Friday, May 25, 2018

Say, How About That Deep State?

Kurt Schlichter (a national treasure at this point) asks a simple question.

Can we hope to keep our republic when one of the parties supports tyranny?

He doesn't answer the question, which is obviously rhetorical, but I will:

No, we cannot.

That answer has consequences, as does the ceaseless quest for tyranny by the party representing, nominally, 48% of the voting population, some 66M persons (some of them non-existent, and a like number Munchkinland-Coroner-dead, but that's another topic for another time).

Forgetting entirely what might have been, the continued existence of the nominal republic depends, every waking minute, on the continued heartbeat of a man who will be 72 in less than three weeks' time. And who, at most, will only be able to do anything for another six and a half years. Which optimistic timeframe could vanish like morning mist should that heart stop beating.

What happens after that is anyone's guess, but history has certain suggestions along those lines, from multiple similar situations.

We've been there before as a country too. The last time tyranny tried to hold sway here, it had to be rooted out, from one end of the country to the other, only after seven long years of war, which became an international cataclysm so great, it toppled the French monarchy in direct result.

So unless someone else rises up in the very near future to stand in the breach, currently and solely occupied by a man with voluminous shortcomings, orange skin, and of dubious character, but a prescience for public perception and an instinct for action that has, thus far, proved uncanny.

History has seen that before too. Such genius runs rampant for a time, but there is always a Gettysburg, a Waterloo, or a Senate full of backstabbers to bring such runs of brilliance to a sudden and sticky end. And afterwards, it's the hordes of common followers who pay the price, and ever shall it be.

Someone else was once faced with the prospect of half a nation set against the other half.

 "A house divided against itself cannot stand." I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved; I do not expect the house to fall; but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other."
We know how that soiree turned out.
Casualty figures at that rate, less than 2% of the population, which were the most fearsome death toll of any war in the nation's history for all time, would in the current time leave 6.5M Americans dead, if the forces of tyranny decide they'd rather fight than quit. That's one 9/11, each and every day, for five years, non-stop.

And when we go, the world system goes as well. The collapse would be biblical.  When  Bosnia or Zimbabwe or Venezuela goes under, the rest of the world just moves to the other side of the street, and continues on by. When global empires collapse, one of two things happens: it either starts a world war, or ends one. We aren't in one now, so you figure out what's next. That's what's at stake.

And not to belabor the point, but that time, most of the war was fought solely on the territory of one side; there were no civil war battles nor damages in vast swaths of the states north of the Mason-Dixon line. A second such conflict will be no such location-limited, which will make it not a state-to-state conflict, but rather one from house-to-house, times everywhere.
And neither blue hive enclaves like Boston, Manhattan, San Francisco, or Chicongo, nor Red State comparative paradises in someplace like Dallas or Salt Lake City should think they'll escape such a conflagration.

It's widely known that there were never any more than a few thousand members of the IRA even at the height of "The Troubles", and in 1969 there were only 50 in Belfast (which rapidly swelled to 1200 in two years). And despite over 10,000 imprisonments over decades, they ran the British ragged and terrorized half that island for half a century, and still exist as an active terrorist organization to this day.

Anyone who thinks that sort of thing can't or won't happen here, from both sides, because magical American exceptionalism, is pissing into the wind: it won't work, and they're all wet.

So, the Leftards can have a sudden 180° reversal of course, because suddenly they acquire a basic grasp on reality contrary to all experience since at least 1960.

Or, you can begin making preparations for what happens once things start to fall apart utterly, and completely, as they always will once tyranny is allowed to run rampant and unchecked.

There's no likelihood anyone in the Uniparty in D.C. wants anything other than unbridled tyrannical statism to become the de facto operating principle of the former republic, and anyone trying otherwise has been uniformly sandbagged and thwarted, if not outright co-opted. Whenever we send one of our guys to Mordor On The Swamp, he stops being one of our guys.

So short of arrests and trials of every person who is and has participated in this Deep State crapola, by the literal thousands before January 20, 2020 (or 2024, at the rosiest reading of the tea leaves), including hunting down George Soros like he was Bin Laden, because he is, you can kiss the republic as you know it good bye.

It's inevitably going to run out of altitude, airspeed, and ideas, and rapidly plummet into the abyss so aptly described by Matt Bracken as "Bosnia times Rwanda".

You could be amidst that now, but for an electoral accident of epic proportions.
Thank a merciful deity, or the most fortuitous conjunction of luck in the galaxy's history.

It will not last indefinitely; it is but a respite.

Thus far, we have not changed course in heading to the cliff Schlichter observes; only our speed.

Nearly 50M good little Progtard minions just in this country want you dead, imprisoned, or enslaved, because they think they can run your lives and theirs better than you could do for yourself.

In fact, every attempt or expression of your belief that you can and should be allowed to run your own life at liberty, drives them into paroxysms of apoplexy and howls of pained screeching, up to frequencies heard only by dogs and bats.

And they'll happily raise and import armies from the pit of hell itself to come here and assist in their undertaking.

