Saturday, April 27, 2019

Off The Cuff

"Piss on Hollywood, all of 'em. Haven't spent a cent on movies in decades, will never again. Money wasted better spent on mags and ammo. Why give your money to people who hate you?"
Good question. How about this answer:

A) Because that's myopic and self-defeating.
B) Because the underlying themes in most of the Marvel flicks have been root conservative themes.
C) Because good culture drives out bad culture.
D) Because one movie will outlast a hundred documentaries, a thousand books and essays, and ten thousand blogposts, penetrate straight to the roots of memory and consciousness, and wear furrows there.
E) Because movies are the uniquely American art form of the last century.
F) Because they penetrate into parts of the world where reading the Declaration of Independence or Bill of Rights out loud would get you shot or jailed.
G) Because yielding the medium to the lunatic communists is a recipe for losing it forever, and then the culture, and finally society and civilization itself.
How's doing just that been working for you for the last 50 years?
H) Because (say it with me): politics is downstream from culture.

You give your money to people who hate you because they're distributing your message to the ends of the world, and making it hip and cool.

And because your mags and ammo haven't killed any communists, have they?

Shall I go on, or is that Baby Harp Seal of an isolationist argument dead enough for you already?

None of this should be news to anyone.

Cutting off your own nose to spite your face never kills the giant.


Glen Filthie said...

Well... I can go to a movie expecting to be entertained and shell out 50.00 bucks to be lectured and scolded by social justice warriors, butt blasters, race whores, femcnuts, and the other ass clowns that infest Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Those types are not hero material to me, their struggles and stories are not mine, and I see precious little of their narrative that fits my life experience.

I can wait and rent the best stuff off Netflix or iTunes where their margins are a lot thinner. If they produce a stinker - as they are doing with dismal regularity these days... I am out of pocket 6 or 7 bucks rather than 50.

I don’t identify with the people of Hollywood Aesop. Half the chit they produce these days are just pasteurized re-makes edited for political correctness. I am old enough to have seen the original ghostbusters. Or the Mad Max movies. The remakes today were made by degenerates and cretins for cretins and degenerates.

I’m not boycotting them - I am more than happy to go see good stuff. I’m just not seeing much of that out of them these days.

Anonymous said...

Glen, I'm pretty much with you. I was last in a movie theater in 1991. Rude, noisy people everywhere, & this was before cell phones, let alone 'smart' phones.
I can't pause it to go to the restroom, I can't smoke, & I'm surrounded by people whom I resent breathing my air. When it comes to the Marvel movies, I quit comic books about 40 years ago, so I have little interest.
I have no gripe with those who enjoy movies; more power to 'em. It's just not for me. I'd rather be home with a good book.
--Tennessee Budd

Eskyman said...

After reading Aesop's writeup, I did experience a brief flicker of interest: should I go to the movies in person, at the theatre like I used to do fairly often?

Then I remembered the last time I went to the local theatre. The prices of everything shocked me, but all I bought was a drink (being cagey & cheap, I smuggled in my own munchies) but what really frosted my balls were all the morons with their cell phones.

Silly me, I had thought they'd turn them off & watch the movie, but no, they've got to show their friends where they are and yap about what they think about the movie, and I wouldn't care except they have to HOLD THEIR DAMN PHONES UP IN THE AIR so everybody can see how cool they are. Apparently it's illegal to shoot them, God knows why, so I don't want to be tempted again!

Then I recalled when I left that movie last time- and was walking to my car, just across the street under a street light, and noticed that some 6 to 8 young thugs had caught sight of me, old alone man walking, and were coming my way.

I was really glad to get into my car & hit the button to lock all the doors; they lost interest in me then, which may have been very fortunate for me because me & they were the only people around and I wasn't armed. This being SoCal, it isn't legally possible for me to be armed, except with my folding knife, and I doubt that would've done me much good. That evening could've had a very bad ending.

So all things considered, I think I'll wait until I can watch it at home, where I'll enjoy it a lot more. Now the last movie I saw on my home theatre setup was Tarzan the Ape Man from 1932 with Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Hara; my heart almost failed me, what a doll she was then, and sexy! Pant pant pant, oh yes! And not wearing much at all either. Be still my heart!

Johnny as Tarzan did the swinging-on-vines bit as well as I've ever seen it done, and I still don't know if it was real; no CGI back then, and it sure looked real. That's a lot more my kind of movie!

MMinLamesa said...

It's not so much a matter of boycotting people who hate my guts but as noted above, going to the theater isn't the fun it used to be. I still go but now I'll make the trek to Midland & an IMAX for an infrequent submersion. I have yet to see bad behavior at an IMAX. I think because people that go are fairly serious about having a good movie experience. Or maybe I've just been fortunate?

