Monday, March 29, 2021

Just Saying


{cf.: Amelia Earhart}.


jackalope said...

They got way off course. That is Mount Rainier in front of them.

Sherm said...

As it happens, Amelia Earhart was having a cabin built in Kirwin, Wyoming while she was on her round the world flight. I understand the partly finished cabin walls are a respected part of the ghost town Kirwin became.

Survivormann99 said...


As I see it, having that view of Mt. Rainier in front of them is proof of the problem.

Feminist can get outraged if they want, but women do not have the same concept of north-south-east-west as men do, and they navigate differently. Studies have shown this to be true. At least one I remember reading a long time ago did.

Survivormann99 said...


So you're saying that it is possible that if Amelia Earhart had been a better navigator, she might have enjoyed that cabin in Kirwin?

The Overgrown Hobbit said...

Very funny. When you know the alternative is to let her drive!

All joking aside, two bits of info: I think you've seen the Denninger content (via Vox) but he lays it out very clearly. Full disclosure: I made the same vax decisions he did for my positing, except I paid for a CP blood titre first)

Second bit that may be news to you but ties into my suspicions regarding how and why coronachan goes from the CCP herpes to the Wuhan gurgling death.


Personal addendum: In the previous pandemic of '08 when you were working, Mr. Aesop, what was the demographic makeup of the people who fed into your hospital? How many got diverted to local clinics (now limited service or closed - like my hometown one)? And how bad were the street-living camps.

A possible cross-check on that would be a rise in Hep-C. It may not be the fact that you cannot use a social-control method for case-reduction on a fractured population that does not trust each other or speak the same language isn't the only key to persistent spread in high pop.centers. It might be as simple as what you walk through outside.


Aesop said...

There was no pandemic in 2008. Period.
2d busiest ER in CA, entire year.
Just another year, day in, day out.

Anything claimed never happened to anything like the extent of what we saw this past year (and that has nothing to do with the lockdowns, nor the idiocy).
There simply hasn't been anything in the US like what we saw in 2020, probably since 1918.
Maybe local outbreaks of something, or of something negligibly fatal.
Anyone who tries to tell you different is full of what bulls leave in a pasture for fertilizing roses.

2020 had a body count, and it filled entire hospitals. Came within a =bout 5 minutes of swamping ours and us having to triage people to "living" and "dead" status, from the get-go. It got almost that bad hereabouts.
Never seen anything like it in my entire career.

There's damned few people alive who even remember the last time we saw that.

And in 2008, local clinics were pretty much non-existent. Urgent Cares, for profit, yes. But the tidal wave of illegals, and indigent homeless psych/drunk/dopers, shut down 80 hospitals, mostly smaller community ones who couldn't cope with EMTALA, in CA between about 1984 and the early 2000s.

Mike Smith said...

Miles always has crazy but thought provoking deconstructions

TechieDude said...

Some say it's the wind in the trees.

Some say it's animals.

But locals know it's the sound of the girfriend complaining he never listens to her directions all these years...

TechieDude said...

"...but women do not have the same concept of north-south-east-west as men do."

Nor do they appear to understand route names or addresses.

"Go down Johnson street until you see a dog in a yard, then turn left. Past the second light there's a house with a funny roof. Turn right on that street. It's across the street from the shopping center that has a donut shop"


This is before nav systems. gibme the address, I'll find it.

T said...

Additionally, for many people, maps are just multi-colored ink on paper. They simply cannot grasp the concept of placing your position on a map, then looking ahead outside and navigating to the next point.