Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday Music: I Couldn't Say No

Another proof of why music in the '80s was so effortlessly good is this underrated gem from Robert Ellis Orrall, in a duet with Carlene Carter (who could've outshone Stevie Nicks with half a minute's effort). This 1983 track is the sole single that snuck onto the charts for about 15 minutes of fame and Top 40 status, from his album Special Pain. He later switched from rock to country, writing a number of hits for other artists, including launching/inflicting (depending on your point of view) Taylor Swift onto America, producing her 2006 debut album and a 2008 EP follow-up.


Opie Odd said...

Your Sunday Music choices are always a welcome start to my week. I never know whether they'll be a fondly remembered blast from the past or a nice tune I have zero recollection of. Today was the latter. Keep up the good work.
Opie Odd

RandyGC said...

Thanks. Missed this one at the time. Course I spent a good part of 83 in places where they had both kinds of radio stations; country AND western.

Aesop said...

Understood, Randy.

I'll have some of those from the same era eventually, pulled because the same thing happened to me at about the same time.

Knightsofnee said...

Howbout the Doors, This Is The End

Aesop said...

What about them?

Bee Ess said...

... i see what you did there.

Badger said...

Nice arrangement, thanks for sharing. It reminds of the Not-Stevie-centric arrangements of some other FMac tunes done featuring Christine McVie, but this gal here has (to my ear) more actual range than both of the others. And she can hit the middle of the note on demand, something I respect mightily. Good stuff.

Night driver said...

Boss. look up a chick called Kala Rose Scarpinskyi.

She's about 19 now and has been making SERIOUS REAL music under the auspices of O'Keefe Foundation and then the Kala Rose Band and then "Saving Escape"

SERIOUS vocal chops from around 10 and on up.

Night Driver, who broke into Music in 71-72 as a DJ.

T said...

Got some good shit to send you tomorrow.

Our Guv, John Bell, is doubling down on the stupid. Louisiana's rates are dropping like snow balls from Hell, except for a very few places, yet our Gov wants to hold off for 20 more days statewide.

I predict widespread non-compliance by this weekend. And I'm starting it.