Sunday, April 21, 2019

Assinus Politicus - Assclown Of The Year

It has come as a rudely unpleasant shock to WA state senator and walking braindead jackhole Maureen  Moron Walsh [R - Retardia] that nurses do not, in fact, "play cards for a considerable amount of the day". Only someone who's never performed worthwhile labor in their adult life, and/or has a resting IQ in the low teens, somewhere just north of fungus, could managed to get both feet thusly inserted in their own gaping mouths, with their empty head simultaneously shoved so far up their own hindquarters so as to choke off the passage of light or oxygen. But it always cheers my heart when some elected functional moron's political turkey timer pops up to let us know they're done.

Someone on the Twaddleverse helpfully added her WA office number:
(360) 786-7630.
Have fun.

I will personally pledge to contribute to every opponent she faces in her next primary, and every other party's candidate from opposing parties in the general election, the next time this sorry sack of sh*t is up for a vote. She needs to be kicked RTF out of the state house for being that egregiously stupid in public, and based on her speech, we're guessing this is one of her brighter and more coherent stupid utterances. The rest certainly have to sound like she's having a stroke, every time she squawks and squeals.If she has the good grace to quit now, quickly, I'll contribute a like amount to Alzheimer's research and money to care for actual retarded people.

Were I in WA state, I would be gathering signatures for her immediate recall, as being too stupid to suck air and a waste of skin has to be a disqualifying factor in holding office, even in a community like Walla Walla.

But in true form, the memes and Twittterlanche on her head have been properly brutal.
“Nurses … probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day” is in the running for most inane, indefensible, disgraceful thing said by a legislator this year (even though the competition is really fierce). — Ajai Dandekar (@ajai_dandekar) April 20, 2019
When world-class retards tell you you're retarded, YOU'RE REALLY RETARDED. - A.

(And yes, I made that, but Kathy absolutely tweeted it.)
More here.

I'm also pretty sure Joy Behar ( "Why is she wearing a doctor's stethoscope?") could send along a few tips on coping with being the biggest jackass in America today to state senator Walsh.

I'll be dog-goned if I'm not piling on to this monumental level of stupidity.

And a personal benediction to Sen. Moron Walsh:

Don't worry, Sh*t-For-Brains. No nurse would ever treat you like you just treated a few millions of us.
Or...would they?
Sleep tight. Take your vitamins.
And may God have mercy on you when (not if) you end up in a hospital needing care.
No one else will.
You might want to think about getting some gold-plated Costa Rican medical policy.
For the rest of your life.
And for pity's sake, do the world a favor: Change parties.
You're already overqualified to be a Democrat socialist, so by all means, run down and sign up today. You'll increase the IQ of both Republicans and Democrats in WA state the minute you do that.

But walk tall, sweetheart.
Earning Assclown of The Year honors in April has to be some sort of record, even for a politician who's overmatched by celery bunches at the grocery store in a contest of wits.

You might have thought someone who'd had a heart attack and gotten two cardiac stents a couple of years back would have been a wee bit more circumspect, but remember, this is a politician we're talking about, not someone with a functional brain, let alone one connected to their mouth.

Jesus rose from the dead today. But, you, Bright Light, should invest in a shroud and a cemetery plot. that a fork sticking out of your back?
Yeah, you're done.


Felix Bellator said...

I work with material things that are literally out of this world fast. But Moron Walsh flew down past Kathy Griffin depths of stupid so fast that tachyons wondered why they had suddenly come to a stop.

Pat H. said...

I'm retired now and still don't play cards.

I worked as an operating room nurse (BSN, RN) for my entire career and can't imagine anyone having time to play cards, even at those hospitals that have a night stand-by staff. Those late crews are busy setting up for the next day's surgeries if they're not working a case.

What I'd like to know is who fed this no-brained fool the information, they need to be taken down a notch or two as well.

MMinLamesa said...

Gosh dang it man, you sure put together excellent posts. Nicely written with appropriate memes, always enjoyable to read.

The subject matter of this post is one I have personal knowledge of. Way back when I lived in Canon City, I picked up a shift here & there sitting with DOC on inmates who were going to have or had just had, a medical procedure. I got to see first hand how much running around while keeping track of God knows how many different stats for different patients these nurses must do.

Playing cards? Ummm, never saw that though. In fact the only time I ever saw any of them even sitting down was when they were inputting info at a computer station.

ADS said...

