Saturday, April 20, 2019

This Is Going To End Well...

h/t I Hate The Media

Because, well...the cartels pay better. Viva capitalismo!

Greater Aztlan Two U.S. soldiers were stopped and questioned by Mexican troops, while conducting a surveillance operation on the U.S. side of the border. According to officials, two soldiers were sitting in an unmarked vehicle north of the Rio Grande last week, when six Mexican troops approached with the guns drawn.
The troops reportedly approached the vehicle and confiscated a gun from one of the American soldiers.
One of the U.S. troops spoke Spanish and was able to talk to the group, explaining they were on U.S. territory.
The Mexican military personal allegedly thought the U.S. troops were on Mexican territory, as that part of the border is unmarked.

Firstly, by custom and formal agreement, until recent US ANG deployments in support of the current crisis, both nations' troops are limited to staying well back from the border, to prevent exactly this sort of "accidental" contact.
Secondly, the border's location isn't in dispute, nor has been for any time in 171 years. Their troops and ours know where it is, and which side they're on.
Thirdly, I've watched Mexican troops, and police, violate the border where they can without penalty, time and again. Whilst armed. Invariably, anyone on their side at the border isn't there to enforce the border, or anything else, except at the wishes of, and to the benefit of, the drug/smuggling cartels, which have controlled all movement across it for 10+ years. I have photographed and listened to, from rock-throwing distance, off-duty Mexican law enforcement scouting the border for passing drug and personnel shipments over it, and calling it in to their narco-jefes. I have witnessed them deciding, in the absence of US presence, to violate US sovereignty time and again, while armed, and not up to anything good. (The technical term this goes by in State Department conference rooms is "cassus belli".)
One of the border ranches I worked on, our host had a couple of pictures on his wall of a full squad of pickle-suited Mexican soldiers in the mid-1980s posed in front of his garage, a mile, three fenclines, and one set of PG&E electrical lines overhead NORTH of the international border, and their G3 military rifles at stack arms, which is where there were placed when found by rapidly arrived Border Patrol agents, summoned in the nick of time when the uniformed Mexican troops came north under orders onto his property to kidnap him, take him back to Mexican territory, and execute him. This was a couple of days after he reported a drug cooking lab house just over the international fenceline to US DEA authorities, and it subsequently blew up "unexplainedly", the night before crooked Mexican drug enforcement police were to raid it the next day. They claimed they "got lost" in broad daylight, were escorted back to Mexico at an international port of entry, given back their weapons, and the would-be victim told in no uncertain terms the attempt never happened, or he would be in court every day for the rest of his life testifying, contrary to the wishes of the US Gov. Under Reagan, FFS. The fix has been in forever.
I furthermore watched in real time as two Mexican cops patrolling the fenceline (which they didn't do routinely in that area) shot at two attempted crossers, not for trying to get across, which happened in that area with tedious regularity, but for trying it on their own, without a coyote on the cartel payroll, nor paying the $1-2K cartel "fee" for such exploits, which meant those cops weren't getting their cut from them either. And there was no "Alto! Manos arriba!" Mexican Miranda pretense, either. Those cops jumped out shooting, doing full mag dumps on sight when they glimpsed the two would-be crossers. I suspect they killed them, as we didn't see them re-attempt the crossing, and never saw the Mexican po-po hauling anyone off to jail afterwards. This is not a playground, kids. Big Boy Rules apply in full force. This is just what happens there.
Enforcing cartel business is what the Mexican military and police in the border regions do, going back decades. There are honest police and military forces there. They can usually be recognized by the bullet holes in their foreheads, or the fact that their heads are not found co-located contiguous to their torsos, in about 99% of cases. There are no other honest ones within 20-50 miles of the US-Mexican border, inclusive, from Tijuana to Brownsville. Write this on your hands with laundry marker, lest ye forget. Plomo o plata is the operating rule.
So if a small group of Mexican soldiers was on, or in this case, over the border, they were
a) dirty (and I'm not talking about their personal hygiene, though that probably applies as well)
b) working for someone other than the Mexican government at the time
to a 100% metaphysically true certainty.
And let's call this like it went down: They didn't "question" US troops. They captured them, disarmed them, robbed them, kidnapped them, and let these two world-class dumbphucks go, alive, because they didn't have any idea they would be there, and they were momentarily confused, and reverted to theft and criminality because it's their default mode.
Sleep tight, America. Big Green is keeping you safe with fucking idiots like this, and officers and NCOs who sent them there.
Note the deafening lack of details on who these two jet-fuel military geniuses were, who their NCOIC and OIC were, and what military intelligence bunch of stumblefucks sent them down there to wave their dicks, with less situational awareness, common sense, ROE, or live ammunition and the will to use it than we routinely gave PFCs on a routine DMZ patrol along the Nork border forty effing years ago.
The only reason those two US military personnel are both alive, and free, is because someone wasn't expecting to find them there, and didn't know what to do with them, but wasn't willing to risk an international incident over killing or kidnapping them.
Unlike, for instance, clueless jet ski tourists on the wrong part of a reservoir on the Texas border.
Maybe after a few NG dickheads are found strung up to trees with their genitals in their mouth etc., the general dumphuckery level of the average NG squaddie deployed there will move from imagining they're in some magical bubble of safety because "Muh military cammies", and the survivors will cross over into IQ levels higher than agave cactus. Time will tell, but I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for it to happen.
This is why whenever I ventured south, it was in company with friends, following Murphy's Laws of Combat ("Bring a gun. A long gun. Bring all of your friends with long guns..."), we carried a Basic Load and more of ammunition, and we were perfectly happy to expend it all rather than fall into the hands of anyone we encountered not driving a marked US official vehicle. The border, for 300 years, is bandit country.
These two clueless squaddies just learned that the hard way, and very nearly won the Second Place Award for Combat, with Cluelessness Clusters.
This nonsense is going to continue until someone lights up a squad of troops, from one side or the other, and possibly both ways. Or somebody just disappears.
Build the goddam wall, and put an end to this silly nonsense.


