Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday Music: Something In The Way She Moves

James Taylor didn't explode onto the charts for nothing, nor rack up a string of timeless classic hits for lack of talent, and I could have picked any number of his works today; there's only about a dozen in constant rotation in the playlist in my head. But the chorus of this one is not only topical this month, but special to me for other reasons: it's a vocal reminder of the fact that nothing cures a bad break-up like finding someone better was waiting just beyond today's horizon, and trading up is always the triumph of hope over experience.

Serendipitous extra:
This track, that snuck onto the charts for about 15 seconds forty years ago, popped into my head this morning, unbidden, as I walked out of the hospital and into the morning sun. I haven't heard it in about that long, but on YouTube, everything lives forever. Just symbolic of the idea that the heavens aren't done with us yet.

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Anonymous said...

No footsteps was a great song. Off the same album as wondering where the lions are.