Thursday, April 9, 2020

Well Played

Courtesy of the fucktards, the Comments policy has changed.
Best wishes to them with yelling at themselves, after studying the above manual on how to comport themselves when they couldn't gain a win any other way.

For the vast majority who could manage to make a point without reaching into their underpants, my sincere thanks for the last decade-plus. I'll miss 99% of you.
But life's too short for cleaning up after retards, for free.

Maybe a merciful deity will use Kung Flu to do some civilizational housecleaning.
We live in hope.

Setting up moderation was less of a hassle than expected.
If you made the short list, you're gone forever, and I never even see your drivel.

If, OTOH, you had zero problems with what you posted before, you won't now either.
I have no desire to be anyone's nanny.

Comments, questions, and anything else will appear as and when I have time to push them through.

Rude assholery will disappear to the ether, and new handles attempting same take one mouseclick to permaban, and then I never see the attempts; I just hit the flush button occasionally.

Welcome back.


Vitaeus said...

Some folks are never satisfied...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the echo chamber, Aesop.
I suppose debate isn't part of your repertoire; your loss.

The rest of us are trying to figure out what the fuck is REALLY going on, but you have decided to not listen to any point of view that doesn't dovetail with yours.
I'm really with you on a lot of this, but I have questions, and want to find answers. You don't like to be questioned, I now understand that. Goodbye.

JT said...

Much appreciated.

Jester said...

I must have missed something spicy as the last post you had up it felt disjointed in the comment section with missing references. Though I do suppose you do attract heat for being as blunt as you are.

Night driver said...

Sorry to see this.
Life goes on, so PERHAPS you can loosen this up in a month or so...

Night Driver

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

Just for the record, as someone signed up to the relevant topic who received all the comments prior to deletions, "Mars Ultor" made an unhinged comment with on average a vulgar attack in every sentence, which contributed nothing to the discussion, in particular nothing he'd not said before with a modicum of politeness.

This was deleted, and he went off the deep end, spamming 3 more copies of the above with additional prefatory insults, in between 5 one line, and 1 two line attacks. Our host had no choice but to shut him down by brute force, unless he wanted to allow other people to moderate the blog, which can just create more drama.

RSR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aesop said...


I have no problem being questioned.
The former policy required politeness.
A solid few couldn't hack that, and I was lenient at first, but the inch:mile rule on leniency kicked in, and it simply isn't worth wading through their drivel to get to the regular back and forth.


The best part of this is I'm able to pre-shred those same posters' comments now, so they go automagically direct to the sh*tcan file, and I never even see them.
If they change handles, I can add them with a mouseclick, so it isn't even worth the effort for them.

Questions, observations, and everything else will go up as and when I have time, now that it's set up. And is less of a pain than I expected.

If I never bothered anything you wrote before, I won't now.
If you made the banhammer list (and it's a very short one) you'll never be seen or heard here again, and I won't even know you tried.

Problem: solved.

michigan doug said...

Your blog your rules.
They can go elsewhere.

chewbacca said...

It is illegal to discuss HCQ in Australia.

Opie Odd said...

Thanks for getting rid of the poo flinging monkey but still leaving comments open.
Opie Odd

Michael or Janice said...

Glad to see comments are still here. This is one of the few places that I do read the comments. The back and forth is educational.

I caught the rants of your last Ass Hat before you deleted them. It was getting old wading through and past them. One of those people who think that anyone who deviates one degree from what they see as the truth is stupid and evil. Don't seem to realize or care that they are calling 99% of the world evil.


FredLewers said...


no.ones.ghost21 said...

I was wondering how much longer you were going to put up with some of the uncalled for crap I've see this past week. If it had been me I probably would have acted sooner, especially given the quasi rules posted under "Comments".

Some of it sorta reminded me of fifth grade grammar school recess which is a very distant memory at this stage of life.

Some people just don't get "my blog, my rules" even when the rules are clearly stated.


ThatWouldBeTelling said...

It is illegal to discuss HCQ in Australia.

That's not what he said, rather, it's illegal, perhaps only for marketing purposes as in the US, to claim we have a "cure." It's certainly not determined whether, and how much HCQ helps with COVID-19, but we should have a better idea Real Soon Now.

