Saturday, April 4, 2020

FFS, Go Clean Your Garage

And now, already, cue the whinging.

If you live so far out of the mainstream this isn't affecting you, or barely so, rejoice. Really.
Just because the shark hasn't swam up and bit you in the ass personally, I can assure you it's actually a thing. I've personally carted several people to the ICU, and at least one of them is deader than canned tuna. Within 48 hours, and he was in his 50s. Not his 80s, 70s, or 60s, his 50s.

We've been on lockdown here for 3 weeks (Gee, I wonder why cases here are so much smaller than in places where they're still riding the subway everyday, or held an open-air Mardi Gras bacchanal just a month ago? What could it be? What could it BE?).

Some places have been on stay-at-home lockdown less than 2 days.
That's right, a whole two m*****f***ing days!!! The HORROR!
This isn't Ethiopia during a famine, FFS. No one's kids are orange-haired bloated-bellied scarecrows covered in flies. Grow some balls and deal with it, instead of losing your shit already.

NYFC currently has 1800 people dead, and over 7000 have died nationwide in the last three weeks. Anybody remember what happened the last time a few thousand people died in NYFC, and what a nothingburger that turned out to be??

And no, they're not packing everything and the kitchen sink into those stats, no matter what Alex Jones, George Nouri, and the black helicopter/chemtrail/Tinfoil Hat Society posted on their lunatic times dispatch from mommie's basement. 

With even a single-digit percent mortality, this is killing a lot of people, and that's not even the biggest problem from it.
But 7000 dead means that there's probably only 1M people who have it yet, out of 330M.
So, who wants to make sure we jack up the casualty figures 33,000%, right now, so we can have 1-2M dead in a couple of weeks?
Anybody? Beuller? Ferris Beuller...??
Go home and read a book or something, or go clean out the garage.

I repeat, if you're currently out of this, and not interacting (or even doing so minimally), this will turn out fine for you. If you don't spaz out about it, and don't start the drumbeat and catcalls for Boogaloo or some other stupidity.
If you don't want societal meltdown, don't start ringing all the bells to make sure you get societal meltdown.

If you think hitting the reset will be all peachy, go read Ferfal or Selco's blogs, who've both BTDT and got the T-shirt, and ponder the fun you'll have living on rat stew and bartering whatever you can scratch together for enough medicine to keep your kid alive, or getting jacked for your shoes, and then tell me that you want to live in The Book Of Eli for the next decade or three (I don't; if you do, fuck you and the horse you rode into town on). FFS, if you think this will be fun, why not take a vacation in Beirut, or Caracas, now, and tell the class afterwards what jolly fun you had. Only an asshole would want that. Most of you would be dead in a month anyways, and everyone would be happier for it, other than that whole collapse of civilization thingie. Just STFU and deal, wouldja?

Stay frosty, stay smart, and deal with small potatoes, as long as they stay small.
Five minutes after this is over, it's mostly a blip on the radar for the same 90% of you for whom it's nothing much now. Except with less overseas jobs, and more homegrown production, and hopefully, less opening the floodgates to everybody from anywhere else but here.

Beat that drum, and I'll subscribe to your newsletter and march in your parade.

Still can't figure this out?
Need some Martha Stewart/Burt Gummer Household Tips?

Square away your domicile. Clean the f**k out of everything.
Where's your gear in case there's a small fire?
Where's the medical stuff?
Set the outside up (short of concertina and sandbags - yet) like some douchebag is going to case it, or try to break in. Trim what needs trimming. Light what needs lighting. Put lights on random timers. Make it hard to get close, harder to get in, and easy to die trying.
Where are your shooting irons and such, to repel boarders?
How much ammunition do you have? Where?
Where's the cleaning gear for them all?
Are they all clean and pass a function check?
How much food do you have?
What food do you have?
Write out a menu for the next 30 days.
Then the next. Then the next, based on what's on-hand.
What about water? And water storage? And purification?
What about the pets?
Got all that squared away, RFN? (As if, for 90% of anyone, even on this blog.)
Where's your library of good-to-know books?
Crack it open, and start reading.
In fact, organize it, and make a subject study schedule.
Bone up on one subject at a time, every day, if you've got time on your hands.
If you have others at home with you, start teaching and doling out those lessons too.
Five year old kids can learn first aid; I've seen it, and taught it.
Ditto a lot of other skills.
Get all that knocked out - just that - and then come back when you're bored, and wish this was over.
For most households, that should be some time around the 4th of July.


