Friday, April 10, 2020

Popular Delusions And How To Spot Them

Match the memes above with comments below, or elsewhere.

Note: Memes may be used more than once.


T said...

I'm not an MD, RN, or lab tech, but perhaps this shows promise?

We can hope.............

The Gray Man said...

Hopefully so, but you can bet there will about 100 million conservative boomers orgasming over the simple fact that it’s Israeli. They’ll have utter faith in it for that reason alone.

Allen said...

The running kid and the people squealing about the computational models, definitely. Of course we could have improved the models' predictive capabilities by infecting a large number of people with something deadly to get some data to fine tune the model beforehand, but that sort of thing is generally frowned upon. Something, something, crimes against humanity, or some such. "Something's up they keep adjusting the model," no shit Sherlock that's what you do when you have real data

FredLewers said...

I'm sure the mass burials in NYFC are just an illusion. All the evidence of mass death is just a political hoax!
I'm sure of it!
SMH... I hope and pray that the future test results take the numbers down to Spanish Flu levels.
PSA: if you're going to eat wild meat, for the love of God and the sake of humanity cook it well done!

NC Mom said...

Thanks for the special Olympics pic. It made me laugh. I didn't mean that I'm naive enough to think I CANNOT get; only if maybe a carrier. Early on, because of this site, I didn't go to PA to see my parents, older kids, grandmother. I took the position that maybe I am asymptomatic or some kind of "carrier"? I KNOW this is out there and am taking heed.
Thanks for answering. The only daily supplement I take faithfully is Royal Jelly and C if I'm around anyone that is sick. I think some of the multivitamins have things I don't need because of my healthy eating, although I have many of the ingredients as single supplements to take when I feel I need them
I make and bottle my own Fire Cider in the summer and take a shot daily from Halloween until Easter.(longer obviously this year!). I haven't had fast food in over 25 years. I also only drink coffee, red wine, and water.
@ So many who post here
Thanks for all the great info.

RosalindJ said...

I couldn't hazard a guess matching photo to the particular f-tards, though I do not see one that properly represents a frequent low signal/high noise commenter that Pete/CA somehow tolerates. Said commenter got bored and decided to spew what passes for its thoughts on a few other sites (this one included), and was dispatched, based upon said spewer's disappearance. Thank God.

Otherwise, well done.