Tuesday, April 30, 2019


If anyone's interested, I finally got my pocket camera and my 'puter to talk to each other, so I added target pics from the last range forays with the PC 9, here and here.

My next adventure will be cracking the code for (scripting and) shooting and (editing and) uploading YouTube videos. (YouTube doofusii, nota bene those two parenthetical steps all y'all keep skipping like they were unimportant. They're not.)

Memes and pics now, and then I'm Warner Brothers.

I look forward to finding a way to get banned from everything on the Internet shortly after that.

For those that wondered, here is furball that watches the place, named Isis partly because of the resemblance to a StarTrek TOS character (sadly, not to April Tatro) in the episode entitled Assignment: Earth, but mostly because she's a little terrorist who takes over all space she can absorb.

If I'd left the eyes red, it would have conveyed her attitude better.


RandyGC said...

Thanks for the pics and updates

Anonymous said...

Our household ruler is named `Missy` and is the SWMBO...

Thanks for the pix.

Warthog said...

Like my "little guy" Sammy, she seems well fed.

Aesop said...

She has fattened up considerably since the former neighbors abandoned her in the parking lot a few years back.

I see a cat treadmill in her future.

Anonymous said...

She looks more like an evil Tribble than an Isis!

Eskyman said...

Aesop, you won't have to look for a way to get banned from everything on the Internet.

Believe me, that will happen like magic! Blink, and you'll miss your own appearance!

What I'd like to see is you finding a way to NOT get banned. If you do, let us know & I'll pass it on to Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, James Woods, Tommy Robinson and a whole bunch of others that once spoke truth to power, but who we don't see anymore.

Freedom of speech is noticeable by its absence; though you can still say whatever you like to your Alexa, who is waiting for you to do just that. Alexa loves you, and wants to hear everything about you! Alexa loves remembering passwords, and she'll never ever tell anyone your secrets. Honest! Just ask her, she'll tell you.

Oh, and good shooting! Very nice for 100 yds with a carbine!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the treadmill ... you realize you are her slave, right?

Aesop said...

Wooden cage frame with hardware cloth, and one of those mosquito zappers at the back end for motivation, and we'll see who works for who. ;)

Phil said...

Like the cat, it looks eeevil. It also looks just like one of the little pain in the asses we have.
Good luck with your video endeavors and your anticipated banning net wide. Speaking of which, Mountain Forge got his Wordpress account suspended. Ain't heard why yet but I have a dollar that says it's a TOS penalty for inciting violence

Anonymous said...

Thaaaas crooo-L-T to aneemaaLs es-say! She deed no-theeng to you! NO-THEENG!