Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Not Busy, Just Pre-Occupied

Oh, did I mention? It's Spring outside.
75°, sunny, shorts-and-T-shirt weather all week.

All y'all have fun. When something gets my attention, I'm sure I'll wind up the hamster and crank it out.

For now...just not feeling it.
And a couple of new bangsticks to play with at the range one of these days.

Breaks down to backpack size.
Cocking handle now on the left side, and mag well set up for G26/19/17 mags.
Still deciding on an optical supplement for the Mk I eyeballs.
Ruger starts making these in .45ACP for 1911 mags, and I'll take a dozen.


Old NFO said...

Played with one, DEFINITELY would jump on the .45 version!

Ned2 said...

Ruger also has a mini-30 (7.62x39) for all you AK guys out there.

June J said...

I love my Ruger PCC. I put a Holosun HS403B Red Dot Sight on it, the high mount allows me to still use the iron sights.
Several upgrades to the PCC I have my eyes on. Most desired upgrade is for Ruger to start selling a mag well to accommodate M&P magazines since that is my carry pistol

RandyGC said...

Looking forward to a range report. Since my EDC is now a G17 and Darlin's Daughter's is a G26, this look interesting.

idahobob said...

Spring, huh? We have rain, rain, rain, and flooding.

billrla said...

PCC versus Mini-14. Discuss.

Anonymous said...

9mm vs 5.56mm.

Pick the 9mm, NYT says bigger is deadlier, so take their word for it...

Ned2 said...

PCC versus Mini-30...............no contest. 7.62 wins every time.
(did I just get trapped into another caliber debate?)

Anonymous said...

I've had a Marlin Camp Carbine in .45 for decades; it uses 1911 magazines and makes a very adequate 75-100 yard gun with a decent optic. It has some limitations and problems and I have no doubt the Ruger is a 'better' gun overall. But availability wins the day.

Another option to consider if you have an extra 1911 pistol or even just the frame. Mech Tech Systems makes the Carbine Conversion Unit which is an accessory that installs on that 1911 frame and gives you a 16" barrel carbine with one of several types of stocks.

You can also get a 10mm CCU that works on .45 1911 frames (with 10mm magazines).

(No connection to the company except as a customer).

Unknownsailor said...

PCC vs Mini-14?

Easy, PCC.

Mini-14 is inaccurate, unreliable, propitiatory magazine using garbage. Don't believe me? Ask people like James Yeager, or Steve Fisher, people who run high round count training classes for a living. Not one of them will be able to describe even one time that a Mini-14 made it through the whole 3 day course without puking the bed.

Badger said...

Aesop, Mk. 1 eyes here as well. Get yourself a decent red-dot. Not too much weight & what is is positioned over balance point of the gun anyway. Make sure it has sufficient brightness adjustment for full daylight, as well as turning down to a tiny pinpoint at near full-dark. One discriminator might be use of a CR2032 for its battery; lots of battery life typically engineered for those that use that battery. Try Vortex, Holosun, Primary Arms.

Also, just in case, if there are astig issues (which sometimes make the dot turn into a star-cluster) try simply adjusting the red dot position on the rail fore/aft until it's at its clearest. Many times simply changing distance from Mk.1 eyeball can help quite a bit.

If you didn't pickup at least one G18 & G17 (standard) mag during the 5-day window before your AG (again) filed an appeal on the screw-you (again) by the appellate judge, then you messed up.

mobius said...

Man, that's fugly.

Anonymous said...

A .45ACP version would be awesome. I wonder if a .30 carbine could do the same job ? They take down pretty easily too, iirc. Though you would lose the ability of handgun and rifle to use the same magazines and ammunition, which is a significant advantage.

Anonymous said...

June J, I like my Holosun Red Dot HS403B too. Bought it after watching this nice review of <$200 Red Dots at Pew Pew... https://www.pewpewtactical.com/best-red-dots-budget/

Definitely NOT special forces grade... but for someone looking to buy an inexpensive red dot yet not have it be a piece of garbage, I can recommend this one highly. $140 on Amazon.

They now have a green dot version too. I will be buying another.

Anonymous said...

OK WAAAAY of topic.
You follow the ebola thing. Thanks for that.
Any thoughts on Candida Auris? Mike Adams had an article over at naturalnews,com.
Not sure if people are crying wolf or if this is really as serious as it appears.

Aesop said...

It's small potatoes.
Yes, it's multi-drug resistant, but like a number of opportunistic infections during AIDS, it isn't that it kills you, it's that its appearance indicates your immune system is so shot that it can thrive, and indicates a P³: Piss Poor Prognosis.

Spiders and cockroaches are everywhere too, but they're not going to take over the world.

The media is simply doing what they do: using a craptastic understanding of basic science for selling newspapers and commercials.

ambiguousfrog said...

Any thoughts on the Kel-Tec CMR30 ? Although 22 WMR it holds 30 rds. and collapsible stock.

Aesop said...

"Friends don't recommend Kel-Tecs to their friends."

They're not awful, but even if tempted to buy one...I wouldn't.

But it's a vanilla/chocolate question, not a good/evil question.

McChuck said...

#1 Son bought himself a Ruger PCC and a Mini-14 recently. The PCC is far more accurate and reliable.

June J said...

Ruger announces PC Carbine in .40 caliber.