Saturday, April 13, 2019

Long Past Time To Get A Net

In my travels, I was in a department store the other day. As I made my way to where what I wanted was located, I could hear someone loudly mother-effing everyone from 50 feet away, over the buzz and throng of shoppers. He proceeded to circle the entire store, shouting, cursing, carrying on, pacing, and slamming items as he passed them. He was clearly and undeniably out of control. And most of the store staff, with the wits of hamsters, wasn't sure if this was a problem. No, jackass, having someone so out of control he's flinging heavy items onto the floor and yelling and cursing at the top of his lungs is everyday behavior, everywhere. Of  COURSE he's a problem, dipshit, so either deal with it or call the cops! Well, dozens of school shootings having taught people nothing, they had to ask an assistant manager if calling the po-po for out-of-control lunatic publicly trashing the store was allowed. I sh*t you not.
Fortunately, enough bystanders had essentially cordoned fucktard to the point that his only option was out the front door, and out into the parking lot, before store mismanagement could create a mass-casualty incident. Now he's the city's problem. And then his (adoptive, and also fucktarded) mother gets in the store staffs' faces for "creating a scene" (No ma'am, Junior Fucktard did all the scene creating and loud mother-f**king...perhaps you noticed?), and tried to assure one and all that the guy, well into his majority, six feet tall, and loudly violent, was "fine, no danger to anyone" because he was autistic. To her, apparently, taking him out in public when he was completely unhinged and out of control, and a threat to anyone within reach, seemed like a good idea. The depths some people will go to define deviancy downwards is breathtakingly unbelievable until you have your nose rubbed in it.
Which brings us to larger realms of discussion of the same phenomenon.
Mind you, I'm not advocating anything here, just stating clinical facts.
Given two-plus years to adjust to the reality of a Trump presidency, and despite how unpalatable it may be for them to acknowledge that reality, the fact remains that the Left is simply incapable of maintaining a grip on reality.

Who, looking at the Left, as exemplified by current leadership, could seriously contend that they're merely misguided, misinformed, or sincerely but goodheartedly mistaken?
They openly advocate confiscatory levels of taxation, draconian attempts to dictate thought, word, and deed in every aspect of everyone's life, and embrace the wholesale destruction and starvation of the society to bring it into compliance with their barking mad fantasies.

Global warming, shown again and again to be nothing other than political hoax and junk science of the rankest order, still rules their thinking. They're Paul Ehrlich acolytes, stuck in 1968.

The want wide open borders, consequences to the nation be damned, purely so they can undo the realities of a majority overwhelmingly more-educated white society, in order to achieve irrevocable political power for themselves and their cronies.

They have robed lunatic acolytes who think one federal judge can re-interpret the Constitution and all federal code on account of his or her purely personal whims, and dictate national security and federal policy from one bench in the Ninth Circus.

In the nonsensical frothings of functional retards like Avocado Occasional Castro, and the knee-jerk anti-Semite death-cult mutterings of the two jihadists all recently inflicted on Congress, even professional meatheads like Chuck U Schumer and Queen Alzheimer's Pelosi have begun to see inklings of what happens when they hand the revolution over to the machete-wielding cannibal younglings.

Do they stop any of this behavior, upon mature reflection? Censure them? Remove them from the chambers of power, for cause (as is their right)?

Hell, no!

They double down on it.

When their frothing partisan witch-hunt and attempted coup predictably explodes in their faces, they try to gaslight the once and current Attorney general, who accuses the law enforcement and intelligence communities under the illegal Kenyan president of turning the full force of governmental power against his political opponent for political reasons. They feign shocked incomprehension at how using secret intelligence courts and vague malarkey about imaginary foreign influence as carte blanche to go trolling through then-billionaire and current POTUS' entire life and business dealings is banana-republican at best. Then they turn on their attack dog for failing to manufacture fake news goods, when he and his rabid Shrillarites turn up nothing but a couple of sleazy lawyers self-sliming themselves.