The Orcs mean to conquer you, supplant you, chain you up, and ultimately slaughter and eat you, as surely as any scene in a Peter Jackson movie or a J.R.R. Tolkien novel.
Not all fiction is fictional.

So, how much longer would you like to put off doing that PT, or putting your crap together in one bag, and getting your affairs in order?


Anonymous said...


T-Rav said...

I've given a lot of thought to such posts, on this site, WRSA, and others the last couple years. My question is, how would it come to pass? There are lots of things that obviously *could* happen, but what would be a shock so severe that it sends us into "ethnic cleansing" and "mass looting" territory? I know it's kind of a hard question to answer, because conditions are always changing, but it's just something I'm curious about.

Aesop said...

Look at how hard they're pushing to take away your guns, despite most Americans and centuries of law being contrary to that approach.

Once you're disarmed, it's a short step to the boxcars.

Look at the civil rights violations they commit now, with the population drastically outgunning them; what do you suppose they'll do when you cannot defend yourself?

Beyond the gutting of the constitution wholesale for decades, there's the undermining of all law, letting non-citizens vote, overlooking thousands of serious felonies by their candidate, and using the organs of law enforcement and intelligence to attack an opposition candidate and then a sitting president.

They are a short hair-trigger from opening the ball, right now.
We have entire states in open rebellion to federal law, and yet no one has swooped in and started making arrests of those governors and legislators, as they should have done, same day.

Any attempt at impeachment, in my mind, would be to issue open season on the ruling powers, and no bag limit, because at that point, they'll use any means at their disposal to undermine even a national election.

And once I start, it'll be on until they're all dead or in prison, or I am.
There will be no armistice, and no pardons.
Unconditional surrender, and lengthy prison terms for all, and making the tyranny party as popular as the Nazis were in Germany in 1946, and for generations.

Their only other option will be commit suicide, be hanged, or be cut down where they stand.

They've been warned about 50 different ways, for years, and yet they're still pushing.

Eventually, the bear trap springs, and then it's a whole new outlook for the slow learners.

loren said...

Put yourself in their shoes to gain a different perspective. Try Pelosi's since she's over there in your neck of the asphalt.
She lives in guarded compounds, is chauffeur driven to a guarded building and lies each and every weekend back to her vineyard by AF jet where she's met with the same.
Do you really think she gives any though to you rumbling around in the woods threatening her kind?
I doubt it ever crossed her mind - such as it is.

Aesop said...

1) I'm a threat to nobody. Respect the laws of the republic, and I'll even defend you. Threaten them or destroy them, and I won't issue threats. I'll either collect scalps, or die trying. Anything after the second one is gravy, in the long run. There are probably only another 50M like-minded souls hereabouts with a similar outlook.

2) Pelosi herself gives me no worry whatsoever. She's about a whisker away from complete dementia, as her rambling, doddering escapades in the media have made apparent. She is literally in the process of losing her mind, and doing it publicly.

3) For 543 of her colleagues, I suspect the brighter ones aren't quite so insulated, nor completely clueless, but neither this country nor they themselves have the resources to prevent some dedicated groups or individuals from delivering to them some fundamental enlightenment, which will usually enter their minds at about 3200fps, give or take. It's exactly that reality that keeps the Secret Service up at night, and "on" 24/7/365, and even they admit that nothing is perfect when it comes to providing security. There's a reason they won't take even POTUS into certain environments. If the entire country goes non-permissive, they've already lost.

Which will make continuing tyranny rather a short-term effort. Nobody can hide forever, as Saddam and Bin Laden both realized, but far too late to help them.

Anonymous said...

Hm, house to house.
This make intel critical. It makes a clever soul accessing the left's member databases (Felonia von Pantsuit's voter list, the democrat party's CATALYST) critical. Not advocating, of course, but knowing the name and location of each hostile would make patriots' target selection all over the country much easier.


JJ said...

No Loren, Pelosi and her colleagues are not concerned about Aesop rumbling around in the woods, they are rightly concerned about 20-30 million Aesops rumbling around in the woods. That’s why gun control and overturning the 2nd Amendment by any means necessary is their number 1 agenda item. Don’t be fooled. Trump ain’t what they most want to get rid of first.

Mike Hendrix said...

Ever read The Last Centurion, by John Ringo? In it, the protagonist coins a phrase: The Time Of Suckage. Yeah, that. That right there.

loren said...

I never said we can't make a difference at 2800 fps(I use 30 cal) just that from the coastal and political elites perspective there is no cause for concern. They are insulated, always have been and nothing in their experience say otherwise. You and your guns are not a threat to them.
The past, current and future gun control movement is about morality. Guns and the people who have them are immoral. How else to you explain the vilification by the left of the NRA? Probably the most law abiding 5 million people on Earth?
The time is short to get this fixed. Either we jail/throw out the cabal or go another route. Left to exist they will come back with a vengeance-and so will we.

Aesop said...

Their deliberate fantasy will be their own problem. I live in the real world, and it's neither my job nor my inclination to mollycoddle the delusional.

"You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." - Ayn Rand