Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Weimar x Zimbabwe = Venezuela

h/t Daily Timewaster

Evidently from this photo, the easiest way to become a millionaire in Venezuela today is to pick up that many pesos with a wheelbarrow.
(Hot Venezuelan chicks wanting to become American brides for the price of a Big Mac combo!)

Apparently, those bills are worthless as anything but kindling or toilet paper.

Ponder how utterly valueless they'd have to be to just be sitting in the gutter like that, in such numbers.

A smart socialist government (oxymoron alert!) would be selling that crap on E-bay as souvenirs, for hard-currency $US.

A boxed set with Zimbabwean $1,000,000 notes and Weimar reichsmarks might even fetch a pretty penny as a collector's set. Maybe even a penny and a half.


Evita Guervara-Castro's office could not be reached for comment.
To be fair, she may be in Caracas, trying to salt away a nest egg of Venezuelan pesos, as that hoard there has to be about what she made in tips the year before her fellow NYFC retards elected her, to dethrone both Speaker Alzheimers and Mad Maxine Waters as the Stupidest Women In Congress.

Unconfirmed rumors are she plans to give away those Venezuelan pesos to help pay for that green New Deal, after they outlaw cars and cows, and nobody has a job but the government gives away money to everyone, and just prints more money to pay for it.

Cuz that'll so work.

Or maybe she's going to use it to pay back her college loans for that international relations and economics degree from Boston U. At least then they'd be getting fair market value for what was delivered.


Unknown said...

Meme headline for that street photo: "Now at last, Venezuela's toilet paper shortage is over."

Eskyman said...

Not a bad idea to sell those banknotes on Ebay. For a gag I got some $100 Trillion Dollar banknotes from Zimbabwe a few years ago, for which I paid around $5 USD.

They've been great gifts, and are still available- but check it out, some sellers are real dreamers, looking for a sucker and probably finding one now & then:

Domo said...

They aren't rare though.
Its not like an obscure coin printed backwards.
They're literally so common there are gutters full of them.

A modest novelty value