Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Fixed It For Ya

Fox is taking a lot of crap because some Common Core grad on their chyron biffed the newsbar under their morning show. They've probably already sent the poor schlub to re-education camp.

Fortunately, every pencil has an eraser.


John Wilder said...

I was thinking today (and this might become a post) that the only thing that most illegal immigrants come here for is the cash. There is zero love. It's the equivalent of a married couple staying together "for the kids" - it always ends in tears and sometimes in police reports. And pretty soon Phoenix looks just like Matamoros and we still have to pay Mexico child support even though she JUST WON'T MOVE OUT. The good news is she's dating Canada now.

Like Canada will ever learn.

halfdar said...

Not with that moron in charge, it won't. Fortunately, at least for the present case, he is busily self-immolating on camera.