To wit, I went when Gravity came out. Is there a more REgressive moron then George Cloony? But he's a decent actor and the movie, while full of scientific holes, was fantastic on that huge screen with wrap around sound.

First Man, which got some crap reviews for moron Gosling's comments, also was spectacular to watch. I caught the second installment Batman on one too. And bet your butt that the next Bond being shot with IMAX cameras is on my list.

So while I'm somewhat culturally irrelevant(and old) I still get out for an occasional movie even if Matt Damon is in it. He owns Bourne BTW.

Anonymous said...

I'm with most of the rest here in giving my money to some multi-millionaire SJW actor, actress, writer or director who is trying trying shove their agenda down my throat while I'm paying for the "privilege" of watching them on the big screen.

I used to love going to the movies and would still go on a weekly basis if the stories being presented weren't filled with political, globull warming, SJW or other bullsheet.

So, does your post mean no movie review? ;^)


Anonymous said...

I see you did post a review. I hadn't scrolled down to see the edit of your previous post from Friday.


Anonymous said...

We usually watch movies on cable. It's too expensive to see everything at the theatre, and the Comcast Liberry (sic) of Cinema is lotsa material per $.

Aesop said...

One and all:

Nota bene I didn't say go see every movie ever made.
Pick your investments carefully.
And FFS, yes, cherry-pick when and where you see one when you do go.

I go to matinees whenever possible, mid-week, to avoid the exact rude assholian legions of mouth-breathing morons who were fed, rather than raised, by thoughtless birth parents.

And I can count the number of times in a year I buy concession stand food (at prices that make food at Disneyland look like they're run by a non-profit) on my thumbs. I take my own candy and sodas, or bottle of water. Bad enough tickets are generally north of $10 whether the movie stinks or not, I'm not dropping $20 more on $2 worth of food items.

Skip the agenda-driven Lefty horseapples.

But the idea that you ought to skip the whole damn thing, always, forever, is farcical nonsense, and it's half of what's gotten you more crap and less beef your whole life. You will never boycott your way to good movies.

And whether you see the good ones in the theater or on DVD/BD, the vote your casting with your entertainment dollars is still counted. I have a wall o' DVD/BDs now, that means never paying for cable, endless insipid commercials, and companies that hate me and the horse I rode into town on. And the 1 or 2 (max) TV/cable shows worth following, I'll purchase at the season's end, on DVD, and binge watch commercial free. Producers and studios notice that too.

But if you support the (few) good ones, you'll get more of that. And if you don't you'll get less, until they go away forever, and you find you've surrendered the entire media form to the retards and Visigoths pouring acid on the foundations of the culture.

So, how's that plan worked out for you so far...?

You have no right to be entertained by artists reflecting your values.
You have to pay for that to happen.

Most of you don't pay (directly) for your kids' schools.
So, how's education going for you these days?

You don't pay for your (most of) your own health care.
How's that working out for you?

Clever folks will spot a trend line there.

TANSTAAFL.(Google it, if it doesn't ring any bells.)
Money talks, and BS walks.

Ned2 said...

Going to a movie theater breaks rule #1. "stay away from crowds"
And spending that kind of dough on a couple of hours entertainment seems frivolous to say the least.

Aesop said...

None of which trumps the arguments in favor of going once in awhile when there's a good one out.

And while I worked at Disney Studios during the making of several of the Marvel flicks, I never worked directly for any of those movies, AFAIK.

T-Rav said...

I don't know what you guys are talking about;most of my outings to the movies have been very enjoyable. Yeah, they cost an arm and a leg sometimes, but so does everything else nowadays.

And I agree with Aesop that it doesn't matter so much if the people making the movies are leftist moonbats, as long as the movies themselves aren't like that. I don't care what Chris Evans might say about my beliefs on Twitter; his character on screen is someone who stands up for freedom, and I definitely want to support that.

Anonymous said...

Last in-theater movie was Peter Weir's "They Shall Never Grow Old" one of two sold-out screenings that day. Waiting most impatiently for it to come out on DVD coded for us.
Like Aesop, I have and buy DVD's for the most part for the reasons he gives. I think the most recent was " Where The Boys Are" as my Bride is too young to have seen that.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

I have no philosophically principled reason that propels me to eschew movies (in any venue or format) and television. The reason that I do not purchase the product is because I do not enjoy the experience. I find all of it boring and banal.

Anonymous said...

Definitely recommend "They Shall Not Grow Old".

Very interesting to see WWI soldiers move around at a natural frame-speed (i.e. not jerky), with some of the film colorized, and done well.

The Gray Man said...