Anonymous said...

We have relatives who own land in the south Texas RGV (Starr County) and have seen no sign of military incursions on their land which is approximately 15 miles from the river.


It is considered a natural precaution that when the wheels leave the pavement into the monte, weapons are loaded and kept handy. And staying after dark is considered really risky. That close to the border, foot traffic is two ways, the southbound traffic mules who have dropped off their load and are going back for more along with the coyote guides. Plenty of law enforcement in this region are caught cooperating with cartels. Their influence is already on our side.

Old NFO said...

Amen... Any time I'm down there I AM carrying and with friends who are carrying... sigh

June J said...

Time to withdraw our combat troops from 3rd world shitholes and defend the country against invasion from the third world shitholes on our southern border. Push the bastards to say, south of the Panama Canal.

Monsoon Matriarch said...

First time I heard landowners along the border talk about being robbed at gunpoint by Federalies was in 1997 in the Santa Cruz Valley of AZ. Rancher was on his own land, about 2 miles inside the US-Mex border. Binoculars, weapons,other valuables were stolen. The BP back then wouldn’t do anything as it was not in their charter. State Dept didn’t want to make a issue over something so ’insignificant’ as a man and his son being robbed at gunpoint by Officers of a foreign government. The frustration has only increased since then. Stolen property, cattle ledintoMexico, cut fences, assaulted family members, none of it seems to be enough for an ‘international incident’ unless it involves a child being dragged into the US illegally.

Fred said...

We do not have effective operational control of the SW border.

Four hundred fifty miles of replacement or newly implaced wallfence by EOY 2020 will not regain operational control.

The US will receive or release into CONUS between six and 22 million low IQ invaders by the same date given the current apprehension rates stay the same.

Stealth Spaniel said...

