Thursday, May 3, 2018

Intelligence Drives The Battle

The post title is true for any English value of the word "intelligence", but traditionally, it refers to the product of analysis applied to information, to produce a thing known as intelligence.

And again and again, especially with the last few months of renewed efforts at his blog and podcast, Sam Culper's Forward Observer has been smacking the ball out of the park, day after day after day.

If you're not reading it, you're wrong. Period.

Case in point: today's essay on The Potential For Revolutionary Activities....

Money quote (emphasis mine):
There’s no doubt that the collusion investigation, which to date has reportedly produced no evidence of collusion, and the intent to remove a sitting president is a revolutionary act. Moving beyond the usual mud slinging in politics, the activities of government apparatchiks to undermine a legitimate president and the media’s efforts to foment illegitimate fear, unrest, hatred, and opposition are historical precursors for revolution.

He's got blogposts, and 4x/week a 1/2-hourish podcast, as well as training, products, and services.

If you want to know how to get your own intel collection game out of little league and into the MLB category, you should be hoovering up everything free he's putting out, and strongly consider spending the time and coin to take some of his classes IRL.

He's in the column at top right for a reason. I would urge anyone to take full advantage of what he's passing along, both the techniques, and the analysis.

And the implications of that analysis mean aphorisms like
"Avoid crowds" and "You don't have enough ammo" may be understating the future problem somewhat.

Bonus for the cognoscenti: today's podcast (#153) guest is John Mosby.


Anonymous said...

So very true.
We're in the midst of a political civil war which could so easily spill into the streets.
Glad I'm in bumfuck USA.

The Gray Man said...

As a former intelligence guy, FOmag (Culper) has a great five day community intelligence thing going on.

Anonymous said...

I'll add endorsement of Culpers program; good basic stuff that folks need to know how to do.