And then double down, and claim there was something, rather than nothing, there, even though they had two years and millions of dollars to find something, anything, and came up empty.

These are not the actions of rational people in control of their faculties.
They are not, despite the likelihood of criminal indictments potentially all the way to the entirety of the last administration, the actions of merely evil people facing the  consequences of their crimes coming to fruition and punishment.

These are people deep in their own fürherbunker, cheerfully directing sweeping counterstrokes by armies long ago wiped out and surrendered, and waving their arms in delusional glee as they imagine their triumphant return to power and the destruction of all their enemies, real and imaginary.

Such satire pales in the face of documented reality.

One does not put delusional psychotics in charge of anything.
One does not indulge their rants.
One throws a net over them, straps them down, and medicates them into oblivious silence, until the rabid squirrels in their heads stop running the bearings off their exercise wheels, and they can once again be re-acquainted with reality.
If necessary, by electroshock therapy to the temples.

These are not sane, evil people you're dealing with.
These are insane evil people you're dealing with.
Cornered, unpredictable, unreachable, and with an army of similarly deranged flying monkeys every bit as irrationally delusional as their psychotic overlords.

They're either going to have to be put into restraints (gently or not), and then secluded and treated according to the magnitude of their psychoses; or they're going to have to be put down like rabid dogs.

There is no longer any third option. One does not let a mad man into the cockpit or onto the bridge of a jetliner or aircraft carrier, and one cannot abide them running rampant citywide, creating chaos and mayhem at every place the voices in their head so direct them.

That there is going to have to be an intervention is a given.
Whether they survive it is an open question.
But whether the insaniacs of Leftardia can be trusted with any power whatsoever, for generations at minimum, has been decided in the negative, without any other recourse.

They are going to have to be removed unless and until they can at least maintain the façade of sanity. If that's even within the realm of possibility for them.

But go they must.
That much is beyond any dispute.

The rest of the country has been patient beyond sainthood waiting for them to come back into the fold of reality.
It isn't happening, and probably never will.

The only choice that remains, for them, is whether they go quietly, or forcefully.

And don't think for a second, even though I didn't mention them or show faces, that the ABCNNBCBS media is off the hook in this either. They belong in the same padded wagon.


Felix Bellator said...


Lt. Edmund Exley said...


Anonymous said...

We're gonna need a bigger net.

Anonymous said...

Excellent diagnosis, Doctor.
The question does become whether or not they go willingly or not. I expect they'll begin their gotterdammurung the old fashioned way, though.
I'm reminded of the scene in Band of Brothers where the guys hear of Hitler's suicide and one of the guys says " He shoulda done that years ago and saved us all this trouble". The reply is "Well, yeah, he shoulda...but he didn't".
Stand by...
Boat Guy

Jim Scrummy said...

"The only choice that remains, for them, is whether they go quietly, or forcefully."

When has the left (commies) ever gone quietly? Fall of the Berlin Wall? Ok. Other than that, when? Unfortunately, the answer will be forcefully. Unfortunately. The left is beyond repair. They are incapable of any self-regulating behavior, it's who they are as people. Facts never matter, only feelz.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I question that any gov't has rights. Exactly where in the US Constitution does it define any Gov't rights? Seems to me that the US Constitutional Amendments refer to rights belonging to the people, not the States or Federal Gov't. Only powers were delegated to any Gov't. I'm not a lawyer, but I do read English and I can reason from the meaning of words. I don't deny that we gave various gov'ts various powers. But, really, where were rights given to any gov't?

waepnedmann said...

It has been my experience that after an out of control subject has been restrained the subject opts for a nap.
The administration by injection of certain medications can speed up the desire to have a nap.
Sometimes that nap will last for twelve hours.
They, generally, wake up feeling much better.

John Henry Eden said...

Nope! Not a net,a rope.

idahobob said...

True, dat!

Mike said...

