Tuesday, March 23, 2021

And It's...


Media identified "White male" now ID'ed 20 hours later as
Ahmad Imawannajihad, Syrian ISIS sympathizer, seen here in custody
in Boulder yesterday immediately after gunning down nine private
citizens aged between 20 and 65, and one responding police officer.

No doubt US AG Merritt Garland will round up the usual suspects, which will be Southern Baptist deacons and Carmelite nuns, along with AR-15s, because 10,000,000 of them nationwide were not used in this incident nor any other.

It would be truly unfortunate if every time one of these events happened, someone gunned down 50 people at a mosque until the "moderate" muslims started handing over the radicals proactively to authorities, starting with their heads on platters, by way of apology.

I'd also like world peace, and a pony.


FiftycalTX said...

He'll get 90 days home detention for the shootings and 5 years for violating the "assault weapons ban". Amirite?

Ramsey A. Bear said...

How does a homeless guy afford an AR and body armor?

Stealth Spaniel said...

Homeless is a white person's term for the unhoused living off of everyone else, or beng unable to find a job because Demonrats sent them all overseas. Muslims support one another for being a "good Muslim" and that support includes money, weaponry, a 60 minute "wife", and free housing at the Mosque. Entirely different thinking. We import a lot of "good Muslims" into this country, and then our Elites are oh-so-puzzled when shit happens. But I am sure that our Fearless Leaders: Biden/Kneepads/Jen"CircleBack"/John the Whore Roberts will sort this out and make the world a better, more fair, equal place. Have Americans lost faith in the system?

Survivormann99 said...

A religious white guy with a sex addiction kills 8 people in Atlanta, 6 of whom are Asian masseuses (which is to say, sex workers), and Libs cry racism.

An Arab jihadi (sorry, redundant) who hates Islamophobes kils 10, and the media reports, "Reasons unknown."

MSG Grumpy said...

Fortunately the business (King Sooper) very publicly announced some time ago
that ALL of their stores were "Gun Free Zones".
Even in areas that have legal conceal carry.

So apparently there is a mistake and no one died or were even shot,
since this location was properly protected with the correct Virtue Signaling.

That is a relief.

In other completely unrelated news,
Africa again saw another massacre of Christians
by a mob of people from an unnamed Religion of Peace.

MSG Grumpy

Crispin said...

I read that he had a Galil, a Jehrico pistol & a shotgun.

No AR15 on the scene.

Galils are somewhat rare & very expensive, iirc. Wonder how he acquired them?

Nick Flandrey said...

"Galils are somewhat rare & very expensive, iirc. Wonder how he acquired them?"

--assuming he had the money, the only black rifles left to buy in the stores are the expensive ones and oddballs. PSA kit rifles are selling for $899...when you can find one.

And 556 is routinely bringing $1/rnd in local auctions, 9mm will bring that for just about anything other than steel cased, and 12ga is bringing $1/rnd for anything that's not birdshot. 762x39 is bringing 70c/rnd for Tulammo and chinese steel...


elysianfield said...

"I'd also like world peace, and a pony."

Can't suggest anything regarding "world peace", but if you can self-identify as black and victimized, Ellingston Illinois is providing reparations to those, or those descendants, or those who saw a pic in a book once, as someone who was denied housing opportunities...or something. They will get you your 40 acres and a mule...I mean Pony....

John said...

I think it's time for a conversation. Let's unpack this and circle back. We know the real problematic root cause, and we know the only real solution. It's time for a compromise for all of our safety.

The time has come for common-sense immigration control.

John in Indy said...

Another site identified the weapon as a Ruger 556 pistol, and noted that his two brothers had been "detained".
And of course, MSM is playing the "mental illness" card, because that is how they justify violent Islamic jihad.
John in Indy

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Ramsey and Nick win the interwebz questions of the day. Crispin do you have a link to the source of weapon list?

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Give the guy a break already!
He was simply trying to give those King Soopers shoppers "more bang for their buck", that's all.
Grocery shopping is normally so boring---very rarely does anyone state "Man, shopping for food and goods is a real blast!".

watsonrg said...