MacD said...

Flu killed 80,000 in U.S. last winter, CDC says; highest toll in 4 decades

Sept. 26, 2018, 1:18 PM PDT
By Associated Press
The U.S. government estimates that 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications last winter — the disease’s highest death toll in at least four decades.

Nick Flandrey said...

Aw man you had me for a second there... Then I snorted. and I thought, naw, he couldn't be serious... but maybe he is...

Maybe spend a few minutes reading some older threads before dropping that shit here...

Or read anything out of NYFC in the last week, instead of linking an article that's 2 years old.

Man, baby ducks.


Nick Flandrey said...

Here you go baby duck,

Oh my … God. Did I bring this down here?’ she said, recalling the moment she realized what might have transpired.

‘All I can say is at that point, we did not know how quickly this virus spread,’ said Stockton-Rossini.

‘Even reporters like myself were saying, you know, more people die of the flu, it’s not going to be much worse … And we quickly found out that it was a big deal. That it spreads very quickly. And that social distancing has proven to be the way to control it.’

---The article dances around the language, but YES, you did kill those people in your ignorance and arrogance. YOU KILLED THEM as surely as if you pulled the trigger.

Stockton-Rossini revealed that if she had known the severity of coronavirus, she would have taken more precaution.

‘If I had to do it over again, can I honestly say I wouldn’t have gone to Westchester? I probably would have worn a mask,’ she said.

‘If I had to do it over again, do you think I’d have a party for my mother? No,’ she added.

---Too bad for the people you killed though.


Stefan said...

Bored already.

Committed major crime: sat across from neighbour 2m away for 3 beers at garden bench. He tells me several of his acquaintances have copped fines on the roads for being out.

However, I'd just got back from ATM/supermarket run: supermarkets have signs posted "min 2m distance. please". Thing is, the aisles are 1.5m tops. Handing over cash = <1.0m + fomite exchange. Other customers way too close, all the time, and there's forced air system. Heated, that means recycled.

And here's me with the N100 mask and goggles and generous use of 75%alc hand disinfect once I'm out, getting stoopid looks like I'M Typhoid Mary. Wanted to shout "IF YOU SHITS WOULD MASK AND CLEAN WE'D BE BACK TO 90% NORMAL AND HIMMLER COULD GO HOME!", but from under a mask that's just mmmmhmmwmwmwmmmkmmmhm!.

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

"We've been on lockdown here for 3 weeks (Gee, I wonder why cases here are so much smaller than in places where they're still riding the subway everyday, or held an open-air Mardi Gras bacchanal just a month ago? What could it be? What could it BE?)."

A bit more insight into how NYC is becoming the next Wuhan, a February 9th Tweet by the Chair of New York City Council health committee celebrating the "powerful show of defiance of #coronavirus scare, huge crowds gathering in NYC's Chinatown for ceremony ahead of annual #LunarNewYear parade...."

Between that and Governor Cuomo unapologetically "don't say 'seize'", a "harsh word, say "It’s sharing of resources" by sending the National Guard out to "pick ... up" unused respirators and PPE from upstate New York, one of our own reporting this happening in Rochester, we're getting just the first taste of one sort of breakdown you're fervently not wishing for.

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

However, I'd just got back from ATM/supermarket run: supermarkets have signs posted "min 2m distance. please". Thing is, the aisles are 1.5m tops. Handing over cash = <1.0m + fomite exchange. Other customers way too close, all the time, and there's forced air system. Heated, that means recycled.

Walmart is getting more serious about this, already "installing sneeze guards", now 5 customers per 1,000 sq. ft., and "We’ll also institute one-way movement through our aisles next week in a number of our stores, using floor markers and direction from associates.", and Walmart Pay is really convenient, you may not even get a paper receipt. But that HVAC problem, soon to be air conditioning in much of the country? With all the indications direct airborne droplets are a very big, maybe the biggest form of transmission?

At least a serious mask does cut down on the temptation to curse people out, not the wisest thing to do in these times. And, hey, the government just uesterday reversed the strong for months message to not mask in any way. Just a "suggestion" so far, which Trump is making a point to not follow ... I guess we haven't started a maximum effort to make simple cloth masks so everyone could have one or more.

smoken said...

My wife just had a coworker and 2 patients at her mental hospital pass from corona yesterday. Plenty more patients coming down with it because management is quarantining only those with a positive test. Who cares how many they infect before the test result comes back. Top Men. Err actually it's Top Women. Idiots. Oh and she's allowed to have 1 mask a week now, so yay for PPE. I thought the army was peak stupid. I was wrong.