Seen this yet?
The question is no longer can we live peaceably alongside such people? The question now is, why on earth would we WANT to?

Anonymous said...

Deluded, illogical, totally ignorant of past & current History, students support Socialism against others till it's hurts them personnally --

Anonymous said...

@Mike on Dan Crenshaw: I'm a French-Canadian woman from Quebec Canada. I read absolutely every article & comments even though I know nothing about guns, yet. I find the left's conduct abhorrent, revolting and sickeningly evil. The Washington Examiner article is another nail in the coffin. They have no shame & no conscience. They thoroughly disgust me and have for the last 15 years.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your comments on the Outrage in the retail establishment;

Reminds me of an incident in my Youth. I was off-duty and in civilian clothes in a hardware store, located in an urban California city whose name would give immediate recognition for it's "diversity". A local 30-something male was at a counter SCREAMING at a clerk, using threatening and obscene language at full volume. Apparently, the outraged citizen had purchased a pane of glass, took it home, broke it, and then returned to the store demanding a refund. Finding myself, for some reason I cannot recall, unarmed, I walked to the display of bolts, selected a large one (1" and about a foot in length), approached the citizen, identified myself, and told him that the animal act was over, and suggested he leave...which he did.

THAT was over 50 years ago...nothing has changed.

Ned2 said...

A net??????????? A fuckin net???????????????
We need firing squads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I'll go take a nap now.

lineman said...

Yea but until we can decide who we want to live by then we will have to keep living by these kind of people...That means we have to decide who we want to band together with because that's the only way we can have enough say of relocating the Commies...

lineman said...

Better get the move on making that yet a now...The Commies aren't going to wait so neither should you if you want to survive along with everyone and everything you care about...

lineman said...

Ball is in your court Brother just waiting on an answer???

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George True said...

Okay, I'll bite. In recent years, I have been hearing ever-increasing cries that 'da Joos' are behind it all, and that their end goal is the subjugation if not outright extermination of Whitey everywhere.

So, my question is.......why? Why would they want to do this? Why would they have this as their goal for hundreds or thousands of years? What possible benefit would accrue to them and their families by the disenfranchisement, dispossession, and persecution of White people and White societies? And don't say for 'power' or for 'control' of everything. If all they end up controlling are nations and populations that are economically ruined and destitute, of what use is that? Whites are historically the most intelligent and inventive people on the planet, coupled with a work ethic that perhaps only Asians can match. So how exactly do 'da Joos' benefit from taking all opportunity away from Whites and making them poorly paid wage slaves? That doesn't add up.

If 'da Joos' really are this super parasite class that is behind the scenes orchestrating our society and culture right into the crapper, how does that benefit them? Would you rather be the king flea on a robust, healthy dog, or on a skinny, sickly, half-dead dog? If 'da Joos' are controlling the skim, wouldn't it be far better to be skimming off of a nation and economy and society that was wildly prosperous? A nation and society of primarily White people that is going to produce the most for the skimmers needs traditional values, intact families, and real economic opportunity made possible by an extremely small business friendly government in order to do that. So if you are the evil Jew controlling things from the shadows, why kill the goose that lays your golden eggs for you? It doesn't make sense.

One other thing. They are us. 'Da Jews' themselves are almost entirely Caucasians of European ancestry. By and large they are not Asians, they are not Negroes, and they are certainly not Arabs. Most of them are White. So why would they want to dispossess and genocide their own race? Why not do that to the other races and cultures? Why not work to keep their own race, upon whom they depend for the skim, as prosperous and dominant as possible? For a supposedly shrewd, cunning, and intelligent subculture like the Jews, this would seem to be a no-brainer. What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

"Most people lack the intelligence to behave in ways that are in their own and societies best interest" Plato

Anonymous said...

Yes, the representatives are destructive, but they didn't vote themselves into office. At any point the voters could vote in a different batch of representatives who behaved more constructively. The voters don't do this. Why is that?

