us how long TPTB in Russia will let the others live wild and free.
Once again, show all work.

If you're really convinced no one is going to do anything, kill yourself, and save TPTB the time and trouble. Mainly, I just hear you projecting your impotence and inertia onto everyone else. What you're really saying is that you're not going to do anything, because the only person you can truly speak for is yourself.

If all you're bringing to the party is a fervent desire to crow about being a quitter, save the bandwidth and just go do it. This ain't BUDS, you don't have to ring any bell. You won't hurt anyone's feelings by keeping that info to yourself. And DLTDHYITAOYWO.

And if that's not true, because you're going to do something, then it isn't "no one" anymore, is it...?

Game over. QED.

So now you have a dilemma.
So if that second option is how it really is, instead of assuming you're the only one that feels that way, why not qwitcherbitchin', get off your ass, stop using "no one" as an excuse, and go find a few more "some ones" just like you, nearby, and start working out what you lot will do, instead of griping about things and imaginary people you know nothing about.

I suspect that without too much effort, you'll find a helluva lot of like-minded individuals. And they don't all have to be pipe-hitters. It's going to take between 2 and 27 people to keep every 1 insurgent in the field, come the day. (I could be wrong; it's possible that the snake eaters at Fort Bragg know less about insurgency than you do, but I'ma go with the notion that they have a pretty good handle on things there without your help.)

So now we come down to it: you've painted yourself into a corner where you look bad either way.
Well played.
But you can get out of the swamp the minute you recognize the error, shoot a back azimuth, and go back the way you came until you get back on solid footing. It's that simple.

So I suggest you either change your handle, or else up your game.
Dealer's choice.

Aesop said...


Nice link.
I don't know if it's art, but I like it.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Your both right and both wrong unless you can tell me who will fire the shot heard round the world. I emailed T.L. after his latest and added my thoughts. He did not chew my ass but maybe he should have doesn't matter either way. I am pretty sure where we are all headed just not sure of the path it will take.

Perspective is a strange thing and we each have our own. I get T.L.'s email by choice because I want to hear his perspective. I read Aesop's blog to get his perspective. I read lots of other blogs to get their perspective. It helps me form my perspective based on what I believe are very intelligent people because I don't consider myself that smart, from my own perspective that is.

I got into a tiff recently some of you may have read. For the better part of valor I realized something and bowed out. I am not here to argue I just try to add to the conversation may it help. I try to find or create humor because Lord knows we all need some these days and a shit ton more in the future.

I am confident that all our perspectives are more or less on the same page. Lets not be divided in action. Pops always said its okay to disagree without being disagreeable.

Jocko's video was outstanding and even reminded me of a few things and also taught me some new things. If we are taking sides here what happens doesn't matter and they win.

Greg unfortunately I to am limited by age. Ask me how my body feels today after running a tiller several hours yesterday in garden prep. I also am not a veteran so I don't have the foundation many of you have and that alone will affect my future but I have friends who were and I seek their council on certain matters.

Remember, WE ARE ALL PISSED OFF that we are now going to have to deal with all this bullshit. I am thankful my parents and in-laws are all now gone because I would have to hear it in spades all over again and they don't deserve a second helping of what comes before shineola.

May God Bless Us All in what we are about to face.

Aesop said...




Who, specifically, is only a problem for historians.

When and where are far more important bits of information.

Don't believe me about that though.
Tell me who fired first on Lexington Common.