Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Communism: Just In Time For May Day!

Imagine a set of tires, running over a face. Forever.

That's the commie darlings beloved of the Lunatard Left in this country, killing protesters in Venezuela yesterday by running them over with armored cars.

Watch it on video:

But once The Man goes Full Retard, and then goes past it all the way to Potato, things become two-way rather quickly.

Lo siento, Fernando, but I don't think the A/C is going to work this time.

Molotov, the drink of dictators since 1917!

I repeat: we shouldn't put one single American boot on the ground there.

But we should be shipping the resistance there all the captured AK-47s and ammunition we've got, 24/7/365, until Maduro is swinging from a light post.

But it's doubtful the Venezuelans left there have the stones to take back their country.

They should try it, though. Payback worked before, and it'll work again.


Anonymous said...

"But it's doubtful the Venezuelans left there have the stones to take back their country."

Absolutely right. Because at some point in the past, these people voted Maduro in (or at least enough of them to get the job done). It was likely on the promises of free shit and utopia, not unlike the promises that all these socialist dictators make that appeal to the stupid and lazy among us.

Hell, we see that now in Europe and even my own country, Canada (although in Canada's defense, our potato head got in with 35% of the popular vote and it was ALL in the eastern part of the country. Us folk here in Alberta were NOT pleased).

But I wonder: were we in the shoes of the Venezuelans, would we take our country back? Would we find the sand to give our dictators the boot?

I doubt it.

Jim Scrummy said...

Seeing pictures of room temperature Che-a-pet never get old. Should've hang, drawn, and quartered him while he was still alive, instead wasting a bullet on him. Oh, and I am never giving up my guns. Ever.

Today is May Day, go buy ammo (or a gun) to celebrate this commie holiday.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing some reports that Venezuelans are showing up at the border and trying to get back in. It could be just wishful thinking.

On a different topic, at least Noor got convicted yesterday.

Opie Odd

Anonymous said...

My wife told me when I got home yesterday "A Humvee or something military ran over a bunch of protestors in Venezuela."

My deadpan answer: "So?"

John Wilder said...

I'm shocked, shocked I say. I would have thought that the wonderful paradise of Venezuela would have to build walls to keep people out of the glorious worker's paradise!

Benji40 said...

In unrelated news, DRC reported 27 new cases of Ebola in one day. We live in interesting times.

Aesop said...

I'll probably go trolling through the chum slick on that topic in the next week or so. It's the DRC; nothing will surprise me.

Random Visitor said...

Good luck with AlGore's InterTubes.

RE: the pic of the target - consider using 8.5X11.0 copy paper for the overlay. It's useful at any distance, comes with no scoring rings so it's realistic for practice, it's hugely cheap (a case of 5K sheets is $20 on sale), can be had in a non-contrasting color making it harder to discern thus harder to hit, and it's a Very Useful Size (hold a sheet over the thoracic region for reference).

It's also a convenient size for info retention - date, environment conditions, caliber, load, etc. are easily recorded on it, fits into standard file folders - and if one needs further breakdown, holding it over a graphic representation of thoracic contents and shining light through it works.

It also comes in 8.5X14.0 which, while not as demanding of accuracy, may also be convenient.

RHT447 said...

More cheap targets.

I use white paper plates. Use a glue stick to affix the Post-It note of your choice (color and size) as a center aiming point. Mount as a diamond for cross-hair reticle, as a square for iron sight front post.

Retired cop said...

Watching the Venezuela video is the best argument I've seen in a looong time for the repeal of the 1934 National Firearms Act. Everyone should own at least a LAWS rocket if not something a little stouter. Maybe a Carl Gustav?

Anonymous said...

Venezuelans should have seen this coming from a loooooong way off when whichever dictator outlawed citizens possessing firearms.

Talk about a view to coming attractions here. Difference is we're still and will be armed.
Although, molotovs are no substitute for heavy weapons.


Welcome Black Carter said...

"when whichever dictator outlawed citizens possessing firearms.'
Disarming the people of Venezuelans was sold as "for the children". After the "Ramadan worshiper" attack, Sri Lanka is now telling its people to turn in all swords and large blades. Peace and security...

The Gray Man said...

The Venezuelans would either fail and be left with a socialist moron or they’ll succeed and replace him with another socialist moron.