Representatives are the symptom; voters are the cause. What is the root cause?

John Wilder said...

Clown. World.

Ned2 said...

George, you've fallen down the Jooooooos rabbit hole.
Don't worry, just move on.

Wayne said...

@Aesop. Question for you. You opened the post recounting a story about an out of control, profane young man who was trashing a store you were shopping in. You referred to him as a f***tard and were critical of the store staff. Then comes the part of the story where the adoptive mom dismissed his behavior because he was autistic. You were critical of the mom for taking him out in public when he was in such an agitated state.

Here are my questions. You present yourself as an ER nurse. I wonder whether your assessment of this young man is colored by your experiences with men of similar age in your ER who are out of control and violent because they have indulged/overindulged in alcohol or other intoxicants. It seems you accepted the statement the the you man was autistic. Why, then, did you refer to him as a f***tard? That is a term more appropriate for some of your Saturday night ER clients, or most elected members of the Democratic Party.

As for why she took him out in public, I may have some insight into that. He may well have not been agitated when they left home, or indeed when they entered the store. I can vividly recall incidents when I was out in public with my now young adult daughter with autism when something triggered her, lights, noise, hunger, something else, and she lost control. With experience, her mom and I were better able to see triggers and avoid them.

So what is your solution? And more important, where the hell is your compassion?

Aesop said...

He was clearly capable of self control, simply not inclined to show any.
He wasn't a babbling drooler, but rather someone choosing to throw a tantrum.
He therefore had moral agency.

IDGAF what your malfunction is, when you are in the public square, there are non-negotiable behavioral minimums.

He failed that test.

Ergo, fucktard.

I have zero compassion for people throwing tantrums, regardless of age or capacity.
He was about 5'10", 170#, old enough to know better, and mother-effing the entire world with clarity, precision, conscious effort, and malign intent.

If said fucktard was randomly incapable of maintaining self-control in public, he ought not to have been brought out amongst normal people. If he was capable of self-control, then he is culpable. Either way, his problem, not everyone else's.

You don't get to play the "autism" card and then claim a free pass to be a jackass in public.

The store staff were fucking morons, because they were watching this all go on, and hadn't the wit to realize that this sort of behavior is a wee problem concerning the safety of the store's patrons, which included minor children and frail elderly, and needed to consult someone with more than 80 IQ points to make the decision to summon authorities.

I don't "present" myself as an ER nurse. I am one, and have been for over twenty years. I have the scars to prove it. The adoptive/substitute mom was clearly so used to letting this sort of shit go on at home she had no idea how out of behavioral norms it was in the moment, and was more upset at the store staff than at the fucktard she was nominally responsible for. She should have been cheerfully clubbed about the head and shoulders with blunt instruments until she STFU and fled the scene.

My solution is that if you're going to be responsible for another human being, you show some fucking common sense, and take responsibility.
And if your young charge is liable to become so sketchy during a trip to the store, such trips are off your plate until you can adequately control them, or head them off at the pass before it's a public safety issue.

If this had been in an open carry state, 50:50 young fucktard would have been shot.

Had the police arrived, 99;1 he would have been tazed, cuffed, stuffed, and taken to the hospital on a mental health hold, as a danger to others.

And that would have been my exact solution.

And more important, where the hell is your common sense?

The whole idea that we should let mental health casualties roam free-range, and normal folks should be indulgent, and at risk, is the most fucktarded of all the malfunctions plaguing society. This is how you get to current-day San Franshitco, and have hepatitis outbreaks in San Diego, and typhus rampant in L.A. city hall.

But let's ask the 70 y.o. man with a cane, or the mother with two toddlers in her cart how this should have been handled, when such an out-of-control young fucktard is coming in their direction.

We weren't in the hospital, and my compassion ends where public safety is threatened. That's called tough love. Sometimes, it includes leather straps, and might even knock out a few teeth.

Welcome to the real world.

Reltney McFee said...

Hear, hear!