EasyCompany said...


Your numbers are wrong and so is that BS MSM article.

CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza

You should do a better job trying to make this a nothingburger.

Nick Flandrey said...

Ok, I'll engage. 80K two years ago. 60K last year. 20K to 40K this year, depending on when the person was asked... and SO WHAT?

Those 60K are going to die this year too. Wuflu isn't a flu, and isn't either/or.

Even if CV is "only as bad as the flu" it will mean an ADDITIONAL 60K deaths in the US. There will be some overlap in the most vulnerable part of the population, but a DOUBLING of flu deaths would certainly be a big deal. "Flu twice as deadly this year!" "Flu deaths on a pace to DOUBLE last years deaths!" "Lock up granny and the kids, we're in for a deadly flu season that could see 160 THOUSAND deaths"....

The 'big deal' comes because Covid-19 looks to be MORE deadly than the normal flu strains, leading to more additional deaths.

AND we have a vaccine for most common flu strains, limiting their potential pool of victims and protecting the most at risk, while we do not have a vaccine for Covid-19,

AND the world population has many many people who have recovered from the normal flu and thus are immune, again, limiting the potential pool.

Thus, Covid-19 is (from the evidence) worse than normal flu, and the potential pool of victims is EVERYONE in the whole world. It's a NOVEL virus. Never seen before. Thus no immunity anywhere.

The biggest mistake in thinking (in addition to the fact that these are ADDITIONAL deaths) is using today's numbers. ONLY 8200 dead in the US TODAY. SO FAR. There is NO scenario where no more people die after today. None. Even if the number of dead increases linearly from today, the number is HUGE. If it continues exponentially, like we've seen so far everywhere that the numbers aren't being massively manipulated, or the government hasn't locked down in a way that isn't possible in a 'free' country, the numbers won't just be huge, they'll be biblical. Barring an effective treatment, vaccine, or outbreak of common sense, that is.

So, even if this IS 'just like the flu', thinking that through is still horrific.

I agree that people are not logical about deaths and risk. 53000 dead in Vietnam over a decade changed the national character, while 53000 dead from drunk driving in a single year has only led to a little bit of tyranny, and the one charge you are likely to have a jury acquit you of...

Just as people are bad at judging risk, they're also bad at intuitively understanding exponential growth. NY went from NONE to 92K+ in ONE month. Italy went from none to OH MY FUCKING GOD in 3 weeks. NOLA- same same.

Covid is ADDITIONAL to all the others. Covid will kill 10s if not 100s of thousands more. All we can do is try to slow it down, get some time to develop a treatment that works, and try not to destroy healthcare as we know it in the mean time.

And that's why it's NOT just the flu.


Nick Flandrey said...

Some real world numbers, just as a data point. And these are fit individuals, presumably none of them asian.

Out of the nearly 700 members who attended the festivities, more than 120 developed COVID-19 symptoms, 20 tested positive for the deadly virus, with eight needing hospitalization and three landing in the ICU, according to the New Yorker.


ADS said...

"But 7000 dead means that there's probably only 1M people who have it yet, out of 330M."

This is the part that bothers me. How long do we have to drag out the soft lockdown to "flatten the curve"?. One estimate I saw was 10 months, which is an impossible situation. The infamous piece circulating in Medium estimated 10 years although he did acknowledge that his calculations are napkin math based on bad data. I fear we're tanking the economy, destroying all savings, and forcing a nationwide crisis simply to delay the peak of the infection tidal wave when people are forced to go back to work anyway.

Most Americans are two missed paychecks from insolvency. It seems an ironclad conclusion to me that the period of lockdown will have to be many times greater than the duration of everyone's savings.

I'm not personally super worried for myself. I live in a Norman Rockwell painting in flyover country, in a tight-knit farming community, with a year's worth of food for my family put away, more ammo than I could hope to expend in combat, and 5 months' expenses in the bank. It's kind of like being a fast zebra in the herd, whatever happens is gonna eat the slower zebras first, but I don't see a way out of this without a whole shitload of dead zebras.

Anonymous said...

New cases on the Johns Hopkins site keep increasing daily. If the increases level and then start to decrease, how much time should we continue to self isolate? It would seem that would be the point at which we've run this thing out. Two more weeks?

If not, if the daily increases continue, at what point does the USA become a triaged soup kitchen? As noted by ADS, most people don't have extended food supplies or savings. They're done if this goes into mid summer.