The State Department is one of the biggest frauds that this country has ever been saddled with. Frankly, I could care less about diplomacy or some such BS. Countries understand the point of a gun. It works everytime. Until we start turning "the border" into a real border, we can expect more of this behavior.

Anonymous said...

Been wondering if/when this would hit "open source"

DAN III said...


Perhaps it is time to look to the top levels of the food chain such as the seditious witch governor of New Mexico ? Or my most despised treasonous member of fedgov, Nancy Pelosi.

These communists and too many more to list here, are deserving of arrest for sedition and treason, their fair trial and then a sentence to the gallows for their just punishment. Until then fUSA will continue to circle the drain of former nations. The country of our birth no longer exists.


Anonymous said...

So, what would be the upshot if some armed Mexkin (sic) official(s) got greased by Heritage American(s) during one of these little incursions? Or even worse, H.A.s greased by the Mexkins (either official or non-official). It couldn't be denied with bodies on the ground, and prosecuting Americans for obvious self defense against armed invaders would not go over well. Something like this is likely to happen. The results will be real interesting.

James M Dakin said...

The drug war doesn't just enrich Little Brown People. It is a huge source of money to US officials as well. Legally. Don't expect the US to stop any of this, nor change regardless of what incident occurs. Just as the KGB was a huge power in the Soviet Union, so too the CIA and NSA, etc, in ours. The Deep State, alive and well since 1963.

Marina said...

Watch Cartel Land, a 2015 doc that covers both sides of the border. To find out after what happened to the Mexican Dr check out wiki.

Aesop said...


I expect that such has already happened, and such news has been suppressed.
If not, this is an any-day possibility, 24/7/365.

I figured out, in about 2 days of sitting and staring through binos and NVGs, how to interdict and roll up entire cartel networks, and set them back years, in what would take about a week.

This has not happened. Ever.

The only possible reason for that is that TPTB, all the way to the top do not wish it so.
There is no other possible explanation.

Anonymous said...

FedGuv has had those networks mapped for years. I am one of the many cartographers. IF anybody really wanted them gone it could have been done by now.

Anonymous said...

I grew up on the border in 70's and 80's. The stories I could tell, but which I dare not to this day....and things were not nearly as bad as they are now.

Maybe if we were sitting down across from each other with a cold beer and a campfire. Dang sure not going to type them out on here.

Anonymous said...

There is no wall because. 10 TRILLION dollars a year in Afghan heroin has to get in somehow. They catch Congolese at the border with active Ebola and we get crickets. Yet every congress critter is dragging down a cash payment every month that would have made Al Capone blush. Congress wants to cut off the opioids to cancer patients and force them onto street heroin. The republican party is righting the gun confiscation bill for the communist party so that we can't rebel. The troops are there for show. They are on a wide open border with ROE that forbids them from defending there own country from armed military forces of an enemy nation. No one in DC wants this fixed. If Kim Jung Un started using the NKPA to mule heroin across the border DC would let them. There is only one way to stop this. We the people march on DC KILL EVERY LIVING THING with the slightest connection to government and start over. Until then all of this is wasted time. "I say we take off and nuke the sight from orbit."====Ray

The Gray Man said...

I submit to you that the wall is irrelevant now. White Americans are already less than 50% of elementary school aged kids and within about 6 years, they’ll be less than 50% of the under 18 population. That’s if not one more person crosses our border. The wall could be conjured by Copperfield today, and without a massive search-and-deport operation throughout the US, the likes of which are beyond anything the world has ever seen, but likewise beyond anything our “leaders” would be capable of or willing to do, it wouldn’t make a difference.

We screamed for them to put our military on the border to DEFEND OUR BORDERS, and this is what they sent. Unarmed (no ammo andno long guns) nobodys who let themselves get detained inside the US.

I’m pretty sure we’ve lost on this border thing. We’ve lost the border game and we’ve lost the cultural/demographic game.

Buy more ammo. It’s all we have left as an option.

The Gray Man said...

March to DC? We can’t even get people to march out of their own driveway, or to stop poking fun at those of us who actually do.