I rent from Redbox only, otherwise I don’t see movies. Especially not in theatres. Too expensive. And we don’t currently have Netflix or Hulu, though sometime we renew for a month or two. I figure that I contribute much less to Hollyweird than most people do anyway.

But my true enemies aren’t in Hollyweird. The first enemy you should worry about is the one who’ll be kicking your door in at 0230. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it’s going to be Tom Cruise.

Anonymous said...

About a month before the last avengers movie I was talking to a normie about Paul Ehrlich. Norm thought that I was reading too much breitbart. I replied that I don't read breitbart and did msnbc tell him to use that retort. Anyway a month goes by and I know normie wants to see the new avengers movie so we go and right in the middle of the movie Thanos gives a prefect Paul Ehrlich speech and normie sitting next to me points at the screen and says HEY! I just shook my head yes and continued to watch the movie but inside I was screaming YES! The light bulb clicked on in normies mind! It made the whole movie worth every cent! And no I didn't rub it in afterwards. About a month after that norm says to me that he's thinking about buying a shotgun, a mossberg, I tell him that he can't go wrong with one of those. And I add that fema encourages everyone to be prepared for hurricane season and that their website has a list of stuff that normie might like to buy to be prepared and if the gubmint is telling you to be prepared it's probably a good idea to be prepared. Once again not beating normie over the head about being way behind.

Eskyman said...

Mr. Anonymous @6:58-

You've got me confused; the only Paul Ehrlich that comes to mind is the Population Bomb guy who predicted the end of the world, probably in the 1970s, thru overpopulation & lack of food resources leading to mass starvation.

That of course didn't happen, and on the Right the guy is usually thought of as one of the first eco-nuts. Is this the Paul Ehrlich you're referring to? Damned if I can figure out how an end-of-the-world by starvation scenario would come up, or how it would make anyone want to buy a shotgun.

Seems more likely they'd want to buy a bag of soybeans, the non-GMO kind, to plant in a secret garden!

Anonymous said...

Eskyman, Paul Ehrlich has said that at least half of the worlds population should die in order to save the rest of humanity. And he has spoken to many presidents and the UN. When this A-hole talks leaders listen. He's like Soros. Don't dismiss people like this as kooks and nuts that nobody listens to. That is what normies think, that Paul Ehrlich an his ilk are nuts and nobody listens to them. Paul Ehrlich and his ilk are listened to and followed by people who make decisions regarding you and your families lives. As to why the normie I was referring to bought a gun, I didn't ask him why, but I imagine that maybe he started to look into things for himself and decided that the popo isn't always going to be there to protect him. And while planting soybeans is good it's kinda hard to plant them in the city if you're living in a apartment block. Yeah, I know don't live there then. I got that. Normies don't. I have found that I can't force people to red pill themselves you have to drop bread crumbs and hope that they pick it up. Which was the point I was making about the last avengers movie. Normie saw the light! Thanks to bread crumbs that I had dropped and Thanos speech about wiping out half of the population to save the other half in the avengers movie.

John Henry Eden said...


"E) Because movies are the uniquely American art form of the last century."

Created by Russian Jews to gaslight and corrupt the hated Gentiles.

Aesop said...

I'm leaving that last jackassical Stormfront talking point comment up to point out that you don't even know your own history.
Your Common Core educators should be horsewhipped.

Thomas Alva Edison invented motion pictures, and he wasn't a Russian, nor a Jew.

If you can't even get the simple shit straight, on facts that can be googled in 0.2 seconds with a minimum of wits, why would you ever imagine anyone would pay attention to the really retarded shit from way out in left field?

AB.Prosper said...

Don't mind John Henry Eden there, his Fallout 3 derived namesake is A lunatic A.I created by the deep state.

To the topic at hand I'd say your latent Civ Nat is out its cage again.

Hollywood for good or ill however disproportionately Jewish at the top and sometimes the cultural differences can be very grating especially when they are unconscious or concealed. The funny thing there , openly Jewish movies like the Princess Bride or TV like the O. C. with a Jewish lawyer as a lead no less can be really great.

I might broadly disagree with more than a few of your points,

A: is just wrong I'm afraid, saying "pass" on movies and TV just means you are just as entertained doing something else, probably cheaper. You lose nothing

B: I can't speak to this and while its true enough for the Marvel movies I did see, I simply don't like them for the most part , caveat Logan and do not wish to watch them. I saw the remake of Death Wish though and it was decent

C:True but there is little good culture in Hollywood

D: I think not, Few people can remember movies from the 60's and 70's and they made a lot of good ones. The medium will also die faster than books and I suspect in a hundred years or so, none of them will be remembered and the medium dead. Books will go on and on though only some will be remembered

E: So? Its a dead nation now and the medium that it created can go with it for all I care.