Bill Quick said...

I'm glad to see comments are back. I sympathize. For people with their own sites, it's sometimes difficult to ban people, because we feel that we are censoring their right to free speech. My response ended up being, "I'm not banning an argument. I'm banning an asshole."

Aesop said...


I was punished for being tolerant.

Warlokke said...

Good call Aesop, some folks just can't be trusted with nice things.


Don RN said...

Excellent quote from Bill Quick:
"I'm not banning an argument. I'm banning an asshole."

Aesop, appreciate your work and perspectives. May disagree on some points, but you present persuasive arguments and an extremely enjoyable style.
Will keep coming by both for your blogging, and much of the commentary.

Sarin said...

Shame the assclowns ruined the fun. There's always that 10%. This is the single location where I felt the desire to engage. Sucks that you've an additional burden.

Saw the below nugget in a few places. Originally received via internal comms at work:

"The results of a new French study was just completed testing 1,061 patients with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. The study found that 91.7% of patients treated had a complete virological cure within 10 days. Key findings of the study were: No cardiac toxicity was observed. There was a good clinical outcome for 973 patients. A poor outcome was observed for 46 patents (4.3%); 10 were transferred to intensive care units. 5 patients died (.47%) (74-95 yrs old) and 31 required 10 days of hospitalization. The study concluded that, “The HCQ-AZ combination, when started immediately after diagnosis, is a safe and efficient treatment for COVID-19, with a mortality rate of 0.5% in elderly patients. It avoids worsening and clears virus persistence and contagiosity in most cases.” Though the US press has heavily criticized the use of hydroxychloroquine, it is being used worldwide to treat COVID-19, including prescribing it to medical staff as a prophylactic. HCQ is a FDA approved generic medicine for well over 30 years and deemed safe to give to children and pregnant women. A 5 day prescription (that would be given to treat COVID-19) costs about $20. Sanofi, a global pharmaceutical giant, has decided to donate 100 million doses and is on track to quadruple its production of the drugs by summer."

Thoughts on the above from the more educated (TWBT et al)? I, personally, would like to read the study. While not a medical professional, I've enough passing interest and minimal education to generally understand and run the numbers myself. Wish that there were more hours in the day.

Aesop said...

Not surprised.
Also heard that in patients taking Metformin ( a common diabetes med) there's a 33% toxicity, i.e. you die.
Other than that, no gripes.

Bill Quick said...

Also heard that in patients taking Metformin ( a common diabetes med) there's a 33% toxicity, i.e. you die.

Is that because of the Metformin, or the Type II it's prescribed for?

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

"The results of a new French study was just completed testing 1,061 patients with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin....

Thoughts on the above from the more educated (TWBT et al)? I, personally, would like to read the study.

Don't think you're going to get a chance any time soon, from what I was just able to find out, the paper is being presented to the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, rather than a scientific forum. And there have been a lot of extremely weird rumors about chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine and France.

It's the latest thing by Dr. Didier Raoult, who's previous 2 studies have been universally panned as methodologically deficient, and were certainly "small N", as in not very many patients, 24-36, then 80.

One catastrophic problem with any attempts at doing real science with these drugs is that they're now inextricably tied to President Trump, and therefore are axiomatically worthless, see for example the 5 or more states that at one time or still have banned their use for COVID-19 patients, as well as France until 12 days ago.

Science is done by people, is an inherent political thing, and way beyond 80% of those who call themselves scientists in America, and probably the West, hate Trump, and 99.999% have to at least pretend to. It's entirely possible producing a paper that says these drugs work would be a career ending move for American scientsts, and Macron is also very anti-Trump, when the latter imposed a flight ban on Europe, Macron's response was that we should use the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

Yes, these people would consign millions to death rather than admit Trump was correct about their being hopeful drugs. Most aren't as altruistic as the Shanghai researchers who were the first to release a genome for SARS-CoV-2, 17 days after it was first sequenced in the PRC, and immediately lost their jobs as a result (and worse may be in store for them), it appears the CCP had no intent of doing it, just like they never sent anyone cultures of the virus, at least before it was widely spread outside the country.

