Thursday, April 18, 2019

Absent Friends

Never got to meet the guy in person, or shake his hand.
Still miss him, his blog (which has evidently bitten the big one as well, but mirrored here), and the commentariat it produced. (Those that drop by, say 'Hi.')



Anonymous said...

It was at his site that I "met" you, both of us on occasion commenting. The content was always interesting and frequently educational.
I do miss him and his writing. I feel privileged to have interacted however removed and however briefly.
Absent Comrades
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Aye, I will raise a glass as well.

Miles said...

Kevin and I knew each other for quite awhile and emailed back and forth wondering about various and sundry things SF & SOF.

I am glad to have had the honor to have aided in his construction of the M4gery of his duty gun with some parts, otherwise nearly unavailable to mere mortals, that I had managed to keep on hand after I retired,

As he was born years after I was, his passing from heart disease was a shock and it cause me to up my game with my doctors.

He shall be missed, but as we are both of the same like faith, we believe that our paths shall cross again.

James said...

I to miss the wit and humor that I found most entertaining in his writings and the comments from readers which really came across as a dysfunctional family.I am in that part of the state on a semi regular basis and will stop by and visit his final resting grounds in this chapter of life and salute with a shot of diet Dr. Pepper,a fine beverage that am sure is a acquired taste!

Ned2 said...

I miss that guy every day.
I'll be raising a glass for him tonight. (but not the diet Dr pepper)

Jim Scrummy said...

I miss him every day. His writing was great to read. Thanks Aesop.

Anonymous said...

Still blown away by it. Been slowing going through the old posts. His writting and expertise will always be missed
- BAP45

TBoone said...

I come 'here' because I read your comments 'there'. Had occasion recently to look up a "wonder what weaaponsman has to say...". Had forgotten how witty he was. What a great, thoughtful writer and the community he attracted. Went on a jolly comments section adventure after my initial question was resolved. Then a few days later the original site went down. Thanks for the mirror site info! The 'looserounds' has one too.
A bit of small batch bourbon will be drank in tribute to our absent 'friend'

The Gray Man said...

Once I was introduced to this lifestyle about ten years ago, the lifestyle of prepping and survivalism and political pissed-offedness... One of the first blogs I put on my daily reading list alongside WRSA, The War on Guns and Sipsey Street Irregulars was WeaponsMan.

Sad to see it down, though it’s great that it’s been mirrored.

In the California mountains said...

wrong place to put this, but with no public email I could find....

Unverified, but interesting.

20 Illegal Aliens from Congo Being "Monitored for EBOLA" at U.S. Border

ADS said...

With apologies to our host here, Weaponsman was quite possibly the best damn blog on the whole internet for those such as us. He's sorely missed.

Neil S. said...

A lot of Hognose's posts were downright magisterial. His two post series on the battle of Wanat needs to be saved for posterity.

Old NFO said...

He will be missed.

Papa said...

William Grigg, Pro Libertate,


Sipsey Street Irregulars, Mike Vanderboegh.

Three guys, and their blogs, who I miss greatly.
Met Mike V once at Knob Creek, chatted a short bit.

They all did great work.

Aesop, thanks for remembering Weaponsman, and refreshing my memory of him, and them.
Raising a few glasses as I write.

And, thank you for your efforts, and being one of my regular go-to sites.
Keep it going, brother.

RSR said...

Sorry to see the site is down. Looks like it might just need his brother to re-up a hosting subscription. If anyone has his contact info, I hope they'll reach out.

Hognose and weaponsman were both brilliant, and I do miss the entirety of his website and the visitors who kept the comments lively.

Truly a hidden gem and definitely missed often.

And yes, weaponsman led me here.

RSR said...

The site shows as registered through 2021, so unsure wth the deal is:

Maybe someone hacked the wordpress site?

Counter Jockey said...

Commented there a fair bit as "SPEMack"; didn't realize you blogged, Aesop.

Miss him everyday.

Will certainly add you to the sidebar.

Mike_C said...

@RSR (et alia) problem noted, Brendan is working on it.