Thursday, April 30, 2020

Norman, Correlate

Tam remarks on the Right-wing moonbattery of late.
We second the motion, with the affirmation that there's a whole lotta that going on now.

We have always seen and heard the moonbats on both sides of the political aisle, and made frequent sport of the most egregious examples on these very pages. We note for taxonomy and field recognition purposes that while both parties tend to relegate the most obnoxious mouth-breathers to anonymous internet postings, The Evil Party tends to elect them to jobs like Congress, governor, and mayor with a tedious predictability; while on the Stupid Party side, they are generally relegated to running talk shows and making YouTube videos.

When you hear people on the right making the same arguments as the left-wing moonbats, it isn't common sense that re-located off the bullseye and over to somewhere deep in left field.

Update your field guides accordingly.


OvergrownHobbit said...

Aesop said...

The 50% spot-on and 50% moron from both sides in that vid illustrates that there is no acceptable amount of bullshit in hamburger.

Rhea said...

But everyone who died of Kung Flu was COMORBID! Everyone else doesn't need to stay home. The government can't tell me what to do!!!

After going on six weeks of enduring the above arguments and more, on repeat, I am thinking everyone needs a Constitutional Law class when this is over. Like the Left, the Right had now suddenly decided that they can do what they want under the Constitution as well and you're caught in the crossfire, screw you.


Ray - SoCal said...

Thoughts on this treatment regime? Out of Tn / Texas Dr:

Actual medical bulletin the issues:

Good link on the mask wearing - Gov was right. Taiwan President is seen wearing a mask all the time.

Glen Filthie said...

Yeah. I’m not a big fan of Tam either. She’s convinced she’s smarter than everyone else too. All I know is that my numbers are now out too. The pandemic is even less harmful than I thought it would be, and the doomsdayers are now completely discredited. Yet we continue with the farce, where idiots force customers to stand in lines outside the store, and hassle them inside the store if they aren’t positioned properly. The fake pandemic has been a godsend to the grade 2 hall monitors. The other ones that have gotten right off on this are the fake heroes. I’m just laughing at all these nauseating memes idolizing heroic nurses that supposedly saved us all. The pose for pics and twerk in endless dance videos on tik tok. It’s the stuff of high comedy.

Just to clarify Aesop, we on the dissident right do not oppose common sense restrictions on our freedoms. The restrictions we are seeing now are based on a ghost story, and if it is that easy to atomize and lock down the citizenry... what does that mean for tomorrow? In Canada we already have the answer: later next week, our pink socked prime minister is going to enact an assault rifle ban. Think the timing of that is just coincidence?

If you have a triple digit IQ, and your intellect goes further than one sentence memes, the Z Man has a spectacular discussion of the current situation:

But... Today is yours, Aesop! Drink deep, sing songs to glorify yourself and your victories. The politicos and mass media are all firmly on your side. Perhaps that should tell you something? Perhaps you should take a pause in your celebration and think...who does tomorrow belong to?

Enjoy your Friday boys.

EasyCompany said...

Latest from the flubro's at ARFCOM and others.

90K is now the "average amount" that die from the plain flu every year.

This fall it should be a million.

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

Ray - SoCal: The interesting thing about the "Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Consortium" advice you link to is the strong recommendation to use high dose glucocorticoids. The "Expert Consensus on Comprehensive Treatment of Coronavirus in Shanghai 2019" they link to in their references matches up with my memory of the early advice from the PRC, they claimed that using them made serious pneumonia worse, but I also note that consensus says low dose, short-course is OK for their "light" and "ordinary" case definitions.

Early on, the PRC was the only source of serious clinical data, albeit of unknown quality, there's no conspiracy that then follows from the WHO and the CDC using their recommendations, someone is wrong about this in one way or another. Of course, the CDC should have followed up and confirmed everything coming from the PRC, but we've known for some time they're criminally incompetent when it comes to infectious diseases, that's just not cool anymore compared to banning Big Gulps and guns.

Note the advice from the "Expert Consensus" includes every other pharmaceutical intervention this "Front Line" group also advises, heparin (an anticoagulant), high dose IV Vitamin C, and of course chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine, which sociopath Trump ruined for the US (it's now a confirmed pattern after he did it to the sketchy UV treatment proposal, which has only been tried in colons).

The use of an anticoagulant goes against the conventional wisdom expressed after the results of the New Orleans autopsies, that all previously known examples of this sort of "micro clotting" (dubbed Microvascular COVID-19 Lung Vessels Obstructive Thromboinflammatory Syndrome (MicroCLOTS) by one group) do not response to anticoagulants, they require relief of the underlying cause. Which is something this "Front Line" protocol does believe they're addressing.

Rhea said...

Glen, with all due respect, from the watching the Right, dissident or otherwise, they were not in favor of any restrictions on anything at any time. Any measure to try and prevent the worse case scenario was too much for them. The government should have let life go on as normal and those who were at risk could just stay home, even though under the idea that nothing should change or be closed, that would be impossible for some of the people at risk or with close family at risk. But those were the people that the Right volunteered to throw under the bus.

Now that the worst hasn't happened, the Right thinks that this means nothing bad was ever going to happen and it was all a farce. Italy and NYC never happened. All facts that were contrary to what the Right wanted were simply ignored. It has been totally bizarre to watch.

EasyCompany said...


Don't worry about glen.

He's a flubro and goes around a lot of blogs saying it's all fake.

So, no need to do anything.

He just wants his hotpockets.

admin said...

Virus deniers are this years bug chasers.