Friday, April 5, 2019

DOA: He Brings Too Much Gropitas

h/t American Spectator via Cold Fury

So long, Gropey. It was funny while it lasted.

Maybe instead of running for president, you and Fat Bill can go out together on the Hooters circuit.


Felix Bellator said...

The feeble defense some are trying to throw up is just pathetic in light of all the videos and pictures of Gropey Joe.

SiGraybeard said...

Dollars to donuts this is all coming out now so Bernie and some of the others can knock Biden down or out of the race. Wasn't the first or second woman one of Bernie's workers?

Without even saying he was running Biden was getting showered with money and leading in the polls (which probably means name recognition more than anything). Opposition research says, "we have miles of footage of Joe groping everyone that can fog a mirror, what can we do with it?" Bingo, a crisis is had.

Never let a good manufactured crisis go to waste, you know.

kurt9 said...

Just call him Creepy Uncle Joe.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Not sure I can finish this additional batch of popcorn. Like golf balls they will make more, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

1) I doubt anybody wants to grope Manatee Stacy.
2) I remember when Creepy Joe handled that woman in the biker bar. From my experience in that social milieu, if the Leibstandarte SS hadn't been there he would have been stomped into a sack of broken bones.
3) It's really gonna get weird. We ain't seen nothin' yet.

Ned2 said...

Kamala's just jealous.

Old NFO said...

Need more popcorn... Waiting for Kamala's blow jobs to hit the news...

Aesop said...

Sen. Kneepads' exploits have hit the news, but not to the "breaking the internet" level they will shortly. Biden is guilty of having had five bites at the apple, and being Shrillary-levels of too old to carry the torch anymore.

The Young Bolsheviks are happy to jettison him over the side in favor of a new batch of lackwit leadership. The one thing they have no shortage of in the DNC is stupidity, chutzpah, and a pathological level of narcissism.

What they don't have is anyone presidential.
Not. One.
It's the worst-kept secret on the planet.

Stock up on drinks and chips.

Night driver said...

Hey, us Trumpians didn't have anyone "Presidential" until he WAS.

Which is not to contradict the assertion that the Dems don't have one right now, either.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that whoever is really pulling the strings will offer up someone a lot less crazy late in the season, and trad Dem voters will breathe a sigh of relief and vote for whoever it is.

In the mean time, they will keep pushing crazy in order to move the needle of where 'normal' is. Any time they push an extreme idea, there are some people who say 'great!' some that say 'No freaking way!' and some that say, 'That would be OK if it were just a bit less extreme.' They will be working on increasing the number of the last category through repetition and the normalization of the extreme ideas.

After all, who could have seen that we'd be having actual discussions about real capital S socialism, and elected reps who are unabashed Socialists? That's the new normal and it took a LOT of prior preparation.