Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Color Me Shocked, Part ∞

h/t Kenny

FUDDVILLE, Ind. – Noblesville (IN) Mayor John Ditslear considers himself “a Second Amendment guy, but..."  
“I did approach the owner and I just told him that, ‘No one expected this but you’re hurting your business, in my opinion, strongly, and you’re hurting our city,’ and I asked them to maybe just think about it and take the tent down, and I was asked to leave."
Natzsofast, Guido. Fox59 was also honest enough to talk to the store owners, and in the tradition of the late Paul Harvey, give you "the rest of the story":
"The mayor of Noblesville literally lied about his visit to the shop. He was never asked to leave and he ended the conversation mid-stream and left without allowing us to plead our case. In other words, he told us his feelings about the situation and then left to join the protesters because the news media had arrived."
The first tip-off should have been electing a mayor whose nickname for life has to be "Ditz", but color me shocked: a politician lying about the facts to advance a self-serving agenda.
What a total steaming pile of Fucktard.

How sad. If only there were some way to register your disapproval with this kind of dishonest putz, for telling whoppers about a local business his very office taxes and licenses to operate, to help support the very town that pays Hizzoner's far-too-fat checks.
Mirabile dictuThe internet comes to the rescue with phone, fax, and e-mail!

And it also notes Mayor Pinnochio's fourth four-year term is up next year. Sounds to me like Nobleville needs some new leadership; this one's gone well past his freshness date.
Failing that, they could just change their name to Fuddville. A leader like this is anything but noble.

One is reminded of nothing so much as the mayor in the original version of Red Dawn, where the Cuban commie pig military commander remarks "The people here are indeed fortunate to have such a shepherd."

Thanks, Government. I think we've seen this playbook somewhere before...

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RandyGC said...

When someone makes a statement similar to the formulation "I support X but ...", everything before the "but" is usually a lie.