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

New cases on the Johns Hopkins site keep increasing daily. If the increases level and then start to decrease, how much time should we continue to self isolate? It would seem that would be the point at which we've run this thing out. Two more weeks?

If that happens, unless there's a tremendous "iceberg" (official word, it seems) of asymptomatic or nearly so cases plausibly bringing us up to herd immunity, we begin a dance of opening up, case rates go up after a delay, with death rates starting to go up after a further delay. We tamp down enough to re-flatten the curve, wash, rinse, repeat.

We're almost flying blind as it is, so I wouldn't open up much until testing is in much better shape, and it would be nice to run antibody tests on some populations it's gone through to get an idea of the size of that iceberg, or maybe it'll turn out to be an ice cube, as well as for example find out who in healthcare has immunity.

I'm sure healthcare workers like our host would also like a short period of only normal levels of mayhem in their hospitals, it would be good to allow their infected comrades time to resolve their cases and hopefully return to work, and it would be good to build up a bit of a surplus in PPE. In addition to the above mentioned population tests, epidemiologists and other researchers will use that time to try to get a better handle on everything, the natural history of the virus and disease, what works better and worse in treating it, etc.

If not, if the daily increases continue, at what point does the USA become a triaged soup kitchen? As noted by ADS, most people don't have extended food supplies or savings. They're done if this goes into mid summer.

I do believe this blog posting was our host trying to answer that question. You're "they're done if this goes into mid summer," well, I suppose the America of my Silent Generation parents that survived the Great Depression, won WWII, and thrived in the aftermath is gone, and certainly some hopeless cases will "be done," but we can reasonably aspire to do better.

For example, make use of that breather period to figure out what parts of the economy can be opened up without increasing the case load. We're also in a time of deflation, so as long as the dollar isn't destroyed, further aid can be directed to those out of work. And only government wickedness will result in a lot of people starving (see LA as previously mentioned). You can do worse than be in "soup kitchen" mode for a while.

You're also not considering one thing: a lot of demand is gone, in some cases ideally for good, a lot more will be gone for the duration. How many people will be wanting to travel to the PRC for authentic Chinese food? How many people will it let in for any reason?

Wendy (KekistanTrans) said...

Yes, Thanks Aesop, very good advice on getting oneself squared away during this quarantine lock-down period..

I for one don't appreciate the snark or the condescending attitude often shown by the the author here, but do find the medical and related information and advice such as this very informative.

I myself have been working on squaring everything away so I get actually get to what I need in a hurry if I need it.

As well as a lot of stuff I should have taken care of long ago.

It's one thing to own a lot of stuff and another to actually try that everything fits and works ok and to find that some stuff bought a long time ago either doesn't work anymore or has gone bad.

Some of it is painful - money spent on stuff that no longer can be used was wasted. It's also work - even trying on a lot of clothes and bagging up was doesn't fit causes the shoulders to ache after a whole day of doing stuff like that.

To say nothing of going through all the canned stuff and dry goods n the cabinets and on the shelves and finding out some stuff is way past "best by" date...

But it is necessary work and during quarantine is a good time for it.

Just one needs to take a break every now and again to check out the latest on WRSA or blogs like this one.

Then back to the grind of getting squared away...

Nick Flandrey said...

@wendy, don't worry too much about best by dates. Unless the packaging is damaged, the product inside will remain edible, although appearance and texture may be degraded.

I routinely eat stuff way past its best by.

Be sensible, check the can isn't swollen, and is still under vacuum - listen carefully when you pierce it and watch for the lid to come up. Pour it into a bowl and look in the can for any staining or signs of corrosion inside. Sniff, heat and eat.

High fat dry goods tend to get an "old" flavor but are still edible unless they smell rancid. Stuff in cardboard without an inner bag may taste "old". Cheese or other fats in a foil pouch (sauces) may be bad, changing color and getting hard. The pasta is usually ok though.

In general, if it's not swollen and puffy, it's probably fine.

Worst case, save it for 'handouts'. Claim it's all you've got. That will discourage beggars.

Last night I had rice that was put in storage in 2014, just in a mostly airtight bin. Tastes and looks fine, no vermin. Same for the flour in the same bin. Nothing wrong with it, no bugs. This week I've eaten a half dozen cans from 2014. All fine. I am finding the occasional bad can as I sort and organize, but they're pretty obvious, and my storage conditions SUCK (Houston garage).

