Thursday, March 18, 2021

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National Socialists: International Socialists. Same-same.

How are your local accountability lists coming for the nascent boogaloo?

If you like your Chiquitastan, you can keep your Chiquitastan.


Charlie said...

And it is turning into a very looooooooooong list.

And not very hard at all to compile. Jeez, they are literally everywhere you turn!

Aesop said...

When calling a witness, probably best to avoid one who's a megalomaniac pathological liar, opining on the taste difference between bullsh*t and cowsh*t, and then wrapping up with a reference to Joooooooooooooooooooooos!.

Facism is one man oppressing the other; communism is the other way around.

They each like to tell everyone else how the other is the extreme, but the truth is they're both versions of ultimate leftism when viewed from sanity.
ZFG for either one.

Just saying.

RandyGC said...

In a lot of ways the Great Patriotic War was simply a civil war between two sides of the same party.

Night driver said...

"Logistics" usually trumps BOTH discussions.

Night Driver

Michael said...

Aesop have you ever looked at forest management? Those massive fires out your way due to lack of preventive controlled burns to "Protect the Spotted Newt" or such? Really dangerous and destructive, depending on the weather to slow them up?

Controlled burns ARE a forest fire UNDER Control to eliminate flammable underbrush. They are Deliberately set WHEN Weather Conditions are BEST.

Maybe the Deep State wants to trigger some Controlled Burns to rid the forests (America) of the hazards of patriots? The Deep State knows a fair bit about how much flammables are out there and seek to burn them under controlled environment.

Maybe the very PUBLIC Efforts of the Media and such is to set up the Perfect Conditions for a Controlled Burn of some hotheads? Media set up to guarantee NO Sympathy for the "Domestic Terrorists" and thus rob support for the survivors awaiting among the ashes of the controlled burn?

They are working HARD to turn the "Insurrection" into a turning point where the military is purged to be loyal to the Deep State and citizens more accepting of the "Necessity" to use Troops to put down "Domestic Terrorism".

China already owns us VIA A Deep State Satrapy, look to the unprecedented back talk in Alaska telling us in Public (the Chinese F-U BTW) that "You are NOT Speaking from a position of Strength". And not doing the social Diplomatic politeness of photo Ops and such (Again a Chinese F-U) afterwards.

Cui bono, who benefits from such a massive destructive event as a "Controlled Burn" of troublesome "A rifle behind each blade of grass" patriots?

You've said it yourself China has no use for 90+ percent of us aside from sex toys and fertilizer. A Satrap is ONLY Useful IF it can Control the Provence FOR IT's Master, otherwise it is destroyed and replaced.

China has ALWAYS done Search and DESTROY on Rebels in it's history.

The British in both the American Revolution AND the Times of Troubles in Ireland FAILED to Control the Media deeming the events as purely a "Military Matter" and they LOST both times. The Chinese-Deep State Satrapy OWNS the Media and thus what Joe 6 pack sees daily.

I expect more and more attempts to set the controlled burn in play once they feel the Military is Woke enough. Right now they are prepping the social-Media battlespace with "Domestic Terrorist's" and I fully expect several False Flags this spring and summer.

As Ole Remus said "Stay AWAY from Crowds" and someone smarter than I said "Any group big enough to have Meetings is ALREADY infiltered by the 3 letter folks". These folks have a timeline and are the ones "Ready to START something" so they can get their promotion (and 30 silver coins).

Small teams, closed mouths, bad attitudes.

Aesop said...

Both the Chinese and FedGov would find America a tougher bit of gristle than they could stand to chew.

If they were smart enough to plan that far ahead, they'd have long since realized that. They're not that smart. They're going to find out the hard way.

And the comment re: China's plans is from CA at WRSA, not me.
And probably pretty accurate.

False flags concern me not a whit.
They'll do what they do.
What they try to do after that will probably trigger exactly what you'd expect. And that's what folks ought to be preparing to undergo.

Aesop said...

@Night driver,

Wars are not won by logistics.
They are won by hard men willing to do hard things.

But wars are consistently lost by a lack of logistics.