I have just returned home from a several day hospital stay and can attest that every single nurse I encountered was on the bounce from the moment they clocked in to 30 minutes past their shift end. This, at a very well staffed, internationally respected facility. I can well imagine the task burden upon the nursing staff of lesser -funded facilities...
It reminds me of clueless people in my own line of work. "It's a computer controlled machine, it makes parts perfectly every time, load the part and hit go" said the president of a $95 million cnc aerospace factory to me one morning.

lineman said...

Email sent...

Monty James said...

I had a bowel obstruction necessitating emergency surgery, so I spent a couple of weeks in the hospital at the start of February. I can only praise the hard work and concern shown me by the nursing staff at Asante Rogue Regional Hospital.

So I'll tell you what; someone who steps on their dick that hard needs to learn to walk backwards.

Mike_C said...

Ah, she doesn't care if she's correct, or if she pisses off nurses. There are LOT more votes to be got from people who *do* sit on their asses all day doing nothing productive. To imply that nurses are no better than the voting parasite classes does two positive things:
1. Takes those uppity nurses down a notch -- SEE? See? they're no better than we are!
2. Breeds class resentment. They gets all that money and shit, and all we gots is our EBT. That's boolshit, man!

Sure, the class resentment thing is mostly a (D) phenomenon, but no reason an (R) can't use it.

Larry said...

I am an RN also. Retired now so I don't have to be nice to anyone anymore. I still have nightmares from my time as a float-nurse, my shrink-nurse friend says it might be PTSD from the overwork and mandatory overtime, lol.

Geeze what a shit-for-brains.

I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work!

June J said...

Being a stupid moron is by no means limited to Socialist Democrats in the great northwest, as evidenced by this latest example of foolishness by an elected official.

Anonymous said...

My mother was an OR nurse and spent part of the time on Okinawa in 1945-46.
U.S. Army.
I seriously doubt she played cards very often, at least then.
I'll have to ask her. She'll be 96 next month and still keeps on keepin' on.

RDB said...

The only thing I've seen go down faster than a Boeing 737 Max 8 is Walsh's chances of being re-elected. Or maybe I'm projecting.

ambiguousfrog said...

My spouse doesn't normally get political. I've tried to red pill her for a couple years now, hard to know what gets in and what doesn't. Sometime deer in the headlights comes to mind, I guess too much reality to bear. But this really got her dander up. Caring for mother/baby, I can tell you her 12 hour shift is not 12 hours. Sometimes it's 14. When she has to wear Ted hose after that type of shift, and if I were to ask her if it was from playing cards, I'm sure I'd get a punch in the kisser.

More evidence that we're governed by insanity. I don't think these idiots think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

On 08/31/19 I woke up with bad heartburn that morphed into a heart attack, and asked my wife to call 911. At 01:24:03 PDT I coded in the unit. H/B & respiration were restored on the 5th try with the defibrillator, and the EMTs got me to the local Cardiac Emergency Facility most Rikki-tik. The electrical cardiologist said my chances were less than even, and the staff who cared for me did not expect me to go home. (That's long story short.) I am alive due to the thaumaturgical level of skill shown by the folks who literally brought me back from dead.
My esteem for EMTs is boundless, and no less for the cardiologists and care staff.
Ms. Walsh is obviously a cretin who says stupid things without thinking. This level of stupidity is unacceptable, even (especially?) in a politician. This will come back to bite her ass.

Welcome Black Carter said...

"This will come back to bite her ass."
I read last night she received 667 decks of cards in the mail in one day. She is already backtracking as only a liberal can... she was "taken out of context".

Aesop said...

As I said at the time, Ms. Egregious Jackass may not know it yet, but she has just announced her retirement from politics.

She is now so far past F**king Done she can't even see it in her rear view mirror anymore.

And at this point, nothing short of a full public apology, taking complete blame for being such a public jackass, then going home to a warm bath and opening her wrists in the bathtub would suffice. And I don't mean that metaphorically.

Suz said...

I have been a nurse for 40 years this June. I have only worked in the hospital for about 6 months. I have worked in doctor's offices, clinic settings, home care and Hospice care, and in nursing homes. NEVER in 40 years have I EVER even thought of card playing. 99.5% of the time I was lucky if I even GOT a lunch, never mind had someone interrupt me during lunch. A lunch, which is when I am charting, by the way. If I was very lucky, I got 2 minutes during the shift to run to the bathroom--for me, not to help a patient.
I was told about this twit by a patient yesterday, whom I have known for about 7 years now, who told me SHE was incensed that anyone would think this way about nurses.
When I looked this morning, this politician had received over 1700 decks of playing cards. Maybe when she gets kicked out of Washington, she can go sell decks of cards on streetcorners.