Use your judgement and senses, don't take a risk you don't need to take, but most bb dates are just suggestions.


Anonymous said...

"I suppose the America of my Silent Generation parents that survived the Great Depression, won WWII, and thrived in the aftermath is gone"

Have faith. My parents lived through all that and taught us how to do it. It's not rocket science, it's logistics.
It's just the other 90% of the population I'm worried about.

Anonymous said...

Tyler has some analysis:

quote: "In the case of COVID-19, reported infections are now above 1 million, which suggests that over 0.1% of the global population (under the assumption of a 10% conversion from test to infection) could be in the infection group."

Also note the prediction of peak being several weeks from now for the US, even further out for some of S. America and East Asia. It also suggests peak in Europe is still not here.

Anonymous said...


Best buy dates are worst case. If your food has been stored in an even temp, dark location, you could be looking at years added to the can dates. Take Nicks advice though, if it seems off for any reason, chuck it. Be confident in your own sensory abilities.

GamegetterII said...

As far as having shit planned out - home defense,food,water,med supplies.
Got it - barely in time,but at reasonable level.
Shit happens in real life...
Divorce,move,start over on preps cuz...divorce...
NE Ohio
Sis is Rn.
She works PRN for staffing co.
Mainly at the 2 biggest hospital systems.
They're admitting Wuhan Wheeze pts every night.
Lil' sis ain't the type to freak out.
She's getting nervous.

GamegetterII said...

Wendy and Nick
Cook from scratch.
Dried beans
No exp date - in theory good for decades if stored properly.
First 60 - 90 days - it's all about calories.
After that - you gotta worry about nutrition.
Long term MRE's / mountain house are not a viable plan...
Plant veggies - even if you gotta do it in buckets.

Stop shouting... said...

Good post as a reminder that we should be concentrating on what we can control, and take the time to be better prepared, instead of getting an adrenaline hit watching the Chyna Virus numbers climb.

I have been out and about the absolute minimal amount since February, and I have been re-using/sanitizing the N95 masks. The protectivity of N-95 masks can be improved by soaking in saline solution ("salt water"). The author of the paper - and applicant for the patent - states that just soaking PPE in a homemade saline solution is not sufficient (noted to avoid fish tank cleaner debacle V2.0)

I had written a post a few years ago as an introduction to Pressure Canning that seems timely now. I had hot water bath canned for years, but was intimidated to try pressure canning. Now that I am a seasoned pro, I definitely feel it is worth the investment in time and supplies to acquire the skillset. I will teach my now-adult children how to pressure can over the summer when we can finally get together again.

If you are going to start pressure canning, I would spend the money and invest in a good quality one, like the "All American". I had bought the largest non-commercial size because we had a large household, but if I was buying now for "just the two of us", I would buy a smaller one. A pressure canner can also do double duty as an emergency autoclave for certain items. (heat+steam).

When we had four perpetually growing, always hungry adolescents in the house, our preps included bulk (ie: 5 gal buckets of wheat, dried beans, etc) but now that it is just down to two, our plan is to use the vacuum sealer and break down the bulk purchases into more manageable sizes and seal in mylar bags with 02 absorbers.

We have a fairly large Amish community in our area, and they were very helpful in pointing me to suppliers of bulk goods (dried beans, wheat, flour, etc). They usually do a bulk order once a month and split the shipping costs. Once we do a survey of our current stock and anticipated future needs, we will plan to bulk purchase and then split up the stock into more manageable quantities for households of two.

Those that have an LDS church in their community might inquire if they are open to the non-LDS community. Our LDS church allows non-LDS people to use their canning equipment (for dry goods) for a small fee on certain days. Some of them also have commercial kitchens they will allow you to use as part of a group for a small fee for bulk canning, breaking down bulk purchases into smaller mylar bags, etc.

Lastly, many states agricultural college will have an extension office where they sometimes run canning operations that you can use for a small fee, plus they have staff on hand to help.

This is an excellent way to have a discussion with your own SHTF community and a way to come together to plan and prep in a proactive and meaningful way. Relationships are strengthened by doing, and sharing tasks, rather than just "talking". Just sayin'.

Hope that this helps some of you get inspired/motivated to take charge of your own food supply this summer.

God Bless.

YTZ4Me & Partyzanski

Stop shouting... said...

I should add - caveat - a pressure canner, for canning food, is NOT the same as your Insta-pot "Pressure canner".

B said...

