Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Your Math-Fu Is Weak, Prog-san

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McChuck said...

I'll see their M1 Abrams tank and raise them two fuel tankers, a water buffalo, a 5 ton full of spare parts, a 2.5 ton full of MREs, a 10 ton full of ammo, three HMMWVs worth of maintenance crew, and a recovery vehicle. And then wait for the tank's crewmen to need to take a dump. (M1s don't have bottom hatches like the old M60 tanks did.)

Sabre22 said...

Not to mention Targeting families and the post supporting facilities shutdown all traffic going into and out of a military base Food and fuel will run out Cut off the electricity and water supplies as well.

RandyGC said...

And that's assuming that those Apache pilots (or Abrams Crews or Drone operators) are actually going to obey orders going after citizens.

(Yeah,I know, some will. The first battle of CWII or whatever they're calling it these days will be LE vs LE, .mil vs .mil, and possibly .mil vs LE to see which side they play with. I'm not willing to pick the winner, and uncertainty on that point on both sides is a good thing).

Aesop said...

I left those scenarios out for brevity, but the first time an Apache shoots up the rest of the flight, or an Abrams takes out the rest of the platoon, the .Mil is done for the duration. The tooth-to-tail is already so low that blue-on-blue fragging and fratricide would unravel the whole lash-up in about a day.

That's why my considered judgment is that every CG will lock the base gates, ground all gear, and go on "Repel Boarders" mode until the shenanigans are over.
There isn't a base in the country that isn't in the middle of insurgent country right this minute, and wholly lacking HESCO walls or a QRF to defend it from even casual assaults and intrusions.

Any interdiction of arms, ammunition, or C3I on-base, and that base is crippled.
Active assaults against the hardware by even small teams would undo the whole base.
And random sniper attacks would unleash chaos.

All of Miramar MCAS, for just one example, is in range of thousands of civilian homes in the surrounding hills.
(F-35s are going for $158M@ these days, and F-18Es for about $50M@. Pilots are $1M@.)

Ditto for the San Diego MCRD and Navy boot camp.

Ft. Bragg would be overrun and occupied by prior-service locals in a day, and become the Pineland HQ for opposition by that night, when SFHQ and most of the 82d switched sides.

Then it's a proper BBQ, and only 5 hrs from Fayetteville to D.C. by road.
80/20 they'd get Swamp Lejeune and Quantico onboard on the way, and lock down the FBI and CIA in place.

Game over.

The only thing to do after that is throw barbed wire up around Nationals Park for use as a EP holding area, and then building the scaffolds in Lafayette Park for the batch hangings.

Anonymous said...

I have hope that someone somewhere in .gov is at your(Aesop) and other posts on this subject and pushing that info up the chain. As stupid as they (Top Men @ .gov/.mil) are, they probably discount any of these posts as pie in the sky, otherwise they (.gov) wouldn't be debating a National Red Flag Law in the Senate Judiciary Committee. They (.gov), I believe, see that as their left handed approach to confiscation. Once passed and they begin implementing it with few consequences, at first since they'll be taking on individuals at zero dark 30, as is their custom, they'll think they're home free and will then take a large wrench to the thumbscrews on the remainder, which will work until the second confiscation crew is wiped out to a man and members of .gov, especially the ones that wrote/sponsored/voted for the law start disappearing and the confiscation crews refuse to report for work.


Aesop said...

On its best day on the job, government is a bull in a china shop.

When the [R]s are in charge, the bull is also blind.
When it's the [D]s running the circus, the bull is not only blind, but also retarded, and its tail is on fire.

Plan accordingly.

15Fixer said...

I know how to kill Apaches without explosives of any kind. And Abrams, A-10s, F-35s, ....... anything with a turbine ngine. Oh, and anything with an internal-combustion engine. Oh, and anything that depends on proper polarity from its power source. Oh, and .......

Anonymous said...

While we're noting .gov planning, I gotta give special note to the brain-trust that located the dependent schools on our local post on the perimeter within sight of a highway.

Pat H. said...

Burning tankers Afghanistan.

Wes said...

Charlotte NC last night

Anonymous said...

Logistics are the key to any battle/war. Most people are very bad at logistics - this is the reason people are often late for things. Can't even plan a simple movement from one spot to the other and account for all variables and have backups for uncontrollable but identified variables. Then pad the numbers for unforseen and/or unlikely events. In Marine lingo: no plan survives the first five minutes of contact. This is true in any scenario not just combat.

Mike_C said...

> Miramar MCAS, for just one example, is in range of thousands of civilian homes in the surrounding hills.

The best properties to snipe from are those with a "Hate Has No Home Here" or "We Value Diversity: Immigrants Welcome" sign out on the front lawn.

Jim Scrummy said...

Mike_C, I like the way you are thinking!

Mafths is always a hard concept for the commies. 150+ million gun owners (probably more) and 600 million guns (probably more) against 2.1 million military (active, reserves, nat'l guard) and approx. 950K law enforcement (local, state, fed,). That's just the mafths of numbers. How many of these actual numbers of people are card carrying members of the door kickers union??? What would be the actual element to come "visit" a house to confiscate guns? 4? 6? 8?. I haven't even tried to wrap my head around the logistics and C4ISR problems that would need to be addressed for this to happen... Plus a nationwide OPSEC...yeah good luck with that too. In the own words of the US military, we ain't good at Urban Warfare. How good are the Po-Po at Urban Warfare? For that matter Guerilla Warfare? Look at the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland. The UK gov't had anywhere from 10K to 15K people working on that problem against 600 or so main IRA fighters. Ponder that number commies? Oh, and the IRA never gave up their guns.

What will be interesting is how the state gubmints (looking at CO and NM) react to the majority of pro-2A sheriffs in their states, with the new and proposed stupid gun laws? Things could get toasty...?

Hopefully, the good people of CA (gunowners) are maxing out their credit cards on standard capacity magazines!