Friday, April 3, 2020

Quoted For Truth: A Pandemic Tale

h/t WRSA

Click over to American Partisan, RTWT, and absorb some ground reality on the current outbreak on the East Coast.
"Normalcy bias is real, and it has bitten a lot of people. You who survive this need to remember that.
Refusal to believe reality will kill people. As Rand put it, “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of having ignored reality.”
If you still truly think that this virus is “not as bad as the flu”, I invite you to visit the nearest hospital and spend some time in the ICU with the intubated Covid patients. Of course, the only way you can do that is if you yourself are seriously ill and have to be intubated, and about 3/4 of those folks that sick die. If you survive the experience I’ll bet you’ll sing a different tune.
This bug killed over a thousand people yesterday. If the death rate continues to increase, in three weeks we’ll be losing the average annual flu deaths in a day."

This is pure truth, right now.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

John 15:13

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.

The priest and the story author are better men than I. Not sure I could do it and that is why I struggle in my faith journey. Because I question whether the infected people who ignored common sense are our friends. Yes I have gone out but am not afraid to die. I will as of today stop going out for the shame of not helping to protect those good people in the story and others like them including Aesop. I apologize to them.

McChuck said...

The deaths are coming no matter what. Two weeks after the isolation orders end, the plague starts up again. There is a next month, and a next year, and a next generation. We should be sending the kids out to play with the infected, just like with chicken pox.

We can lose 10,000,000 people this year and the 320,000,000 grieving survivors will somehow continue on.

We lost 10,000,000 jobs in the last two weeks. That's 10,000,000 families who now can't afford to buy food or pay the rent. How many families are you willing to starve to maybe save a few mostly older people?

Aesop said...

The deaths are coming because people are stupid. Make stupid hurt, and they'll diminish.
If we test people before ending their isolation, the plague doesn't start up again. It only lives on surfaces for a week.

And 10M dead is hardly a few, and they aren't all old. But the rapid default to lifeboat ethics ("Fuck those old people!") is noted.
And nobody is starving.Nobody.

Millions of school lunch workers are still making food for kids who're out of school. Take-out and drive-through are still open, damned near everywhere.
No one has shut down supermarkets.
And unemployment, when last I looked, is still paying claims, and even welfare for the useless eater class is still paying benefits.

No one's been evicted (nor likely to be).
This has barely been three weeks, here, and a lot of places less than even a week.
Crying about the hardship at this point is ridiculous. People were out of work during the Depression for years. Not days.
Anybody whinging at this early date is simply being a drama queen.
We're not Ethiopia during a famine, FFS.

When you have pictures of orange-haired kids in Appalachia or Newark with bloated bellies and covered with flies, alert the media.

MacD said...

10 million?

Aesop said...

@Math Impared Mac:

Quick: What's 3% (the avg CFR of coronavirus in the wild, which ranges from 1.8-4.3%, when last I checked) of 330M, the current U.S. population.

I have an older version of Windows, and there's a handy calculator in the corner of my taskbar for this kind of stuff...

Take your time.

Because 3% avg. times 330M is the probable worst case of this thing.
So that's your upper limit on casualties: 97% of everyone survives.
If that's news, you should get out more.

At 7000 dead now, with a 1% CFR, that indicates that only about 1M people have been exposed to this so far. And that's also 33% of flu death in an average year, except we got them in one month, not one season or 1 year. It was 1100 additional dead yesterday, so we'll have another 7000 by the end of next week, just at the current rate.

Let us know when the penny drops for you on exponential spread.