Doctors, I don't know their political situation WRT to Trump, we might get some unbiased research from them, I've heard the New York study is testing early intervention as well as late, late enough, as I recall, is too late, and it's been said some research was done to debunk these drugs by only trying them when it's too late, but I'm not sure if that's true. I'm not following this closely, science is a lot more interesting than politics, and if I come down with COVID-19, politics will control what drugs might be prescribed for me.

Also heard that in patients taking Metformin ( a common diabetes med) there's a 33% toxicity, i.e. you die.

If your patients are mice, if I remember the paper correctly....

Loco Gato said...

As I am an Orange County refugee I'm curious if hospitals are actually getting "over run".

Aesop said...

@ Loco,

"Over run"?
Selectively slammed, some nights. But the lockdown seems to be doing the trick in most of CA.

@Bill Quick,
"Is that because of the Metformin, or the Type II it's prescribed for?"
It's because apparently, in 1 out of 3 cases, mixing hydrochloroquine and metformin is like mixing lit road flares and gasoline vapor, and it kills as a result.
Those are only animal studies, but metformin is so commonly prescribed in the exact Kung Flu vulnerable population, it's pretty much a deal-breaker for further use, for anyone on metformin. That's why we test on animals instead of people.

Night driver said...

The question and warning is about the Z-pack with patients EXTREMELY sensitive to erythromycin and members of the erythro- family.
My last treatment with erythromycin included heart rates in the mid 200's and "symptomatic" response. (And no I'm good but not THAT good. the OMRON gave me the HR info! LOL)

Pretty much sucked for a day before we DC'd the erythromycin and went to another antibiotic. I have CAREFULLY avoided the Z-pack on numerous occasions since.

IF it works the way it APPEARS to then we've got a winner for a LOT of folks. Me? Not so much. Social distancing and herbals for the raincoat protection.

Buck up, boss. This is not permanent. You'll see.

Night Driver.

T-Rav said...


Sorry the comments section has become that rancorous. Full disclosure, I have become steadily less convinced of the seriousness of this whole thing, and consider the shutdown to be more damaging than the virus itself (for many reasons), but I also believe in following the house rules, and the whole thing has had me so overwrought I likely would have said something I'd regret; so I figured I'd just stay out of it until this was all over. Glad you're not shutting down the blog.


Any links to that bit on the French HCQ study? In a sane world, that would blast the government-media embargo away.

RosalindJ said...

Test? I left a comment on another post, got the notification about no anonymous posting (was signed in) & that comments must be approved. Can't imagine you have time for that.

Paul W said...

Thanks, I was getting a bit worried that this place was going to turn into another WRSA. I barely go there anymore, as the comments section is almost unreadable- and little useful information is passed on to casual readers. I am not worried AT ALL about people challenging Aesop’s facts, assumptions or reasoning, so long as it is reasonably polite. We do have to remember that this is his virtual house, and just like a real one if you curse out the owner you cannot reasonably expect to be invited back. Good on you, Aesop, for defending the sanctity of this house of yours.

Too bad we can’t so easily rid the real world of fucktards.

Aesop said...


Thanks for your consideration.

@Paul W,
This is not WRSA.
I understand and respect CA's motivation for allowing totally free speech.
He and I have had dinner together, and he's a real-deal good guy. (I owe him a steak, in fact.) I note, however, that prior to the current kerfluffle, he'd finally had all comments turned off for weeks to months.

I'm trying to steer between those two extremes.

Robin Datta said...

A bit of Googling does the trick!

lineman said...

I'm sure he's thrilled with his decision since he thought maybe a crises would bring a little unity and maybe being helpful instead of assholes but alas as we can see that didn't happen...

agent_buzz said...

I go to the comments section on several blogs because I can often find nearly as much good information from commenters as from the essays that provoked the comments. Some other blogs' comment sections have become a cesspool, and I seldom check them out, except to get a general feel for what percentage of those posting comments have gone mental or who have just become subjected to futility. When I do the latter, it does seem that the percentage of pests and nut-cases only ever goes up, never down. Aesop, you do everybody a favor when you try to winnow down the futile comments, so thanks.

Aesop said...