F: Not our jobs to spread our values and its folly to do so in this age as we can see from the actions of people in charge have spent decades doing just that and fucking everything up. American values as seen in the Constitution and all that barely work for us and won't work for anyone else anyway. They were meant for a very specific people and a very specific time and didn't survive industrialization or the first European immigration wave

G: Too late for the most part I think though its will be tempered by the fact most moves going forward have to be international and get past Chinese and Indian censors as the market there combined is like 8x that of the US . The only way around that is for the Right to build its own infrastructure with things like what Vox Day is doing and for us to support them

I also strikingly doubt Hollywood is promulgating by message of nationalism for all and to each people its own culture traditions and ways . A few movies do promote Americanism but that isn't my ideology at all.

That said your last point about culture is spot on.

Broadly though, its not bad to simply avoid media and find something better to do with you time than watch TV or waste ,money at the movies, YMM as they say very

Unknown said...

This is America. If you want to see a movie, then see a movie. One needn't come up with a craptastic excuse. I have decided I will not suffer under the sensory assault of a cinematic experience at the theaters. BTW: how are your ears? And just how many of the audience displayed an annoying behavior of texting/answering calls?

Your $14 ticket did nothing. To say that all should likewise make their contribution is commendable but only in the fact that there is strength in numbers. If you really want to effect change, or to hold the line, or to go on the offensive, better is to pick off those in Congress. They shape society, notwithstanding as being downstream.

Meanwhile, I watched 13 Assassins on Hulu. I cannot say it was better for I have not seen, nor will see, any of the Marvel movies. But it was thoroughly engaging...far better than The Magnificent Seven. That is somewhat a sacrilegious statement but that is my testimony of how good the movie.


Marina said...

Not on the subject at hand but about a Swedish guy with an interesting Viking spirit outlook based on Julius Evola, but without the occultism/magic stuff & the rampant misogyny: Consider that the West Civ has already fallen instead of waiting for it to fall. The fighting against the Ennemy therefore is of a different nature. "There is glory to be had in the ruins." -- -- Check his channel. Posters rec'd Evola book Metaphysics of War.

Aesop said...


The reply was too long for comments.
Another post is in order.

snuffysmiff said...

For every Avengers "EndGame", they make 5 in the "BlacKKKlansman", "Get Out", "Black Panther","GreenBook", "Django Unchained" genre. Those certainly don't represent my values. For every dollar you spend on a Hollywood flick, what percent goes into the pocket of someone like Weinstein? How many of those in the cast and crew, who also get some portion of your dollar, share my values? Not many, I'd wager. I'd also wager that for the overwhelming majority, unless we're shelling out money to see their "art", they don't give us a second thought. Spend my money on them? So they can buy a 4th house, or a 7th car, or another boat, and then donate a few million to folks like Hillary and Bernie? No thanks.

Aesop said...

So don't go see BlacKKKlansman, Get Out, Black Panther, Green Book, or Django Unchained.
See what I did there?

Hollyweird made about 12 craptastic, defeatist, Americans-are-baby-killers-and-rapists-with-PTSD war movies regarding Iraq/Afghanistan.
And they made American Sniper and Sole Survivor.
(You probably couldn't name 3 of the losing pics of that dirty dozen.)
But everybody remembers the two I mentioned, and millions of people saw them, no small number of whom will be voting in a few more years.

Crying about Hollywood's bad movies is like blaming babies for shitting in their diapers: it's what they do.
Be a grown up about it: reward the ones who are potty trained.

Q.:How many people at the places you do spend your money "represent your values"?
A.:You have no effing idea. Nor should you. Nor does anyone else either.
And when it becomes an issue, make appropriate choices.
(e.g, I spend a lot more money at Chick-Fil-A than I ever will at Starbucks. Duh.)

Meanwhile, spend all the money you'll save on extra mustard, for all the shit sandwiches you'll be eating every day in the cultural wars until the day you die, a stranger in your own country.

Staying home and holding your breath until you turn blue is a poor substitute for a functional plan.

Opting out has failed for 60+ years, and "moar, harder" isn't going to cut it any better. It's like trying to win a football game by not showing up.

The entire world belongs to people who show up.
No one else ever got handed anything on a velvet tufted pillow.
Just be choosier about what you spend it on.

And FYI: The entire crew on most movies, BTW, pulls in about 1-3¢ of every dollar of production cost, and 0% of the gross or net, and most of them are more conservative than you are (unless you're a 3-war veteran with a Lifetime NRA membership who works for The Blaze or Sean Hannity). They just can't talk about it at work.

diogenese said...

i will NOT patronise trators