Thursday, April 4, 2019

Spring Cleaning

I can see areas of floor I haven't seen in months.
The Cat has the rips, because there is now a runway through one room that used to be piles of piles.
I've got stuff I forgot I had.
Including my ARRL study guides. This year I start working on tickets, I swear.

I'm not 18 any more.
Neither is my back.
I'm running low on Motrin today.
Tomorrow, I'm going to pay for this. Heavily.


Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

I resemble that remark. My motto, it sucks to get old but I refuse to grow up.

Night driver said...

Welcome to our 60's. I swear, if I'd'a known I was gonna have this body this long I'd'a started taking better care of it 30 years ago.

Motrin is your FRIEND.

Post-surgical stocks of even LARGER FRIENDS are there for days (or NIGHTS) when ya KNOW better than to expect ANY combo of OTC's to work, so ya don't even TRY.

Yeah....I'm a Poster Child for "Growing older is mandatory. Growing UP is optional.!!!"

Anonymous said...

Old beats dead. I tried dead, so I know.
We gotta get back to death cleaning after the garden is where we want to get it. The Beloved says anything we haven't touched in a year s/b up for consideration to be gone. Easy to say - hard to do.
The consequences of age affect what you keep too. We have Husq. 485 chain saw bought new in '79, still has one of the original chains not worn out. I'm just to decrepit to wield a chain saw any more. Same for the '41 Indian in the garage. Last ran in '84. Now I am physically incapable of riding it.
I don't look forward to sorting it all out.

Old NFO said...

Spring cleaning sucks...

Aesop said...

I ain't into my 60s yet, but today I know what they're gonna feel like...

Reltney McfMc said...

I suspect, from third person observation, that military service, particularly infantry, likely ages your axial skeleton 10 years past nominal.

You guys who have done it, may disagree. Likely with bigger numbers.

Linda Fox said...

Which license are you going for? General? Amateur Extra?

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Fred said...

I've found that low impact hiking (middle of target heart rate 1 hour every other day) but with weight gets the joints and ligaments tough, and coupled with yoga for flexibility keeps my 50+ carcass tiptop. You know, ruck your shit on uneven terrain.

Hard to do when you're working on your feet all day.

One to two tablespoons of European elder berries steeped in hot water for ten minutes then strained into mug is a good anti-inflammatory. Seventeen dollars per pound at Bezorg.

Aesop said...

All of the above. Thanks for the site tip.

Anonymous said...

Uh, you start off the day with ibuprofen or something, not end it!

idahobob said...

We are purchasing a "new" home. While going through my "stuff" the past several days, George Carlin's skit on the subject has been running through my head.

Watching it has brought about a lot of laughter, and the realization that we really do not need all of the "stuff" (shit) that we have.

And yeah, I'm pushing 70, and moving all of this shit is really taxing on the ol' bod. So..........I'm getting rid of most of my stuff, notice that I said most of, not all. I gotta have some of my stuff.


BigCountryExpat said...

@Reltney McfMc: Yah... Infantry purely destroys the bod. Airborne/Air Assault does a number too. (I'm both) But IMO and Aesop may agree, its not the jumps from a plane but the climbing in and then jumping out of the 5 ton and Deuce and a Halfs 5-10 times A DAY that wreak havoc on ye olde knees. 49 Years old, and already one knee replaced, waiting on #2. As my dad used to say, it's not the years, its the mileage. (and my odometer has turned over quite a few times)

Phil said...

Aesop, you have seen pictures of my garage. I'm betting you aren't even close to that.
If I told you how many car and motorcycle wrecks I have been in you would probably call me a liar.( hint, it's over 50) Add in a lower back fusion in '85.
I just turned 59 in January.
Holy shit man, I can hardly get out of my recliner some days.
These are the good old days too.

Here is a piece of advice for lower back pain that an old crane operator told me about way back in the very early 80's.
Lay in bed on your side with a pillow between your knees.
It's amazing.