"And no, they're not packing everything and the kitchen sink into those stats, no matter what Alex Jones, George Nouri, and the black helicopter/chemtrail/Tinfoil Hat Society posted on their lunatic times dispatch from mommie's basement. "

Except they ARE doing just that

Tucanae Services said...

What I fear is not so much the numbers but WHERE these outbreaks hit. If the virus hits the MidWest hard we could be in serious trouble. Less than 5% of the population is in agricultural pursuits. Of that population the average age of a farmer is 66, a perfect target audience for the virus. A large population loss here puts Famine on the table. And remember 2019 depleted farm reserves to a large margin.

Nick Flandrey said...

WRT the numbers, Gateway Pundit is a 'denier'. I've been going there since the Ferguson riots, or longer, and he's got a pretty good eye for stories, but in the case of wuflu, he's got a blindspot. Still worth reading as an alternative view.

This article from Italy lays out the opposite POV.

But a growing number of Italian experts have now said these numbers may not be reliable.

“For sure, the figures are wrong,” said Matteo Villa, a researcher at the Italian Institute for Political Studies and author of a new study (in Italian) titled ”Coronavirus: Lethality in Italy, between appearance and reality"

He that the death toll may have been underestimated by up to 6,000, or a third of the official total.

In total, Italian authorities have recorded 115,242 cases and 13,915 deaths as of Thursday, April 2nd.

Authorities acknowledge that the data are incomplete, as the death toll doesn't include people who died at home, or in nursing homes, or those who were infected by the virus but not tested.

"It is plausible that deaths are underestimated," Higher Health Institute president Silvio Brusaferro stated. "We report deaths that are signalled with a positive swab. Many other deaths are not tested with a swab."

--in addition, they changed the way they report the numbers to have a lower number...

--that sort of story suggests that the numbers are undercounted. They certainly were in china.


Unknown said...

Aesop, brother man, you are misguided, naïve and misinformed if you are serious about all you just said. (I’m not a regular so forgive me if I’m misreading your satire).

Assuming it is, and for those who don’t know this is satire, let me just cut you off with this: even IF you are fearful of an invisible plague, for which there is no evidence, even IF you yourself have become ill in some way and believe that it is a “coronavirus” and you are thus slated for death—forcing your neighbors to share in your superstition to the point where they are subjected to FALSE IMPRISONMENT (because that is exactly what this is) and thus taking away a man’s right to do productive work, to freely move about and conduct his business and to provide for his family is a CRIME. Your personal fears do NOT give you prerogative to destroy another man’s life. That should be inarguable. Sadly, within this soy-sodden society, it is even HERE being argued, by alleged bona fide men.

More importantly, only a fool cannot plainly see that this “pandemic” is a vast PSYOP exceeding the 9/11 events. In fact, it is a continuation of those events, planned long ago in meticulous detail by the globalists, which, I doubt any here deny. In the future, people will believe the official story of why the economy collapsed and why we now need a cash-less society and are in a permanent state of lock-down—or as the Crazies of PNAC called it, “Full Spectrum Dominance”. Because that is indeed the future. Your “America—land of the free, home of the brave” is swirling the bowl right now, and you are watching it LIVE…and PARTICIPATING in its demise.

Let me just tell you people who have “ears to hear” what’s really going on… For one thing, whether this plague be a plague or not, I care little. We NEED a plague. We’ve earned it. And, as a nation, we will get our just rewards. I believe the plague is false, but that’s not relevant, in fact. Because “the action is the reaction”. What’s coming—and it IS coming—is the result of our collective, GENERATIONAL, disobedience, and blatant disregard for the God of our fathers—under whom, our leaders have falsely declared we are united as “One Nation”. That was a lie and it is now exposed for all to see. The Church-State that has subsumed the fledgling ecclesia, which were the colonies that began this grand experiment we now call America, is nothing more than a cabal of LIARS, THIEVES, and MURDERERS. They hate the Lord God who has given us all of the blessings of a rich and beautiful land… and power, and glory, and wealth unimaginable even in Solomon’s day. Our people and our leaders daily profane Him in every way. And we are, even now, unrepentant...

“There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof. Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them.” –Ezekiel 22

There comes a time when even repentance is too late... For the nation, and for the individual. For a peek at that horrifying reality, read the first chapter of Proverbs. THAT, my friends is US, and I’m confident none of you ever heard a sermon about that in “church”. Or ever will. God is now mocking us for our pride and insouciance while we strap baby-diapers to our faces and hide in our McHouses, slurping ramen noodles and watching Netflix to ignore the hammer that is coming down.

