Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Music: Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness

Original cut released in 1974, extended cut a year later.
Either 40+ years ahead of its time, or timeless. Take your pick.


Anonymous said...

Some guy had a tiny cassette player and I remember sitting listening to while looking out at Danang Bay.

Crew said...

Meanwhile, despite vaccines, Ebola keeps marching on:

Aesop said...

It's 18 cases because of a vaccine.
Without vaccine I would be 100 cases.
That's the only reason this is still, relatively speaking, small potatoes.
It takes hold in highly populated urban zones, and jumps to 50-100 cases/day, it's major problem.
That's when people who can afford airfare out will start bringing it out of the DRC lab, and into the rest of the world.

Then it's a party.

Anonymous said...


Wanted to request an Ebola update.
I noticed 4 recent data points....
1. recent news item by NGO/UN type expressing exasperation (fear?) about the state of the situation in Congo
2. recent news item that Congolese migrants are being screened for Ebola on the Texas border (???!!!)
3. recent news item about ~strange~ air passenger on a plane in Phoenix who touched other passenger's faces, sprayed them with a liquid and then jumped from jetway to tarmac where he was apprehended...sounds almost like a "rehearsal" to me
4. Upcoming National Geographic (fictional?) program in May about Ebola comes to the US

Know you are busy...when you can...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Back on topic -

Wow. What a piece of heaven. M

Made back in the day when music was written and performed.

Not sampled.

Catch some of their live stuff on YouTube. See something missing? no damn DJ, no beat machine.

Just dudes on stage playing awesome music.