Ellingston Illinois is providing reparations.

It's EVANSTON, IL. Home of Northwestern University, where Bernadine Dohrn is on the faculty.

Old NFO said...

One question... Did he drive a half hour just to shoot Jewish people? After all, he's Syrian and the Syrians are pissed at Israel right now.

Robin Datta said...

Perhaps the assault weapons ban should apply only to those responsible for the largest number of african gun fatalities - the africans themselves, and of course the moose limbs.

Knightsofnee said...

80% lowers are the way forward.

John in Indy said...

He lived with his family in a 7 bedroom $650,000 house. Family also owns a resturant nearby. Neighbors report 3d world typical chaotic family dynamics. Several neighbors sold and left to avoid this family.
John in Indy

Nick Flandrey said...

The 80%lower is useless without all the rest of the stuff. I'm not saying don't stack a few up, maybe at least one per your existing uppers, but they are not guns by themselves (which is the point).

You also need a good jig, and the proper sized tooling (with spares) and at least a modicum of skill. I've got a jig that someone managed to mess up sitting on my bench. It has two broken drill bits stuck in it, and the guide holes are hogged out to the point that it's scrap metal. For at least that guy, the process was NOT easy peasy. I doubt he's the only one.

You need a lower parts kit for every lower, and probably a couple extra for when that part goes 'sprang!' and disappears across the shop. You need a complete upper for every lower. Don't think for a minute that they won't regulate/track/attempt to outlaw replacement barrels (the hardest part) or BCGs or complete uppers.

If you think you can turn in your existing, papered stripped lower and just move the parts to your completed 80% lower, without getting the anal probe looking for the rest of the parts, you're dreaming. If it gets that bad, the only thing stopping them from stacking on your doorstep will be ... nothing.

If you think you need to go that route, buy the lowers. Buy two different jig systems. BUILD A LOWER WITH EACH. Build the rest of the lowers with whichever jig works best for you. TEST the lowers. If you need to go that route, there won't be time later, and the stuff you need won't be available. Hell, already it's not simple to find parts kits any old day you feel like it.

Just having them in a drawer isn't enough.


The Overgrown Hobbit said...

I've owed you this from a while back, and someone handed me a TUIT last night.

The great mask divide was really the safe spit-guard divide, but we didn't have the words for it. The general term (mask) was used to hide or railroad over the specific objection (like when people talk about "religion" when they mean, say Christianity, or Islam or what-have you).

What's a safe spit guard?

1. One that keeps the spit down when you're out and about sharing your spittle, your coughs and your sneezes.
2. One that doesn't endanger the user (cloth rags vs. paper disposables & plastic shields)
3. One that isn't a tool of the totalitarian state. (VERY important these days, especially in hindsight)
4. One that doesn't dehumanize you and other people.
5. (One you can convince people to wear widely and consistently enough to be effective - maybe. Not sure about this one still)

Think about the arguments made for the red flag laws and why they're wrong and you can perceive my drift. We were never going to get a perfect answer to the question "what's a safe spit guard" but if we had the right words and were able to weight the different values we might have all pulled together instead of apart.

So, just for the exercise: How do we weight and evaluate the importance of the above values? Start with prophylaxis: Very important for polio. Maybe important for the Wuhan Gurgling Death, probably not important for Corona-chan and the common cold. How can we find this out? Aye, there's the rub. But not, I think, impossible. You can do the rest if you like.

Yes, I know. Day late, dollar short. I'm sorry.

But thank you for being patient enough with me in your own inimitable salty (sea-dog not millenial) fashion. I could never have sorted it out, even this late date without you.

The arguments of "to lock down or not to lock down" boil down to whether there's a hope in hell of getting a wide enough compliance to make the literally killing-costs of doing so anything other than an exercise of quarantine kabuki. If you're Singapore or Taiwan, for it. California? Not a snowball's chance. But that's not the mask question.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

if the King Soopers shooter was wearing a face mask and social distancing would that still mean he "was at least looking out for the health and safety of the other shoppers"?
Does one have to be at least 6 feet away form another to be able to aim at them accurately?