But carry on soldiers. It's the end of the world as we know it... I myself am mask-free and mingling with God's creation...and I feel fine.

Nick Flandrey said...

"I myself am mask-free and mingling with God's creation...and I feel fine."

--well, then, the crazy will sort itself out.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't unknown = anonymous?
Seriously, unknown, you're in denial.

cyrus83 said...

Schools have been closed here for 3 weeks, restaurants and bars about 3 weeks, and most non-essential businesses for 2 weeks. So far the case count has just crossed 1 in 1000 residents, with deaths hovering around 2.5% of confirmed cases. Another week or two should tell if this distancing stuff is starting to work, as the large wave of St. Patrick's day reveler idiots should be mostly baked into the cake by then.

The doubling rates are a bit slower here - today's total case count is about double the rate from 5 days ago, while the previous double took 4 days, and the double before that took 3 days. The mask thing is catching on locally, which may help slow down the doubling rate.

I still go in to work. We've sent most of the staff home to work so it's a very empty office. Most of my day is spent alone in a separate office. Aside from stopping off at church (usually mostly empty) and a once weekly shopping run to replenish supplies, I'm not in contact with anyone.

The Gray Man said...

I am an accelerationist at heart because I know that this train is headed for a cliff, and we are past the point of no return and the brake handle is broken off. Societal breakdown will occur at some point, if not now. So I’ve decided in this case to quarantine myself and my family (minus my work at the ER and trips to buy food/supplies once every three or four weeks). I’m not ringing the bells to make it happen but I’m sure not going to be disappointed if it does.

And before people start with the “be careful what you wish for” point, what I wish for is to get this fire started so we can put it out before I’m too old to do it and my kids have to do it for me.

I know what I’m asking for.

The Gray Man said...

Let me guess... You believe the earth is flat.

The Gray Man said...

The average age of a farmer is 66, but the average age of his farm hands driving the equipment and his kids and grandkids who’ve inherited part of his fields and equipment is much lower than 66. I think people falsely believe that a farmer is the guy who does all the work, or maybe he has two or three hands who help him a little. The 66 year old farmers in my town don’t do an hour’s work in a week. Like I said, they own the fields and the equipment, but it’s their kids and grandkids and teams of farm hands who are doing the work.

Your grocery stores are not filled with the produce from Billy-Bob’s 2 acre garden. It’s filled by a large operation run by a guy who has 8 or 9 people waiting behind him to pick up the slack.

The Gray Man said...

I store dry beans the correct way and you do have to be aware that after about 7 years, they’ll be hard as pebbles and will need a pressure cooker to crack into them.

Unknown said...

I too work on an intensive care unit 12 hours a day in a hospital that employs 3500. Covid19 is just a bad flu bug that has a 10% higher lethality rate in seniors with preexisting conditions. Wash your hands more, sanitize better, wear a mask if it makes you feel better, and get back to normal life immediately. Also remind your local, state, and federal authorities they have no right to control your life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness for any reason. Ever.

Stop shouting... said...


Brining dry beans during the soaking phase, and then adding a small amount of baking soda to the cooking water reduces the cooking time, and gives a more consistent result. I like to pre-soak my beans and then slow cook in the crockpot vs. a pressure cooker. Using these methods has cut down on the cook time, and gives a much better finished product than what I had before the brine/baking soda methods.

Brining the beans and adding baking soda to the water also has the added benefit of making them less gas-producing. Guy Crosby recommends cooking beans in the oven, but I've been happy with the results in a slow cooker.

Jonah Kyle said...

July FOURTH???

If the all clear is not given by July Fourth, then next year, July Fourth will only be another day in July. The country that date formerly represented will be en route to Communist takeover by AOC and, ultimate, the Chinese.

Avalanche said...

ADS wrote: "and 5 months' expenses in the bank."

Don't answer, but how much $$ AT HOME?! When/if the BANKS shut down... it might be a consideration...

Avalanche said...

Jonah Kyle: "The country that date formerly represented will be en route to Communist takeover by AOC and, ultimate, the Chinese."

Why do you think AOC will not be one of the early stung-up ones? She can have the lightpole right next to Pelosi's, and between Shifty and Schumer! Have you not laid in a supply-to-share of hemp rope?

(I'm CERTAINLY not suggesting violence!)

Uncle Mikey said...

Curious if you're going to cop to being wrong about this stuff, assuming you are. My guess is no

Nahanni said...

