Thursday, March 25, 2021

How'd That Cunning Plan Work Out For King George?

 h/t Phil

Read it and weep.

As I noted on Phil's site:

Had the 2020 election not been brazenly stolen with visibility from satellites in space, by Stevie Wonder, Trump was two judge appointments from tipping the 9th Circus from majority whacktard to majority constitutionalist.

It appears they want to test their legal theories by assuming that they themselves are actually bulletproof, and in perpetuity.
I don’t think all the tens of millions of citizens in their jurisdiction will allow that theory to stand untested for very much longer.

Thus spiciness approacheth for all. Conduct and prepare yourselves accordingly.

It isn't just establishment Republicans who thirst for death, apparently.


Lauren said...

Sooo.... Right to carry has been invalidated, either concealed or open...

Landroll said...

Drop 50, FIRE FOR EFFECT. At some point, Soltsenitsen's Lament will strike a chord. Hopefully enough will have trip lines spread about so as to know when it is necessary to lay dwon the plow and pick up the sword.