Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Epicaricacy Alert: Shrillary In Back Brace

h/t Gateway Pundit
That's not a kevlar vest Humpback Shrillary is sporting under her bulky coat in mostly gun-free New Zealand. 100:1 she's strapped into an all-day back brace to keep from falling on her face 24/7, like she's been doing for the past two years and more, from advanced Parkinson's.

Shocker: The FFLOTUS, SecState, and current serial felon Felonia von Pantsuit, aka Shrillary Clinton, is now apparently wearing a back brace most of the time, after being "in the peak of health" during the campaign, "not" falling down multiple times, "not" falling on every flight of stairs she so much as looks at, let alone attempts to ascend or descend, and her Secret Service detail "not" being so well-practiced at scooping up her doddering ass that her 9/11 fall during the campaign was as well-practiced as a ballet maneuver, when they seamlessly scooped her bag of bones up, flung her crippled carcass into a van, and bundled her off to parts unknown for some quick medial care at "not" a hospital during the peak of the 2016 campaign.

Doctors (and myself) then and now maintain that Shrillary is, in fact, suffering from advanced stages of Parkinson's Disease, a severe progressive and debilitating neurological impairment of what are medically termed "executive functions" i.e. being able to think, concentrate, and perform the basics of self-locomotion that most two-year-olds have mastered. Y'know, the sort of things presidents seldom if ever are called upon to do day-to-day.

Were she my actual patient, I would treat her professionally, ethically, and considerately, with due regard for patient privacy. Starting with making sure she recognized what was going on, and learn to accept reality.

As she is no such patient of mine, I find it hard to restrain my contempt for the level of duplicity and fraud that has her still maintaining there's nothing physically wrong despite mountains of primary evidence to the contrary going back years, and find her worsening physical impairment to be nothing so much as proof of a benevolent deity supervising the affairs of humankind with ultimate and circumspect justice.

She needs to come clean on her utter lack of health, abject unfitness for any further office, and hope that physical debilitation means that the best prison she ever sees, is being trapped inside her own body as it self-disassembles a la Senator John McCrazy's descent into madness and oblivion, over the few remaining years she has left on the planet.

She still belongs in an actual prison, impoverished and abandoned, but at least there, we can see her in her full warped-body-stuffed-into-a-wheelchair-and-wracked-with-richly-deserved-agony glory she's earned with a lifetime of crime, and a body count that shames the Ted Bundys and Charles Mansons of her serial-killing world, like the portrait of Dorian gray into which she's turning, before our very eyes.

Hopefully she can enjoy the benefits of ObamaCare (nee ShrillaryCare) in greybar prison, and share the fate she attempted to foist on all Americans so long ago.

With or without the bars, this ongoing decline couldn't be happening to a more deserving person on the planet. But it would be nice if it were to unfold just a tad faster.
Dulce et decorum est...

And if you were wondering/hoping for her comeback in 2020...


Anonymous said...

I think that is a neck brace to be honest. I would bet big on osteoporosis.

Hillary has obviously been hiding a lot of minor health issues.

I am not sure if it is her aging that is the source of the ailments or

It is the loathing she has for Trump turned back in on itself

and is consuming the host a.k.a. Hillary.

Badger said...

And nothing helped by infusion of alcohol. As we used to say about such a person, "he's so f****d up he's f****d up even when he ain't f****d up." Depth-perception & normal equilibrium go away quickly.

I do like the pantsuit idea; like a 1-piece, in orange.

LL said...

She's been a physical wreck for a long time. Huma helped keep her going as a friend, confident and occasional lover, but she's not around anymore. Hillary would be far better off in a wheel chair and as you suggest - the wheel chair should be located behind bars. I'm sure that the lack of alcohol and good prison doctors could keep her alive in her shell for another twenty years or so. The ultimate punishment would be to only have FOX News available on the TV.

Anderson said...

I wonder who this fucking cunt would've chosen for official White House Doctor if she had won the election? It would probably have been a discredited chiropractor from Haiti. What a news conference we would have gotten after her annual presidential physical!!

Jennifer said...

There was an article in the Daily Mail yesterday with good pictures. Yeah, it looks like a back brace, it's sticking outta her upper back in a way that drew some great comments about her exoskeleton and the like. Theres also a shot of her, seated, looking like a nursing home patient propped up in her wheelchair at feeding time.

T-Rav said...

Forget her personal corruption. Forget her left-wing crusading. Forget her total contempt and disdain for all those who are "beneath" her (which in her mind is almost everyone, but in reality is limited to certain species of invertebrates).

A sufficient reason for not voting for her is the fact that she is a physical wreck and mentally incompetent, and would have already completely broken down under the strain of being President.

J J said...

Aesop - those are horrible things to say about a human being.

But, in Felonia Von Pantsuit's case...it's okay. :-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the hand tremor, festinating gait, or rigid facies that I've observed in my P-patients ...

whatever it is, she's worsening it with her alcoholism ... hic !

she does have a CN VI lesion, right side .... her cross eyed appearance is a recurrent giveaway

lets' not forget Bubba, whom I'd guess is enjoying the neuro- and cardiac gifts of tertiary syph