Mac D: If you think this is all a big nothingburger then put your life where your mouth is. If you're going to talk the talk then walk the walk, boy.

Get on a plane to NYFC or drive there. Ride the subway all over town. Go see the sights, hang out in the parks, maybe get in on a pickup basketball game or a yoga class. Volunteer to help out at the hospitals. Lick a few toilet seats or doorknobs along the way to "defy Coronovirus". Make sure you post all your adventures on "social media" and post the link here so we can verify you're walking the walk.

Then come back and post your stale stories from the Enemedia and tell us about the wonderful time you had in NYFC.

Come on, prove to us your right with your lame old Enemedia links. I DARE you to do so. Otherwise BTFO and go back to the "children's table" of TWITter or Alex Jones's.

Aesop said...


The Constitution is not a suicide pact.
Change my mind.

Aesop said...

@Uncle Mikey,

If that comment was addressed to me, I'd love to be wrong about this.
If anything, I've soft-pedaled it.
So far, I'm still waiting to get one single thing wrong about it, except one thing:

when I expected TPTB to have the sense God gave a jackass, and screen Kung Flu patients out of the regular hospitals from the get-go, to keep normal health care intact.

But they're not that bright, and seem hide-bound in their quest to take the medical system right off the cliff, just like Italy, until Kung Flu-specific treatment centers are opened, but far too late to do any good.

Paul Bonneau said...

"Covid is ADDITIONAL to all the others."

This was a comment by Nick with reference to deaths by flu. It seems misleading.

Even if Covid was not here, a lot of people would die of flu. Now that Covid is here, many of them will die of that instead. Those are deaths NOT additional to all the others.

It goes beyond flu. Lots of people die every year of "old age", meaning various normally tolerable conditions. This year, Covid will kill a lot of them instead, since it mostly targets old people and those in bad condition. All those cases are NOT additional deaths.

Old people are supposed to die. Keeping them alive an extra few months is fine, as long as we don't wreck the economy in the process. Bad economies are also a cause of a lot of deaths; note for example Venezuela.

I worry about Covid because I'm 70. But I know from past experience what government almost always does: "the cure was worse than the disease."

Nick Flandrey said...

@paul, if you read the very next sentence I addressed that there was overlap between the groups of those dying from wuflu and those who were weakened and would have died from something.

The Covid deaths ARE additional, because people are dying from it, and people are still dying from the other things. Unless you believe that every single covid death was someone who would have died today anyway, you can surely see that they are in addition to the normal statistical deaths? NYC is running double normal statistical deaths at the moment iirc.

Further, it's not just "old people" who are getting it and dying. That was initially (mis)reported, but isn't the case any longer. If you believe that, your info is out of date.

Outside of the points raised, we don't know anything about what the long term or secondary effects that having and recovering from this BRAND NEW virus might be. There are early reports of reduced lung function, and even cognitive damage. Those unknowns are plenty of reason to avoid getting it.

The mindset that produced this line "Old people are supposed to die. Keeping them alive an extra few months is fine, as long as we don't wreck the economy in the process" is very worrisome to me. I can think of a lot of ways to substitute for the phrase "old people" that go right to some of the darkest times in human history.

There are a whole lot of people whose absence would improve the economy. Poor, ignorant, retarded, sick, old, infirm, gypsy, fag, black, yellow, red, conservative, religious, -- do I need to go on?

It's one thing to wonder if China decided to clear out their old people with an engineered virus, so they can have more kids and raise a generation of more productive workers. It's another to think that might be ok here.


Uncle Mikey said...

Well @Aesop, you've been pretty unidirectional about this, and this kind of thing. I get it; experience gives little incentive to expect the best of individuals or groups, although I think as an entire collective we're surprisingly capable. I'd rather you were wrong in that direction for sure. If you did cop to overenthusiasm you'd be the first of the bellwethers I've seen do that.

Rereading my original comment it's snippier than intended, and does not reflect my appreciation for your page.

Aesop said...

I've no such overenthusiasm.
This has broken out exactly as I suspected, and exactly as I speculated.
It's already ticked all my boxes, so I can't get this wrong.
It's worse than the flu, by far. The only queston now is whether it gets as bad as Spanish Flu in 1918, or not.
I don't know if it will or not.
I haven't predicted how big it will get, only how bad it might get; I have no idea what or where that line is.
I don't think anyone else knows either, but it seems pretty obvious that lockdown early paid off better than ignoring this until a certain city became the capital of Kung Flu.