Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Articles You Know You Can Skip

For example:
Swedish Expert: Why Lockdowns Are the Wrong Policy

This is no knock on the Last Tradition blog. Or even the article itself, which we frankly couldn't be bothered to read, even if the author descended with the premise graven on stone tablets from Mt. Sinai after a meeting with the Almighty. Not even because Sweden, a formerly mostly homogenous society in a tiny mostly frozen locale, with a population about the size of Michigan, probably shouldn't be offering advice to anyone, let alone should it be taken to heart by a wildly diverse and disparate country with a population only 33 times larger, spread over half a continent, four time zones, and ranging from near-tropical swamps and tropical paradise to Arctic tundra, simultaneously.

The main reason to ignore it - or pretty much anything else they would have to say on anything - is that for the last five years or so, Swedish "experts" have been importing Muslim rapists into their country by the metric fuckton, to the point that Stockholm has now surpassed cities in South Africa for the title of "Rape Capitol Of The World". A reality of which pretty much their entire country is in massive denial or countrywide eponymous Stockholm Syndrome, from the exact people who made it famous. So, knowing that level of official insanity is both national policy there and a population-wide diagnosis, is there really anything Sweden has to offer in the way of advice that anyone with even half a brain should be listening to, in light of their glaringly obvious mental health deficiency? And isn't the very phrase, "Swedish Expert" approaching "military intelligence", "government help", and "jumbo shrimp" for the crowning glory first-place prizewinner of World's Greatest Oxymorons?

Just saying.

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